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Microsoft Releases Windows Server 8 Beta

Supercharged Hyper-V and improved storage management are among the many carrots Microsoft is dangling in front of systems administrators.

Tags: Microsoft, Hyper-V, IIS, windows server 8

Nginx Passes Microsoft for Active Web Server Share

Latest Netcraft stats show Microsoft losing its No. 2 spot for the first time. And at No. 1? Yup, still Apache.

Tags: open source, Apache, web server, IIS, Apache HTTP Server, Netcraft, Nginx

Microsoft Working on IIS 'Express' Web Server

Developers may have an easier time building websites with a streamlined offering that combines the best features of IIS 7.x and ASP.NET Developer Server.
Tags: ASP.NET, Microsoft, web server, IIS, Internet Information server

Semicolon Bug Reveals IIS Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability in IIS revealed on Christmas day allows attackers to bypass file extension protections using a semicolon after an executable extension.
Tags: security, Microsoft, vulnerability, IIS

Microsoft Plugs IIS FTP Hole

A Security Advisory issued late Tuesday from Redmond warns users of a critical zero-day flaw in the FTP capability of older versions IIS Web server software.
Tags: security, FTP, web server, IIS, zero-day

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