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NAS Storage Server Review: Iomega StorCenter ix2

Iomega packages network-attached storage and a solid video surveillance system with an ideal blend of performance and price in this NAS server designed for SMBs.

Tags: hardware, NAS, small business, video surveillance, server review, Storage

Kontron Servers Buying Guide

Not familiar with Kontron? You're not alone. Until recently, it's main business was embedded boards and integrated computing platforms. Now the hardware vendor has added rackmount computers and enclosures to its lineup.

Tags: Intel, hardware, server hardware, buyer's guide, rackmount

HyTrust Deploys Intel Security Technology for Virtual Environments

The company will work with Intel to bring trust verification – at the hardware root – to virtual environments.
Tags: virtualization, hardware, Intel ESAA

Samsung Storage and Memory Chosen for ProLiant Servers

Samsung's 1333 Mbps Green DDR3 DRAM memory and Enterprise SSDs have been chosen for use in HP ProLiant G6 and G7 servers.
Tags: server, hardware, Samsung, Memory, ProLiant

IBM Cuts Cord on Old Hardware

IBM last week announced it was cutting support for several legacy systems. Customers have a year a half before they are left in a lurch.
Tags: IBM, hardware

Hardware Upped for for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

The first beta of Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 delivers enhancements, but may require a significant hardware refresh.
Tags: server, Windows Server 2008, hardware

Intel Details Eight-Core Nehalem-EX Successor

The new chips, code-named Westmere-EX, will be targeted at servers with four sockets and higher.
Tags: server, Intel, hardware, processor, Core

The 'New Normal' for Server Hardware

Analysts are predicting grim IT spending picture with longer life spans for server hardware, postponed refreshes and a surge in leasing highly likely.
Tags: hardware, server hardware, spending

Maintain Uptime with Server Load Balancing

Smaller organizations may be able to reap most benefits of hardware-based load balancers by using virtual load balancers instead.
Tags: server, hardware, traffic, downtime, load balancer

Orion Releases New Server Rack Fan Guards

Available with or without a filter, they are ideal for use in industrial cabinets, server cabinets and server rack applications.
Tags: server, hardware, rack, heat, guard

Beyond x86 Servers: Should You Take a RISC?

As x86 servers increasingly dominate the landscape, is there room for RISC? Absolutely, says one prominent analyst.
Tags: x86 servers, hardware, Unix, x86, RISC

Fujitsu Introduces Xeon-Based Cloud Computing Servers

Facing an uphill fight against titans IBM, HP and Dell, the Japanese systems vendor believes it has its own secret sauce to take on the data center and gain cloud computing market share.
Tags: cloud computing, Fujitsu, hardware, Xeon, Xeon 5600

SCTi Offers Data Center Management Solution

The solution provides visibility, resiliency and energy optimization.
Tags: data center management, hardware, optimization, cooling, energy management

A Look at Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Desktop virtualization technologies are becoming more common in the enterprise, but is this a viable technology?
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, hardware, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Server Consolidation Barriers

How to embrace virtualization without busting the budget.
Tags: cloud computing, hardware, Enterprise, server consolidation

Linux Servers are Doing Just Fine

Industry measurements for server operating systems are based what OS people buy bundled with hardware, not what is being used.
Tags: Linux, operating system, Microsoft, server, hardware

Boosting Storage Backup Speed on Virtual Servers

With virtual servers on almost every enterprise's road map, backup-related issues are increasingly on the radar.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, hardware, Storage

Thecus Unleashes 1U4600 1U Rackmount NAS Server

The new NAS server offers enterprise-class features.
Tags: hardware, NAS, storage server, rackmount

Exchange Server 2010 and Hardware Requirements

Exchange 2010 hardware requirements vary on the size of the environment, but it still requires significant resources, including a large amount of RAM and disk space.
Tags: Servers & Services, hardware, Exchange, Harddrive

Dell Continues to Rise

Server Snapshot: Dell has pushed Sun out of the No. 3 server spot. Given the OEM's new array of products, will it be long before Dell's ascendancy places it at IBM's and HP's backs?
Tags: Dell, hardware, Enterprise, server snapshot

Solar Power Your Data Center Into the Future

Hard-Core Hardware: The age of solar power is fast arriving, and it may be keeping the lights on in a data center near you. The former downsides, chiefly cost constraints, no longer apply.
Tags: data center, hardware, green, green IT, solar power

How Virtualization Exacerbates Fragmentation

Hard-Core Hardware: Disk fragmentation is a significant problem for many data centers. Virtualization only makes it worse. Find out what steps you can take to mitigate it.
Tags: virtualization, hardware, defragmentation, defrag

Penguin's HPC Waddle

Server Snapshot: Penguin Computing has always, as its name implies, focused on developing best practices for Linux-based systems, software and services, particularly in the HPC space.
Tags: hardware, server snapshot, penguin

Fault-Tolerant Yet Affordable Servers

NEC's new server addition delivers constant uptime and improved disaster recovery for less than $20,000.
Tags: hardware, NEC, fault-tolerant

x86: 30 years and Still Going Strong

Few technologies last 30 years, let alone become more dominant with each passing one, but the x86 architecture has done just that.
Tags: Intel, HP, hardware, x86, AMD

Stratus: Where High-Availability Leads to Profitability

Server Snapshot: Stratus' fault-tolerant servers are designed to fill a clearly defined niche. Its positioning as the "availability company" has set it apart from the OEM Rat Pack and resulted in steady growth.
Tags: hardware, high availability, fault-tolerant, stratus, ftserver

Second Quarter Server Sales Plummet 30 Percent

IDC and Gartner report a second quarter that was beyond dismal for server sales. Have we hit the bottom yet, and is there any light in this long, dark tunnel?
Tags: hardware, IDC, Gartner, server shipment stats

Why You Need a Fuller Data Center

Cover Your Assets: Do you really need all those servers? Could you do just as well with half of them, or as few as a third?
Tags: virtualization, data center, hardware, consolidation, frugality

Power, Cooling and Data Center Design -- From Square One

Building a data center from scratch doesn't just mean getting the latest in gear. It also brings with it the latest power, cooling and data center design. Here's what one company did.
Tags: data center, power management, hardware, power and cooling

Please Re-Lease Me and Let Me Serve Again

Put a new lease on that infrastructure and get a new leash on your finances.
Tags: hardware, economy, leasing, frugality

Data Center Efficiency From the Ground Up

Hard-Core Hardware: It isn't often a data center gets to install the latest in servers, blades, storage and networking gear from Day One. Yet the Emerson data center in St. Louis, Missouri had just that opportunity.
Tags: Dell, data center, Sun Microsystems, hardware

Lenovo Server Stable Growing

Server Snapshot: In the past year, Lenovo launched its second generation of ThinkServers, equipped with more memory and storage capacity, the latest Intel processors, and virtualization capabilities. Yet the company remains in the "other" category in the various server measurement surveys.
Tags: server, hardware, servers, server management, Lenovo

You Can't Afford to Save This Much Money

Cover Your Assets: When you convert from a physical to a virtual infrastructure, is the money you save real or virtual?
Tags: virtualization, hardware, virtual machine, VMware, frugality

Making Old Hardware New Again

Repurposing old computers instead of buying new machines can make sound financial sense, especially when trading conditions are tough and the economy is in a bad way.
Tags: hardware, OS, Mac OS X, yellow dog linux

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