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Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: Oracle, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, Huawei, VMware vSphere, containers, Parallels, virtualized infrastructure, containerization

OpenStack Making Progress, but Manageability Remains a Concern

NEWS ANALYSIS: OpenStack is being widely deployed for enterprise cloud projects, but even its biggest advocates say the community must make the platform more manageable.

Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, cloud deployment, eBay, private cloud, KVM, platform as a service, PayPal, PaaS, OpenStack, containers, cloud applications, Open vSwitch, OpenStack Summit, docker, Kubernetes, Magnum, Storm Ventures

The Benefits of Docker vs. Server Virtualization

While containerization may not be a substitute for full-blown hypervisor-based server virtualization, it does offer a number of key benefits.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, KVM, VMware, Xen, virtually speaking, docker, Docker virtualization

Is KVM or Docker Faster for Server Virtualization?

A new report from IBM stacks up Linux container against KVM virtual machine performance.

Tags: IBM, server virtualization, KVM, virtual machine, VM, virtual machine management, docker, Docker virtualization

IBM Launches Power 8 Servers with a Strong Linux Focus

IBM adds KVM virtualization and Ubuntu as a supported Linux distribution, while taking aim at Intel x86.

Tags: IBM, Ubuntu, servers, KVM, Linux server, IBM Power System, power8, IBM Power Systems, IBM Power 8

ConVirt Looks to Converge Hypervisor Management

If you're just dipping your toes in the waters of hypervisor heterogeneity, finding a solution for your multi-hypervisor management needs may be easier than anticipated.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, KVM, VMware, Xen, hypervisor management, virtually speaking, convirt, ConVirt Enterprise

Recapping the World of Server Virtualization in 2013

The virtualization space has seen significant changes over the past twelve months, but one key factor remains the same as we turn our attention to what 2014 might bring.

Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, cloud management, server virtualization, KVM, VMware, VMworld, vSphere, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, virtually speaking

Red Hat Ramps Up Virtualization and Cloud Initiatives

Can Red Hat virtualization finally capitalize on new opportunities that will help it emerge from the enormous shadow cast by VMware, Microsoft and Citrix?

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, Red Hat, cloud management, KVM, VMware, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, virtually speaking

Scale Computing Scales Up With Linux KVM Servers

New HC3x servers double memory bandwidth for virtual machine deployment.

Tags: Linux, KVM, virtual machine, Linux server, scale, Scale Computing, VMs

What's the Real Story on KVM Usage?

While some surveys peg hypervisor usage of Red Hat's KVM at a meager 0.5%, support for KVM from vendors tells a different story.

Tags: Cloud, server, virtualization, Red Hat, servers, server virtualization, hypervisor, KVM, virtually speaking

Server Virtualization Buying Guide -- Red Hat

If Red Hat has its way,  the Big Three of virtualization will expand to be the Big Four. With RHEV 3, Red Hat may have taken a big step in that direction.

Tags: Red Hat, server virtualization, hypervisor, KVM, Buying Guide, RHEV

Red Hat Turns to Linux for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3

After two years of forcing users to use Windows to manage virtualization, Red Hat is finally bringing its virtualization management tech to Linux.

Tags: Red Hat, server virtualization, KVM, RHEV, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Server Virtualization: The Year in Review

Server virtualization continued to make inroads in 2011. From the Open Virtualization Alliance to the vSphere 5 hypervisor to the quarterly V-Index, here are the highs and lows.

Tags: Citrix, server virtualization, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, Xen, VDI, vSphere, open virtualization alliance

Piston Computing Secures OpenStack

A new take on OpenStack debuts with automated deployment and security baked in.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, KVM, OpenStack

Open Virtualization Alliance Expands

Effort to grow KVM adoption now has more than 200 members.

Tags: virtualization, server virtualization, KVM, open virtualization alliance

Server Virtualization Pricing: Apples to Oranges to Pears

When it comes to server virtualization pricing, it seems each vendor has chosen a different fruit. How do you compare pricing when structures vary from per-server or per-processor, or are based on VM usage, bundled guest OS licenses or combinations of all of these?

Tags: Microsoft, Red Hat, server virtualization, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, vSphere, Citrix XenServer

Red Hat Revs up Virtualization, Without Windows

RHEV 3.0 hits beta, finally removing the dependency of prior versions that required users to run Windows.
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, server virtualization, KVM, RHEV

KVM: Your Key to Open Source Server Virtualization

If fear is preventing you from making the change from a physical to virtual infrastructure, you must put that phobia aside and consider KVM, Red Hat's enterprise server virtualization alternative.
Tags: data center management, server virtualization, KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, open source servers

Convirture Offers Hypervisor Management Tool

ConVirt 2.0 Enterprise edition adds role-based VM access control for admins.
Tags: hypervisor, KVM, Xen, hypervisor management

Raritan Offers Secure Digital KVM Switch

Release 2.3 of the KVM-over-IP switch provides new security features and flexible configurations.
Tags: KVM, server room, server room management, Server monitor

Rackspace, NASA Partner on OpenStack Cloud Computing Install

New open source software effort is set to deliver technology for enterprise clouds, building on separate efforts currently under way at Rackspace and NASA.
Tags: cloud computing, open source software, KVM, Rackspace, NASA

KVM Adoption Isn't All About Commercial Support

The Planet rolls out a new cloud hosting service based on Linux KVM virtualization, but neither Red Hat nor Ubuntu are making any money from it -– yet.
Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, open source software, KVM, Eucalyptus

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Updates Kernel, Virtualization

With all eyes on ISV compatibility, Novell breaks the mold and for the first time in years introduces a new Linux kernel as an update to its enterprise OS.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, KVM, Xen, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Red Hat Drops Xen Hypervisor for KVM

Citrix CTO said he is unfazed by Red Hat's decision to drop the Xen hypervisor from its enterprise Linux software.
Tags: Red Hat, Citrix, hypervisor, KVM, Xen

Linux KVM for Virtualized Cloud Services

Will KVM will be the open source hypervisor of choice in the long term?
Tags: Linux, Cloud, hypervisor, KVM, open-source

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 Spans Physical, Virtual and Clouds

Red Hat announces release of Enterprise Linux 5.5.
Tags: Cloud, Red Hat, enterprise linux, KVM, physical

Red Hat's Virtualization Technology Rev

Virtually Speaking: Red Hat has announced an update for its virtualization technology suite. Is it time to add Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization to your short list?
Tags: Windows, virtualization technologies, KVM, virtual machine, RHEV

Red Hat Announces RHEV 2.2 Beta

Red Hat has announced beta availability of its virtualization platform -- Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 2.2.
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, server virtualization, KVM, RHEV

IBM Adopts Red Hat's Virtualization Technologies for Cloud Computing

Red Hat extends its cloud computing technology to IBM. But what does it take to actually win a cloud deployment bid?
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, virtualization technologies, Red Hat, KVM

Mandriva Releases Enterprise Server 5.1

This new version puts the spotlight on virtualization and KVM technology.
Tags: virtualization, KVM, Open-source Servers, enterprise server, Mandriva

Virtual Machine Management Battleground Shifts to VMware vs. Red Hat

Red Hat is laying the groundwork to beef up its virtual machine management software so it can compete with VMware on more equal footing in the future.
Tags: Red Hat, Hyper-V, KVM, virtual machine management, VMware

Who Is Developing KVM Linux Virtualization?

IBM, once a lead backer of the Xen open source hypervisor, reveals that it's fully in the KVM camp now.
Tags: IBM, virtualization, Red Hat, KVM, Xen

Red Hat Revs While VMware Takes to the Streets

Virtually Speaking: VMware is taking its virtualization message to the streets with its partners, while Red Hat is taking a quieter and more traditional approach.
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, KVM, VMware

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager: Salvation or Achilles Heel

OS Roundup: Red Hat last week released its eagerly awaited Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers and the corresponding hypervisor. Exciting? Perhaps, but Red Hat users need not apply.
Tags: Windows, virtualization, Red Hat, hypervisor, KVM

KVM Aims for King of the Virtual Hill Status

If Red Hat is to be believed, its KVM virtualization technology is so advanced it will consign the Xen hypervisor to the technological scrap heap, altering the virtualization landscape completely.
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, KVM, VMware, Xen

Will KVM KO Xen?

Virtually Speaking: As VMworld demonstrated, the fight for virtual domination is far from over. After the show came to a close, however, a new player entered the ring. The impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the virtual landscape has yet to be felt, but one thing is clear. Red Hat’s commitment to KVM means it’s in it for the long haul.
Tags: Red Hat, KVM, VMware, Xen, VMworld

New Virtualization in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4

It's straight to the new enterprise release for KVM.
Tags: Linux, virtualization, Red Hat, KVM

Red Hat's Virtualization Plan Enters Next Phase

New open source powered commercial product is set to roll out. For now, though, it's only for an invited few.
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, KVM

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