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Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data Server

Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux set to integrate Hadoop in upcoming release.

Tags: Hadoop, Linux, JBoss, Red Hat, Fedora, ARM, WildFly, Fedora 20

Red Hat Sets JBoss Free with WildFly Application Server

Next-generation open source Java Application Server Project begins to take shape.

Tags: middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server, WildFly

Red Hat Grows Million-Dollar Linux Deals

Red Hat's Linux business continues to grow in the third quarter.

Tags: Linux, JBoss, earnings, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL

Red Hat Revamps JBoss Portal and Operations Network

New releases advance content delivery and middleware server management.

Tags: open source, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Updates JBoss SOA and Business Rules for Decision Making

New release releases of SOA, business rules and data services platform help to integrate enterprise intelligence.

Tags: SOA, JBoss, Red Hat, CEP

Red Hat Previews JBoss Application Server 7

New open source middleware Java Server release nears completion.
Tags: Java, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server

New Tool Addresses JBoss Server Security

The upcoming AthCon conference will highlight the security risks facing JBoss server admins.
Tags: security, server, JBoss

Open-Source Software Vendor Red Hat Updates JBoss Platforms

The open-source software vendor releases SOA Platform 5.0, Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 and JBoss Developer Studio 3.
Tags: Linux, JBoss, Red Hat, app, open-source software

Red Hat's JBoss Aims to Improve User Productivity, UI in 2010

What is Red Hat doing to further expand its JBoss middleware and developer tools?
Tags: Java, Linux, JBoss, Red Hat

Red Hat to Open Up JBoss Middleware

At the JavaOne Conference Red Hat will unveil a new core open source platform designed for users who don't need all the bells and whistles of Java Enterprise Edition.
Tags: Java, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, OS

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