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Linus Torvalds Still Not Afraid of Being Hit by a Bus

Linux creator talks about what's needed in Linux and why Linux succession still isn't a concern.

Tags: Linux, Linux server, Linus Torvalds, server os, server operating system

Linux 3.6 Delivers Solid Progress

Improved filesystem, virtualization and networking features make their debut in the latest open source Linux kernel release.

Tags: Linux, Linux server, Linus Torvalds, Linux kernel, Linux Distributions

If Linus Torvalds Got Hit By a Bus Would Linux Die?

Linux creator addresses the issues of leadership and advises new developers to also look for different projects to contribute their code.

Tags: Linux, servers, Linux server, Linus Torvalds, Linux Community

Torvalds Warns of Linux Bloat

Although the development process has made Linus Torvald's job easier, more care must be taken to reduce bloat.
Tags: Linux, OS, kernel, Linus Torvalds

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