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Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Debuts with Support on RHEL 7

New features that first appeared in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 come to RHEL 6 as users now also get the ability to run RHEL 6 on RHEL 7.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, RHEL 6.6, Red Hat 7, server os, Linux, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server

Building Linux Distributions That Aren't Boring [VIDEO]

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller discusses why Linux has become boring to some and his plan to change that perception.

Tags: open source, Linux, Fedora, Fedora Project, Linux Distributions, Linux Distro, Linux server

Founder Explains What Docker Is All About

In a LinuxCon keynote, Solomon Hykes talks about the present and future of Docker.

Tags: Linux, virtualization, Docker virtualization, LinuxCon, docker, server virtualization

Red Hat Aims for Linux Standards for ARM Servers

The company launches a partner program with ARM, AMD and others to develop a common platform for servers powered by ARM-based chips.

Tags: Linux, Intel, Red Hat, x86 servers, open source software, servers, Applied Micro, IT infrastructure, mobile devices, Cavium, SoC, ARM processors, AMD

Top500 Supercomputer Remains Stuck at 33.86 Petaflops

The Tianhe-2 retains the crown as little has changed on the most recent list of the world's top 500 supercomputers.

Tags: Linux, HP, servers, supercomputer, Tianhe-2, TOP500, Cray, IBM, supercomputers

Cavium ARMs New Server Chips

New ThunderX System-on-a-Chip processor debuts as Cavium expands collaboration with Linux distributions.

Tags: Linux, servers, ARM, Linux servers, SoC, System on chip, Open Compute Project, Cavium

HP Invests $1B in OpenStack Cloud, Rebrands Cloud OS as Helion

Hewlett-Packard renews its OpenStack commitment with a $1 billion, two-year investment in R&D and its new Helion cloud platform initiative.

Tags: Icehouse, Helion, OpenStack Cloud, Cloud OS, Havana, PaaS, hewlett-packard, SUSE, platform as a service, HP, Red Hat, Cloud Foundary, Linux

IBM Gearing Up for New Power8 Servers

IBM's first quarter 2014 results show a continued decline in hardware revenue, but Big Blue has a plan and new technology in the works.

Tags: power8, IBM, Linux server, Linux, IBM Power Systems, IBM Power Series, servers

AMD Demos x86 APU Server Running Fedora Linux

The chip maker is looking to show the strength of the software ecosystem around heterogeneous computing processing.

Tags: Fedora, processors, CPU, IT infrastructure, Linux, AMD, SoC, GPU, x86 servers, Red Hat, application developers, open source

Red Hat Banking on OpenStack for Future Growth

Red Hat's fiscal 2014 revenues top $1.5 billion as interest in OpenStack and RHEL 7 set the stage for more growth to come.

Tags: open source, Linux, Cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Red Hat

Xen 4.4 ARMs for Virtualization, Adds SPICE

The open-source Xen project continues to prosper as a Linux Foundation collaboration project.

Tags: Xen Hypervisor, Oracle, Linux Foundation, xen 4.4, virtualization, Cloud, cloud computing, Linux, Xen

Linux Kernel Patching Gets Dynamic

Oracle, SUSE and Red Hat have now all launched efforts that promise zero-downtime patching. How do the three approaches differ?

Tags: kernel, server operating system, Oracle, Linux server, Red Hat, server os, SUSE, Linux

Microsoft Releases Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V

The software giant continues to court Linux-based workloads with a new driver package that enables support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5.5 and 5.6.

Tags: virtualization, Hyper-V, CentOS, VMware, Microsoft, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server OS Arrives in Beta

Red Hat customers can finally get their hands on an early version of the company's next-generation server operating system platform.

Tags: Linux server, Fedora, Red Hat, Red Hat 7, Linux, RHEL 6.5, Fedora 19, RHEL 7, server os, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Set to Include Docker Container Virtualization

VIDEO: Brian Stevens, CTO of Red Hat, talks about the next major release of Red Hat's flagship Linux operating system.

Tags: Infrastructure as a Service, platform as a service, PaaS, Linux, Red Hat, IaaS, virtualization, docker, RHEL 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Delivers Precision Timing

Red Hat's new enterprise Linux release debuts with new security, virtualization and time-keeping features.

Tags: Network Timing Protocol, Precision Timing Protocol, RHEL 6.5, security, Enterprise, Red Hat, virtualization, precision timing, Linux

OpenSUSE 13.1 Linux Accelerates Open Source Quality

Latest release of SUSE's community Linux distribution packs in new features and benefits from an improved quality assurance process.

Tags: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, openSUSE, SUSE, Linux server, server os, OpenSUSE 12.3, opensuse 13.1, Linux

SUSE Linux Goes Long on Support

Enterprise Linux vendor SUSE extends support term length for SLES 11 and builds on its partnership with Microsoft for systems management.

Tags: Attachmate, Microsoft, SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Linux, open source, Novell, Red Hat

RHEL 6.5 Beta Debuts with SAP, Precision Timing Support

Red Hat is out with its latest enterprise Linux beta and this time enterprise software is a key target.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, SAP, RHEL 6.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, enterprise linux

Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data Server

Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux set to integrate Hadoop in upcoming release.

Tags: Red Hat, WildFly, JBoss, Fedora, ARM, Linux, Fedora 20, Hadoop

How Xen Virtualization Got Its Zen Back: LinuxCon

The open-source Xen virtualization hypervisor has undergone a transformation in recent years, revitalizing its community and generating new interest. How did it do it?

Tags: open source, LinuxCon, Linux Foundation, Xen, hypervisor, Citrix, virtualization, Amazon Web Services, Linux

Oracle Linux Gains Momentum

With over 11,000 deployments on non-Oracle hardware, Oracle Linux is powering ahead.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Linux server, RHEL, Oracle, Oracle Linux

Red Hat on RHEL 7, MariaDB and Enterprise Linux [VIDEO]

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Chief Denise Dumas explains the MariaDB relationship and where the challenges are as RHEL 7 races to completion.

Tags: MariaDB, RHEL 7, GNOME desktop, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Red Hat, Linux server

Fedora Linux Set to Flock Forward [VIDEO]

Fedora 19 is now out of the box as the Fedora Project Leader explains how the community Linux project will progress for Fedora 20 and beyond.

Tags: server os, Fedora, servers, Linux server, PHP 5.5, Fedora 19, Linux, PHP 5

Inside Calxeda ARM [VIDEO]

Calxeda co-founder Larry Wikelius shows off ARM system-on-chip hardware and explains why and where ARM is growing.

Tags: x86, Calxeda, SoC, EnergyCore, servers, Ubuntu, Linux, ARM

What's Next for IBM Power? [VIDEO]

IBM Server Chief talks about Linux and takes aim at Oracle SPARC.

Tags: IBM Power Series, Power7, Oracle, IBM, SPARC, IBM Power System, POWER7+, Linux

China's Tianhe-2 Shatters Records with 33.86 Petaflop Supercomputer

Once again, a new champion reigns supreme in the latest supercomputer rankings.

Tags: Titan, servers, Linux, China, supercomputer, Unix, rankings, IBM

Fedora 19 Beta Brings Schrodinger's Cat to Linux Servers

New Linux release will give server admins lots to think about.

Tags: Fedora, Linux, servers, Server Administrator, hybrid cloud, Fedora 19, cloud computing, Linux server

Scale Computing Scales Up With Linux KVM Servers

New HC3x servers double memory bandwidth for virtual machine deployment.

Tags: VMs, virtual machine, scale, KVM, Scale Computing, Linux, Linux server

Fedora Project Picks ARM Servers for Compute Deployment

A new compute cluster for the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project gives ARM processors bragging rights over Intel.

Tags: ARM server, Linux, Fedora, data center, datacenter, Linux server, ARM, compute, ARM processors

IBM Brings Power Linux Servers to China

New innovation center in Beijing aims to accelerate use of Power architecture.

Tags: POWER 7, Linux server, Linux, IBM PowerLinux, China

New In-Memory Malware Infiltrates Web Servers

A highly stealthy strain of malware that resides entirely in memory has been silently infecting some of the world's most widely-used web servers.

Tags: malware threats, Apache, Nginx, web server, web servers, malware, Linux

Linux 3.9 Clamps Down on Power, Speeds Up with SSDs

Latest Linux kernel debuts new capabilities that will speed up servers and make them more power efficient.

Tags: Linux, Linux 3.9, Linux server, SSD

Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Server Debuts. Should You Upgrade?

New Linux server provides improved OpenStack Grizzly cloud options and high-availability capabilities.

Tags: Ubuntu LTS, Linux 3.8, OpenStack Grizzly, Grizzly, cloud computing, Linux, Ubuntu, Linux server, OpenStack

A Primer for Scheduling Cron Jobs in Linux

The syntax for scheduling Cron jobs isn't the easiest to use or remember, but here are some helpful tips for getting up to speed with and utilizing Cron jobs.

Tags: Linux, cron job, cron, server virtualization, Windows, virtualization, desktop virtualization

Linux Adoption Continues to Grow

Study reports that Windows to Linux migration is growing, particularly when it comes to servers.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Linux server, mission-critical

Canonical Partners with China for Ubuntu Kylin Linux

New version of Ubuntu for the Chinese market set to debut in April.

Tags: Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Canonical, Linux server, China, Ubuntu

ARM Getting New Leadership

The CEO of ARM Holdings is set to leave the silicon intellectual property firm.

Tags: ARM, ARM server, Calxeda, Linux, Servers & Services, Linux server

How to Run Virtual Desktops in Windows

Virtual desktops aren't the sole province of Linux and Unix users. Discover some of the better Windows virtual desktop solutions currently available.

Tags: desktop virtualization, Windows, Linux, virtualization, server virtualization

OpenSUSE 12.3 Advances Linux Servers

OpenSUSE may be moving from MySQL to the open source MariaDB, but don't expect SUSE Linux Enterprise to do the same.

Tags: open source, Linux server, Linux, servers, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, openSUSE, MySQL, MariaDB

Ubuntu Linux Gets Certified on Dell 12G Servers

Dell will now be able to resell and support Ubuntu Linux across a broad range of servers.

Tags: Ubuntu Linux, servers, Dell, Linux server, OpenStack, Ubuntu LTS, Linux

Linux 3.8 'Unicycling Gorilla' Accelerates Server Filesystems

Linus Torvalds walks away from Intel 386 chip support as Linux moves ahead.

Tags: Linux 3.8, server operating system, operating system, open source, Linux, Linux server

IBM Powers Up Server Lineup

IBM debuts new entry-level POWER servers for AIX and Linux.

Tags: PowerVM, POWER 7, AIX, IBM, virtualization, servers, Linux

HP Extends Serviceguard to Linux

HP narrows the gap between Unix and Linux with new mission-critical business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Tags: high availability, disaster recovery, business continuity, Linux, HP, Unix, data center

Fedora 18 Linux Improves Installation and Virtualization

New installation experience complements enhanced server virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.

Tags: Fedora 18, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, cloud computing, Fedora, Linux, server virtualization

Red Hat Grows Top Deals as Private Cloud Management Enters Batting Practice

The Linux server vendor takes aim at the private cloud and releases latest quarterly earnings report highlighted by public cloud growth.

Tags: quarterly financials, public cloud, hybrid cloud, Linux, RHEL, Red Hat, private cloud, Linux server

Linux 3.7 ARMs for the Future

Full ARM support lands in latest Linux kernel, as well as new VXLAN Software-Defined Network virtualization support.

Tags: ARM server, VXLAN, Software-Defined Networking, Linux, x86, ARM, virtualization, Linux kernel

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Set to Improve Microsoft Interoperability

The Linux vendor is working with Microsoft for the benefit of mutual customers.

Tags: RHEL v6.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux, Microsoft, Red Hat, RHEL

Red Hat Previews OpenStack Folsom Enterprise Cloud Release

The Linux vendor rebases its enterprise cloud distribution with preliminary support for Folsom.

Tags: Folsom, OpenStack Folsom, OpenStack, Cloud, Red Hat, Linux, cloud computing, Enterprise

Titan Claims Supercomputing Crown

The fastest computer in the world clocks in at 17.59 quadrillion calculations per second.

Tags: Linux, Cray, supercomputer, HPC, supercomputers, Titan

ARM Server Tech Gets a LEG Up on Linux

Linaro Enterprise Group ramps up to accelerate the development of ARM for Linux.

Tags: ARM, servers, server, Linux, Linaro

Dreamhost Looking to Contribute Back to Linux

Dreamhost's CEO elaborates on the evolving role of Linux use at his hosting company.

Tags: Ubuntu Server, server, Linux, servers, open source, Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.10 Linux Delivers OpenStack Folsom Cloud

The latest Linux release adds a variety of new cloud-focused server tools.

Tags: Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu LTS, OpenStack, Cloud, open source, Linux, Ubuntu

Linux 3.6 Delivers Solid Progress

Improved filesystem, virtualization and networking features make their debut in the latest open source Linux kernel release.

Tags: Linux Distributions, Linus Torvalds, Linux, Linux server, Linux kernel

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 Nears Release

The last feature additions for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x line debut as RHEL 5.9 nears its official release.

Tags: RHEL v5.x, Linux server, Linux, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat: Linux on ARM Is No Joke

The Linux vendor is putting serious effort into enabling Linux for ARM.

Tags: Linux, Fedora, Red Hat, ARM, ARM server, Linux server

Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux Landscape

New release of Landscape server management system provides compliance and extensibility options for Ubuntu Linux.

Tags: Bare Metal Provisioning, Ubuntu Server, Landscape, Ubuntu, Linux

Oracle Pushing Forward on Linux and Solaris

Wim Coekaerts explains how Oracle's Linux team works in the post-Sun acquisition era alongside Solaris.

Tags: Linux, servers, Oracle, Solaris, server os

OpenSUSE 12.2 Stabilizes Linux

A two month delay enhances the stability of the Linux distribution, but where does OpenSUSE go from here?

Tags: SUSE Linux, openSUSE, Linux server, SUSE, Linux, server os

How to Put the E in Enterprise Linux

The VP of Linux Engineering at Red Hat explains why enterprise Linux is more than just support.

Tags: enterprise linux, Linux, Linux Community, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL

If Linus Torvalds Got Hit By a Bus Would Linux Die?

Linux creator addresses the issues of leadership and advises new developers to also look for different projects to contribute their code.

Tags: Linux server, Linus Torvalds, Linux Community, Linux, servers

The State of Linux in 2012

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, explains how Linux has become fundamental to modern technology, from servers to the cloud and beyond.

Tags: Cloud, Linux server, servers, Linux Foundation, LinuxCon, Linux

The Future of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat reveals what the next generation of enterprise servers running Linux will likely include.

Tags: RHEL 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux, Fedora, servers, Red Hat

HP Moving from Unix Itanium to x86 Odyssey on Linux

HP is moving forward on its plans for a new generation of mission-critical x86 servers, powered by Linux. What does that mean for Unix on Itanium?

Tags: SuperDome, HP-UX, Itanium, x86 server, Linux, RHEL, Red Hat, HP, x86

The U.S. Is Super #1 Again

Sequoia supercomputer takes the crown as the fastest computer in the world.

Tags: supercomputers, InfiniBand, Linux, IBM, supercomputer, Mellanox

Securing a VNC Server on Linux with SSH

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables you to use a GUI instead of a command-line interface when remotely connecting to a Linux or Unix machine, but security's another matter entirely.  Discover how to make sure your VNC server connections stay secure.

Tags: vnc, server tutorial, SSH, Linux, Linux server, tutorials, tutorial, security

Red Hat Debuts CloudForms for Cloud Management

Red Hat wants to manage all clouds, open source or not.

Tags: CloudForms, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux, Red Hat, cloud management, cloud management tools

Fedora 17 Brings a Beefy Miracle to Linux

Cloud, more cloud and lots of "beef" in latest Linux distro.

Tags: linux os, server os, Linux, Fedora, Linux server

Linux 3.4 Kernel Gets Btr, BATMAN

The new Linux kernel enhances Btrfs next gen filesystem and changes routing for BATMAN.

Tags: Linux kernel, Linux, server, Linux server

Setting Up VNC on Ubuntu in Amazon EC2

While Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers only SSH access by default to Linux cloud servers, if you aren't a command-line fan or your application requires a GUI, discover how you can set up remote desktop access to most Linux cloud servers.

Tags: Ubuntu, Amazon EC2, Linux, SSH, Linux cloud, Cloud server, tutorial, Ubuntu Server

IBM Offers New PowerLinux Servers and Business Apps

Two new PowerLinux Servers help IBM address customers’ Linux application needs.

Tags: Linux server, virtualization, server, Linux, big data, IBM

Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Aims Precisely at the Cloud

The open source operating system server adds cloud orchestration, Metal-as-a-Service and OpenStack in its latest Long Term Support release.

Tags: cloud computing, Ubuntu Server, Canonical, Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS, Linux, Cloud

HP Certifies Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 gets its first major server vendor certification, but HP admits Ubuntu is still not yet at the same level as either Red Hat or SUSE.

Tags: Ubuntu LTS, Cloud, Linux, Canonical, Linux server, HP, Ubuntu Server, certification, Ubuntu, virtualization

Intel Xeon E5 Heads to Linux

New Intel server CPU is already ready for Linux.

Tags: Dell, RHEL, intel e5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux, Intel, SUSE Linux