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Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Tags: Mirantis, Intel, Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, OpenStack, AT&T, Canonical, SUSE, IPO, Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, open source, Linux, Cloud, Piston Cloud Computing

Data Centers Face Major Disruptions in Near Future: Gartner

From competition to changing workloads to tensions with China, significant changes are coming to data centers, the analysts say.

Tags: ARM processors, enterprise networking, Flash Storage, SDN, AMD, IT infrastructure, Intel, Cisco Systems, data centers, HP, servers, data storage, Gartner

Intel Sampling Xeon D SoC for Microservers, Networking, Storage

The processor eventually will join two other 64-bit Atom-based SoCs aimed at dense data center environments, a segment also being targeted by ARM.

Tags: ARM processors, Intel, data storage, HP, data center infrastructure, AMD, processors, enterprise networking, microservers, SoC

Intel Xeon E5 v3 Aims to Be a Leading Indicator

Intel pulls the wraps off its latest server silicon, promising dramatic improvements in performance, security and monitoring capabilities.

Tags: Haswell, Intel, Haswell processors, Xeon E5 processor, Intel Xeon E5, Intel Xeon, servers, server processor

New Gen 9 Servers Arriving from HP

Next-generation servers set to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking and 12 Gb/s storage drives.

Tags: Intel Xeon, Intel, server hardware, servers, HP, HP Gen9, HP Gen 9

Red Hat Aims for Linux Standards for ARM Servers

The company launches a partner program with ARM, AMD and others to develop a common platform for servers powered by ARM-based chips.

Tags: ARM processors, Applied Micro, Cavium, SoC, AMD, IT infrastructure, Intel, Red Hat, x86 servers, open source software, servers, Linux, mobile devices

Russia to Replace Intel, AMD Server Chips With ARM SoCs

The country will develop its own ARM-based server processors, with the first chips scheduled to launch in 2015.

Tags: microservers, ARM processors, Applied Micro, Cavium, SoC, AMD, processors, HPC, mobile devices, PC hardware, x86 servers, government IT, Intel, IT infrastructure

Oracle Launches New x86 Servers

The Intel-powered X4-4 and X4-8 include Oracle's elastic computing capabilities to dynamically adapt to workload needs.

Tags: processors, enterprise apps, x86 servers, Exadata, database, Xeon E7 v2, Intel, data storage, Oracle, cloud computing, Exalogic, IT infrastructure

Lenovo Launches ThinkServer RS140 for SMBs

The new system, powered by Intel chips and small enough to fit in closets, comes as Lenovo works to close the deal for IBM's x86 server business.

Tags: x86 servers, Intel, government IT, graphics, data storage, IT security, SMBs, Memory, Lenovo, IBM

Nvidia CEO: Tegra K1 ARM Chip May Be Used in Microservers

Jen-Hsun Huang says the mobile chip, which was introduced at CES in January, is generating some interest from server makers.

Tags: microservers, hyperscale, ARM processors, SoC, nVidia, IT infrastructure, x86 servers, Intel

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

Tags: Chromebooks, Advanced Micro Devices, OEMs, microservers, hyperscale, internet of things, surface RT, Pund-IT, eWEEK 30, IoT, merrifield, Brian Krzanich, system-on-a-chip, Silvermont, Moore's Law, Marvell, CPUs, SoC, Linaro, Mobile World Congress, Foxconn, IBM, Apple, PCS, Calxeda, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Lenovo, nVidia, Qualcomm, Paul Otellini, asus, hewlett-packard, tablets, data centers, mobile devices, Dell, HP, Atom, servers, x86, Facebook, Windows, Google, Android, Microsoft, iPhone, smartphones, Intel

Dell, HP, Cisco, Others Unveil Servers Running on New Intel Xeon Chips

The high-end systems are designed to tackle data-intensive workloads like big data, business intelligence and analytics and to challenge RISC systems.

Tags: Intel, Fujitsu, big data, Data Analytics, RISC, NEC, Cisco Systems, HPC, processors, Dell, ERP, HP, servers, enterprise software, SuperMicro

Intel Debuts Xeon E7 v2 Taking Aim at RISC

More clock speed, more memory and more I/O bandwidth highlight new server chip release.

Tags: Intel, servers, Xeon, Intel Xeon, microprocessors, Xeon E7 v2, Xeon E7, Ivy Bridge

Samsung Joins IBM's OpenPower Foundation

The group aims to extend the reach of IBM's Power architecture by licensing the chip design to companies for servers and storage systems.

Tags: SoC, HPC, open source, servers, ARM processors, IBM Power Systems, processors, enterprise networking, OpenPOWER Consortium, IBM, bid data analytics, Intel, x86, Samsung, data storage

Dell Unveils Proof-of-Concept ARM-Based Server

Company officials say they expect the microserver will help fuel the expansion of the ecosystem around ARM-based servers.

Tags: 64-bit, IT infrastructure, processors, Dell, servers, Intel, AMD, x86, SoC, mobile devices, hyperscale, ARM processors

Intel: The Desktop Is Alive, Data Center Is Thriving

Though the PC market has slowed, Intel's CEO still sees room for future growth as his company reports full year 2013 earnings. The company saw major growth in the cloud and networking.

Tags: desktop, cloud computing, Intel, PC growth, networking trends

Calxeda, Pioneer in ARM Chips for Servers, Shuts Down

Calxeda officials said the company was too early to market, and that its products were not generating enough revenue to keep it afloat.

Tags: AppliedMicro, microservers, ARM processors, Marvell, SoC, Intel, AMD, IT infrastructure, processors, Dell, HP, Calxeda

Intel Execs Talk Xeon Phi at Supercomputing Show

The upcoming "Knights Landing" chip will bring significant improvements in performance, memory and interconnect, Intel officials said.

Tags: Xeon Phi, GPU, AMD, nVidia, IT infrastructure, Intel, processors, servers, Hadoop, data storage, database, HPC

Intel Unveils New Xeon Chips for More Dynamic Data Center

The Xeon E5-2600 v2 lineup includes almost two-dozen chips for not only servers but also storage and networking systems.

Tags: processors, HP, Intel, it mobility, enterprise networking, IBM, Cray, data storage, cloud computing, SGI, SDN, servers

HP M300 Moonshot Servers Get Next-Generation Intel Atom Chips

HP Moonshot servers will soon be receiving a speed boost to go along with improved power efficiency, courtesy of Intel's latest Atom C2000 systems-on-a-chip.

Tags: Atom processor, Avoton, Project Moonshot, Moonshot, Intel, Atom, HP

Intel Takes on ARM with New Atom C2000

Intel debuts its low-power, second-generation Atom C2000 system on a chip.

Tags: system on a chip, MicroServer, Atom processor, Atom, ARM processors, Intel, SoC, servers

Data Center Boot Camp Revolution: Creating Leaner, Meaner Data Centers

A closer look at the emerging trends and technologies that are helping reshape the traditionally stodgy, static data center into a more efficient, highly capable software-defined beast.

Tags: servers, Intel, HP, data center, data center infrastructure, ARM, AMD, ARM server, Software-Defined Infrastructure, Copper Servers, Moonshot, microservers

HP Sees Interest From Apple, Others in Moonshot Servers: Report

CEO Meg Whitman says that large scale-out data center operators, including Chinese search giant Baidu, are eying the vendor's low-power microservers.

Tags: microservers, cloud computing, AMD, HP, IT infrastructure, ARM processors, processors, SoC, Intel

Intel's New CEO Plots a Course Forward with Atom

Brian Krzanich sees a bright future for Intel's data center server business.

Tags: Intel Atom, Atom Server, data center, Intel, servers, earnings, Atom

Intel Debuts Xeon E3 Haswell CPUs for Servers

The first Haswell chips for servers show up as the Xeon E3-1200 v3 product family.

Tags: Haswell, Xeon E3, Intel CPU, Intel, Xeon, servers, Intel Xeon

Intel Expands Its Xeon E7 and Server Rack Architecture

Rack-scale architecture announced at the same time Intel's Xeon memory capacity is boosted by 4x.

Tags: Xeon E7, server racks, Intel, servers, Ivy Bridge

Open Compute Project Launches Common Slot Spec

Server racks will now be able to mix and match CPUs from different vendors in the same box.

Tags: CPUs, Open Compute, AMD, Intel, servers, CPU, rackmount

HP Adopts Intel Itanium 9500 and Updates HP-UX

HP's Mission Critical server portfolio gets both hardware and software updates.

Tags: mission critical server, HP-UX, Intel, data center, HP, Itanium

IBM System x Server Buying Guide

When Intel releases a new processor, the OEMs typically race to refresh their wares. IBM is often the exception to this. Its most recent System x change up was well worth the few weeks wait.

Tags: Intel, x86 server, System x, IBM

Intel Xeon E5 Heads to Linux

New Intel server CPU is already ready for Linux.

Tags: SUSE Linux, RHEL, Dell, Intel, Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, intel e5

Cisco Updates UCS with Intel E5

Cisco rolls out the third generation of its server platform with new unified management capabilities.

Tags: Cisco UCS, Cisco, intel e5, Intel, Unified Computing System

Intel Accelerates Servers with Xeon E5 Chip Launch

Latest Intel server chip release delivers new I/O, security and performance gains.

Tags: Xeon, Intel, I/O, xeon e5, security

HDD Shortage May Incentivize More Sophisticated Storage Management

Flooding in Thailand, one of the centers of hard disk drive manufacture, this monsoon season has caused a severe shortage in hard disks. Organizations may take a better look at thin provisioning, tiering, deduplication and solid state drives as a result.

Tags: dedupe, solid state disk, Intel, SSD, deduplication, HDD

Why Supercomputing Matters

What happens in high-performance computing eventually finds its way into mainstream computing. Keeping up with the latest innovations goes a long way toward managing a data center that meets your business' needs.

Tags: Intel, Facebook, TOP500, supercomputing, Open Compute, nVidia, HP

Kontron Servers Buying Guide

Not familiar with Kontron? You're not alone. Until recently, it's main business was embedded boards and integrated computing platforms. Now the hardware vendor has added rackmount computers and enclosures to its lineup.

Tags: rackmount, server hardware, hardware, buyer's guide, Intel

HP Demands Oracle Support Itanium

HP goes on the offensive in its defense of Itanium.
Tags: Intel, Oracle, HP, Itanium

Microservers: Small Footprint, Powerful Punch

Microservers are inexpensive, power efficient and not to be confused with blade servers. Find out whether this latest data center staple is right for you.
Tags: Intel, SeaMicro, MicroServer, blade server, Dell

HP Backs Intel Westmere EX and Itanium

HP is jumping on the bandwagon supporting the new Intel Xeon E7 chips, but that doesn't mean it's leaving Itanium behind.
Tags: Itanium, Cisco, Westemere EX, HP, Intel

Intel Delivers New Xeon Multicore Server CPUs

Two new families of server CPUs provide what Intel calls dramatic performance improvements for multicore systems at the high end and low end of the market.
Tags: Intel, Xeon 7500, multi-core, Xeon

New Windows Record Shattered by SGI

SGI stands to benefit from a new round of Microsoft certs as the company looks to run hundreds of physical cores on Windows Server.
Tags: Intel, Microsoft, SGI, Windows

IBM System x

If you're looking for an x86-based server from IBM, you'll find it in the system x server line. More than a dozen racks, towers and server blades sporting both AMD and Intel processors comprise the System x server family.

Tags: System x, AMD, Intel, x86 server, IBM

HP: Itanium Is Not Dead

Oracle claims Intel is ending Itanium. HP and Intel respond.
Tags: Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Itanium, Intel

Why Intel's Bullish on Virtualization

Chip giant experiments with "cubicle cluster computing" as it looks to maximize efficiencies in its sprawling IT infrastructure.
Tags: Intel, cloud computing, virtualization, VMworld, cubicle cluster computing

Virtualization Impacts the Server Buying Decision

In a world of virtualization there is more to consider than server form factor.
Tags: server, server virtualization, virtualization, Intel

EMC Buyer's Guide: EMC Goes x86

It wasn't long ago that RISC processors powered EMC's server lines. Today, Intel's Nehalem EX processor is the power behind its four server lines. Together, Celerra, Centera, Clariion and Symmetrix offer a variety of solutions to match a variety of budgets.
Tags: Clariion, Intel, EMC, buyer's guide, x86 servers

AMD Puts Pressure on Intel Server Processor Market Share

How long will Intel continue to dominate the server and PC processor markets?
Tags: AMD, Intel, server, server hardware, processor

Oracle Announces New High-Performance Computing Sun Clusters

True to its promise, Oracle sticks to the high-end market with massive clustering x86 servers and a unified network fabric.
Tags: Intel, HPC, x86 servers, Sun, Oracle

Intel Launches Cloud Server Pilot for Small Business

The Intel Hybrid Cloud program is a subscription-based server model for small business.
Tags: Cloud server, server, Intel

Tilera, Quanta Bank on Low-Power, High-Density Web Servers

The MIT-generated semiconductor startup finally has a partner and a position in the marketplace, one that sounds rather familiar.
Tags: SeaMicro, LAMP, Intel, Tilera, web server

HP Unveils More Power-Efficient Rack, Blade Servers

The computer giant takes the wraps off new rackmount and blade servers designed to require as little intervention and management as possible.
Tags: Server Blades, HP, ProLiant, virtualization, Intel

AMD, Intel Increase Chip Core Counts

Intel is taking Westmere to the next level, while AMD prepares to 'Bulldozer' the competition.
Tags: AMD, Intel

SeaMicro Launches an Atom-Powered Cloud Computing Server

Startup SeaMicro says Intel's Atom processor, widely used in netbook computers, has more than enough juice to power Web servers serving up HTML pages.
Tags: SeaMicro, cloud computing, server, Xeon, Intel

Is Oracle Ready to Dump AMD From Sun's x86 Server Lineup?

Sun traditionally offered both AMD and Intel processors in its x86 server lineup. Now, it's looking like AMD's Opteron won't make the cut under Oracle's ownership.
Tags: x86 servers, Intel, Oracle, Opteron, AMD

China, Nvidia Build World's Fastest Supercomputer

After years of talking up GPUs in high performance computing, Nvidia has some petaflops to finally back it up.
Tags: Intel, nVidia, TOP500, HPC, supercomputers

Intel Announces 50-Core Supercomputer Processor

The processor consists of 50 x86 cores crammed onto a single 22-nanometer-process chip smaller than a postage stamp.
Tags: Intel, HPC, supercomputer, processor

The Xeon E5520: Popular for VMWare

This blog posting analyzes which Xeon 5000 series chip is best for virtualization.
Tags: Xeon, virtualization, Intel, HP, server

Xeon is Money in the Bank for Intel

Intel expects 70 percent of design wins from storage vendors opting to use Xeons.
Tags: server, Intel, server hardware, Xeon

Intel Details Eight-Core Nehalem-EX Successor

The new chips, code-named Westmere-EX, will be targeted at servers with four sockets and higher.
Tags: Intel, processor, Core, server, hardware

IBM System x Server Buyer's Guide

IBM has taken to the road with the message that Intel's Nehalem EX processors coupled with Big Blue's system engineering talents has resulted in a platform well-suited for virtualization, consolidation and mission-critical applications. Does the server hardware live up to the praise?
Tags: IBM, Intel, server hardware, virtualization, System x

Yahoo, Intel Unveil Green Data Centers

Last week, week both Yahoo and Intel unveiled green infrastructure projects that just might change how the data centers everywhere operate.
Tags: Yahoo, Intel, environment, power and cooling, green IT

x86 Server Processors Help Deliver Solid Earnings for Intel

The chip giant might do a little better than expected thanks to its new x86 server processors, but there will be no big surprises. After 2009, that's a good thing.
Tags: earnings, Nehalem, Xeon, x86 servers, Intel

Microsoft Ends Server Support for Itanium

Windows Server 2008 R2 will be the last version of Windows Server to support the Intel Itanium architecture.
Tags: processor, Itanium, 64-bit, Windows Server 2008 R2, Intel

Intel Xeon 7500 Series x86 Server Processor Buyers Guide

Hard-Core Hardware: "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" -- will Nehalem EX be the cornerstone in x86 servers that are really as good as Intel claims?
Tags: Xeon 7500, x86 servers, Intel, Xeon, buyers guide

Intel: Not Waiting for Software

Intel says the company's hardware advances will lead - not follow - software developments.
Tags: Xeon 7500, Intel, server, Xeon 6500, virtualization

Xeon 5600 Lands Big Name Servers

Server manufacturers have embraced the six-core Xeon 5600s.
Tags: server, Intel, processor, Xeon 5600, server manufacturer

SGI Does More Than 'Talk' Xeon 5600

SGI has a new baby blade, the Origin 400.
Tags: Intel, server processor, Xeon 5600, CPU, server

Intel Launches Xeon 5600 Server Processor

New AES-NI instructions will add native encryption/decryption to the CPU.
Tags: server processor, CPU, server, Intel, Xeon 5600

Dell Launches Low-Maintenance x86 Servers

Dell wants to help admins spend less time keeping x86 servers running. A new crop of Westmere-processor-based, self-healing machines are designed to be deployed and ignored.
Tags: Dell, Westmere, x86 server, x86 servers, Intel

'Rising Tide' for x86 Servers Lifting Intel, AMD

A report from Broadpoint makes the argument that both chip makers will do better than expected because x86 server sales are poised to take off. No doubt IBM, HP and Dell are hoping that's the case.
Tags: processor, Intel, x86 server, AMD, x86

AMD Battles Intel with its 12-Core Chip

Analysts say AMD's chip will contain the highest number of cores in an x86 server processor.
Tags: server, chip, 12 core, AMD, Intel

VMware, RSA, Intel Join Forces to Secure Cloud Computing Environment

Virtually Speaking: VMware, Intel and RSA have partnered to make cloud computing more secure, for the private cloud. Will anyone care?
Tags: Intel, private cloud, security, RSA, VMware

Will MeeGo Overcome Common Open-Source Software Pitfall?

OS Round Up: Despite the strength of backers Intel and Nokia, Meego has already fallen prey to a common open-source software pitfall -- a moronic name. Can it overcome its nomenclature handicap and help make Linux the OS of choice for mobile computing?
Tags: smartphone, Intel, OS, Nokia, mobile linux

HP Launches First Quad-Core Itanium Systems

Tukwila is formally dubbed Itanium 9300, and HP, Intel's partner in building the RISC processor, is first out of the gate with a series of systems. More will follow.
Tags: HP, Itanium, server, Intel, Unix

A Look at Intel's Westmere EP Server Processor

The The Westmere-EP chips add two more cores to the processor and support Turbo Boost.
Tags: server, processor, Westmere-EP, chip, Intel

Intel Server Buyers Guide

Sure, Intel is inside the box, but did you know sometimes Intel is the box? Here are five servers that the company best known for its chips sells to OEMs and other resellers. Is one of these right for you?
Tags: server, servers, buyers' guide, Intel

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