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Apple Hits the Windows Wall

OS Roundup: Windows 7 has been out for barely two weeks, and its market share already rivals that of Mac OS X, despite years of marketing and strategizing on Apple's part. Does Windows stand a chance of being dethroned?
Tags: Microsoft, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Mac OS X, HP UX

Linux Is Bloated. Does Anyone Care?

OS Roundup: Not Red Hat users, certainly. Sales and profits are up for the feature-laden OS. Meanwhile, HP UX's latest semi-annual update is out, and the verdict on its value is in.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Unix, HP-UX, HP UX

The 'Vantage' Advantage: HP-UX 11i v3 Update 5

The latest HP UX release focuses on memory, availability and security features.
Tags: Linux, Windows, HP, Unix, HP UX

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