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Surviving the Technical Interview

SWatch Reader Favorite! It seems there is no quicker way to strike terror in the heart of an IT professional (or aspiring IT pro) than to speak those ominous words: 'First, you'll need to pass a technical interview.'
Tags: jobs, interview, staffing, career advancement, technical interview

5 Tips for Navigating the Current IT Job Market

The most desirable IT hires are those who continuously sharpen their skills, build their networks and keep themselves visible to employers. Here's how to do that.
Tags: jobs, career, staffing, staff management

Top 100 IT Freelance Jobs

From Twitter to RSS skills, a recent report from Elance details the hottest freelance tech hiring trends.
Tags: Twitter, iPhone, jobs, careers, job tech

The Secret to a Successful IT Job Hunt

Career & Staffing: By following a few simple best practices, it is possible to land that IT dream job.
Tags: job, jobs, careers, staffing

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