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Green Data Center Management News

This week in green data center management news: Canadian researchers hope to perfect a way to host the Internet's content purely on green power.
Tags: IT, data center, data center management, green IT, green data center

Cloud Computing Changes the Traditional IT Role

IT is going to be of more importance in cloud computing outsourcing.
Tags: cloud computing, IT, IT Leadership, IT support

Fed IT Unsure of Data Center Management and Consolidation

According to one report, some agencies believe they won't meet new data center management objectives on schedule.
Tags: IT, data center management, government, Federal

Know Your Data Center Management Capabilities

What does your management actually know about your data center?
Tags: IT, data center, data center management, deployment

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Change IT Costs

New technology trends change IT calculations.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, IT, virtual server

Data Center Jobs in Demand: IT Security

When it comes to data center jobs, IT security is the place to be. Salaries are on the rise as demand for security pros grows.
Tags: security, IT, survey, salaries

Microsoft Expects Cloud Revenue Two Years Out

Windows Server and SQL Server are big revenue drivers but security and developer tools are growing.
Tags: cloud computing, Azure, IT, SQL Server, Windows Server

How Much is that Private Cloud?

Everyone wants a private cloud, but the technology is not cheap.
Tags: server, IT, infrastructure, technology

Virtualization Issues: People, Process, and Technology

Enterprises faces a number of challenges when adopting a large-scale virtualization solution.
Tags: virtualization, IT, Enterprise, technology, adoption

Practical Approaches to Cloud Security

Is public cloud security more or less secure than your own infrastructure?
Tags: IT

Server Market No Longer Circling the Drain

While year-over-year continues to look grim, quarter-to-quarter shows signs of improvement.
Tags: server, IT, stats, InternetNews.com, Gartner

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