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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Buying SGI for $275M

Move brings additional High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data technology to HPE.

Tags: data center, servers, SGI, HPC, big data, high performance computing, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE

U.S. Risks Losing Edge in HPC, Supercomputing, Report Says

Facing growing competition from China and other countries, the U.S. must take steps to accelerate its HPC efforts, according to the ITIF.

Tags: IBM, China, supercomputers, HPC, TOP500, President Obama, Nvidia GPUs

OpenPower Foundation Powers Forward [VIDEO]

Doug Balog, General Manager of Power Systems within IBM, discusses the progress made so far in the OpenPower Foundation.

Tags: IBM, HPC, Power Systems, high performance computing, hyperscale, OpenPOWER, OpenPOWER Foundation

Cavium to Add Nvidia GPU Support to ARM-Based Server Chips

Cavium officials say supporting Tesla accelerators in their ThunderX SoCs will benefit such markets as HPC and data analytics.

Tags: Intel, server hardware, AMD, Qualcomm, HPC, Cavium, SoC, Data Analytics, ARM processors, Applied Micro, gpu accelerators

Russia to Replace Intel, AMD Server Chips With ARM SoCs

The country will develop its own ARM-based server processors, with the first chips scheduled to launch in 2015.

Tags: government IT, Intel, processors, PC hardware, x86 servers, AMD, IT infrastructure, HPC, mobile devices, Cavium, SoC, ARM processors, microservers, Applied Micro

HP Brings Liquid Cooling to Apollo High-Performance Server Portfolio

New Apollo portfolio of servers announced as well as expanded converged systems offerings.

Tags: HP, servers, rackmount, HPC, high performance computing, Apollo, converged systems, HP Apollo

Dell, HP, Cisco, Others Unveil Servers Running on New Intel Xeon Chips

The high-end systems are designed to tackle data-intensive workloads like big data, business intelligence and analytics and to challenge RISC systems.

Tags: enterprise software, Fujitsu, Intel, processors, Dell, ERP, HP, servers, RISC, NEC, Cisco Systems, HPC, SuperMicro, big data, Data Analytics

Samsung Joins IBM's OpenPower Foundation

The group aims to extend the reach of IBM's Power architecture by licensing the chip design to companies for servers and storage systems.

Tags: open source, data storage, IBM, Intel, processors, servers, x86, Samsung, HPC, SoC, enterprise networking, ARM processors, OpenPOWER Consortium, bid data analytics, IBM Power Systems

Intel Execs Talk Xeon Phi at Supercomputing Show

The upcoming "Knights Landing" chip will bring significant improvements in performance, memory and interconnect, Intel officials said.

Tags: Hadoop, data storage, database, Intel, processors, servers, AMD, nVidia, IT infrastructure, HPC, GPU, Xeon Phi

HP, IBM Lead High Performance Computing Server Market: IDC

During the first half of 2013, the HPC technical server market grew 6.2 percent, with an increase of 26 percent in unit shipments, compared to 2012.


Titan Claims Supercomputing Crown

The fastest computer in the world clocks in at 17.59 quadrillion calculations per second.

Tags: Linux, supercomputer, supercomputers, HPC, Cray, Titan

HP ProLiant Scalable System Buyer's Guide

No longer just for the low end of the server performance totem pole, x86 servers are increasingly finding their way into the HPC market. With its ProLiant Scalable System line, HP has made great strides to fill this ever-growing market.
Tags: HP, buyer's guide, HPC, ProLiant, high performance computing

Virtualization Deemed 'Disruptive' to HPC

Is virtualization really all that new to HPC?
Tags: virtualization, supercomputers, supercomputing, HPC, TOP500

Top500 Supercomputing List Reveals Computing Trends

Faster and more integrated interconnects play a key role in this 'Asian invasion' of the semi-annual TOP500 Supercomputing list.
Tags: supercomputers, supercomputing, high performance, HPC, TOP500

Oracle Sets High Performance Server Hardware Agenda

Promises to double application performance on Sparc systems every two years.
Tags: Oracle, Sun, Solaris, server hardware, HPC

Windows HPC Server Close to Linux HPC Stack

Windows HPC Server 2008 includes similar tools that a Linux distro uses to support parallel supercomputing workloads.
Tags: Linux, server, HPC, HPC Server 2008

Oracle Announces New High-Performance Computing Sun Clusters

True to its promise, Oracle sticks to the high-end market with massive clustering x86 servers and a unified network fabric.
Tags: Oracle, Intel, x86 servers, Sun, HPC

China, Nvidia Build World's Fastest Supercomputer

After years of talking up GPUs in high performance computing, Nvidia has some petaflops to finally back it up.
Tags: Intel, nVidia, supercomputers, HPC, TOP500

Microsoft, Novell Report Upswing in HPC

The two companies claim to see an increase in the number of companies seeking high-performance computing.
Tags: Microsoft, Novell, HPC, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Intel Announces 50-Core Supercomputer Processor

The processor consists of 50 x86 cores crammed onto a single 22-nanometer-process chip smaller than a postage stamp.
Tags: Intel, processor, supercomputer, HPC

SGI Announces Altix ICE 8400 Blade Platform

Altix ICE 8400, with its innovative blade design, scales to up to 65,536 compute nodes.
Tags: blade, SGI, HPC, server blade, node

HPC Server Market Declined 11.6% in 2009, Return to Growth Expected in 2010, According to IDC

IDC expects the HPC technical server market to begin recovering from the impact of the global economic recession in early-2010, with year-over-year growth projected at 5% to 7%
Tags: server, IDC, supercomputing, HPC

SGI Announces the InfiniteStorage Server 3500

SGI has released InfiniteStorage Server 3500, a fully integrated storage server that offers high density and power efficiency.
Tags: server, Enterprise, protocols, SGI, HPC

Microsoft's HPC Platform Bells and Whistles

Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 offers new features, more integration.
Tags: Microsoft, HPC, HPC Server 2008

The Evolution of Blade Servers

The initial wave of blade servers largely failed, along with the companies that made them.
Tags: blade, servers, HPC, blade server

Appro: Bringing HPC to the Mainstream Enterprise

Server Snapshot: Appro has always been about HPC. But HPC is not what it used to be, and Appro has changed to meet the needs of more mainstream enterprises with its revamped product lines built around a Scalable Unit architecture.
Tags: blade, green, HPC, server snapshot, Appro

Cluster Resources Expands Beyond HPC

The company behind supercomputing automation software is moving into data center management.
Tags: clusters, HPC

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