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Itanium Redux: HP Wins $3B in Battle with Oracle

Hewlett Packard scores a win in five year old battle

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HP's Project Odyssey Taps NEC for Mission-Critical x86 Servers

x86-based systems running in the same enclosure as Intel Itanium-based servers are a step closer to reality following the hardware vendors' latest partnership.

Tags: x86 servers, HP, servers, x86, NEC, HP-UX, Itanium

HP's Losses Mount as Itanium Server Line Falters

Declines continue in the wake of trouble at Autonomy and a double-digit decrease in business-critical systems revenue.

Tags: server, HP, servers, Itanium, quarterly financials

HP Adopts Intel Itanium 9500 and Updates HP-UX

HP's Mission Critical server portfolio gets both hardware and software updates.

Tags: Intel, data center, HP, HP-UX, Itanium, mission critical server

HP Extends Its Itanium NonStop Servers

The company's new NS2100 Server platform delivers entry-class Intel Itanium architecture.

Tags: x86 servers, HP, servers, Itanium, NonStop

HP Wins Oracle App Support for Itanium Servers

Oracle plans to appeal a court ruling that will force it to continue to support HP's Itanium servers.

Tags: Oracle, server, x86 servers, HP, servers, Itanium

HP Pushes Forward on Itanium Unix for Scale-Out Computing

When exactly does it make sense to use Unix and when does it make sense to use Linux? For HP's Business Critical Systems customers, the answer depends on the use case.

Tags: virtualization, HP, Unix, Itanium, scale-out, Scale-up Computing

HP Moving from Unix Itanium to x86 Odyssey on Linux

HP is moving forward on its plans for a new generation of mission-critical x86 servers, powered by Linux. What does that mean for Unix on Itanium?

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, HP, x86, RHEL, HP-UX, Itanium, x86 server, SuperDome

HP Profit Dives as Whitman Positions for a Turnaround

HP has dug itself a big financial hole, but it's one that new CEO Meg Whitman has a plan to dig out from.

Tags: earnings, HP, Itanium, Integrity

HP Demands Oracle Support Itanium

HP goes on the offensive in its defense of Itanium.
Tags: Oracle, Intel, HP, Itanium

Oracle Buyer's Guide, Users Weigh In

Oracle users weigh in on how they perceive the vendor these days. How big of an impact is its smack at Itanium having, and how are non-Oracle software shops faring? Learn where the company remains strong and where there may be room for improvement or concern.
Tags: Oracle, Red Hat, buyer's guide, Itanium, x86 server

HP Backs Intel Westmere EX and Itanium

HP is jumping on the bandwagon supporting the new Intel Xeon E7 chips, but that doesn't mean it's leaving Itanium behind.
Tags: Intel, Cisco, HP, Itanium, Westemere EX

HP: Itanium Is Not Dead

Oracle claims Intel is ending Itanium. HP and Intel respond.
Tags: Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Itanium

HP Adds New Itanium to Integrity Server Line

But the processor is only the beginning of the story, says HP, as it overhauls its high-end servers across the board.

Tags: HP, Unix, Itanium, mission-critical, Integrity, BladeSystem

Server Market Changes Lead to End of Itanium Development at Microsoft

The arrival of Intel's Nehalem-EX has pretty much signaled the end of Microsoft's support. The high-end x86 server market is changing, with many servers now sporting features previously available only in Itanium.
Tags: Microsoft, Itanium, Nehalem, x86 server, Server Market

Microsoft Ends Server Support for Itanium

Windows Server 2008 R2 will be the last version of Windows Server to support the Intel Itanium architecture.
Tags: Intel, Windows Server 2008 R2, processor, 64-bit, Itanium

HP Launches First Quad-Core Itanium Systems

Tukwila is formally dubbed Itanium 9300, and HP, Intel's partner in building the RISC processor, is first out of the gate with a series of systems. More will follow.
Tags: server, Intel, HP, Unix, Itanium

Red Hat Ditches Itanium in Upcoming Enterprise Release

Is Linux on Itanium in trouble? Not necessarily.
Tags: Linux, Intel, Red Hat, HP, Itanium

Intel, Oracle Stand Tall in Changing Landscape

Virtually Speaking: As venerable stalwarts, like SGI and Borland, and young companies, like Virtual Iron, are going extinct, some of the big guns are evolving and holding the line.
Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, virtualization, SGI, Itanium

HP Integrity Superdome

HP's Superdome 2 servers are built to power demanding, mission-critical environments for enterprises that require high availability and rich virtualization.

Tags: HP, Itanium, Integrity, SuperDome

HP Integrity Servers

If you're looking for a server that can handle your enterprise's mission-critical workloads, HP's Integrity line may have the solution. From Integrity Server Blades to Superdome and NonStop, HP presents a wide array of offerings to enterprises for which performance and availability is paramount.

Tags: HP, Unix server, Itanium, Integrity, NonStop, SuperDome

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