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HP Improves HP-UX Operating System and NonStop Hardware

HP-UX 11i v3 Update 13 Improves Unix  and debuts new NonStop Server platforms

Tags: HP-UX, NonStop

HP's Project Odyssey Taps NEC for Mission-Critical x86 Servers

x86-based systems running in the same enclosure as Intel Itanium-based servers are a step closer to reality following the hardware vendors' latest partnership.

Tags: x86 servers, HP, servers, x86, NEC, HP-UX, Itanium

HP Adopts Intel Itanium 9500 and Updates HP-UX

HP's Mission Critical server portfolio gets both hardware and software updates.

Tags: Intel, data center, HP, HP-UX, Itanium, mission critical server

HP Moving from Unix Itanium to x86 Odyssey on Linux

HP is moving forward on its plans for a new generation of mission-critical x86 servers, powered by Linux. What does that mean for Unix on Itanium?

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, HP, x86, RHEL, HP-UX, Itanium, x86 server, SuperDome

HP-UX: More Than Reliable, Middle-Aged and Dull

Is HP's emphasis on new HP-UX features aimed squarely at Oracle users indicative of a midlife crisis in a market with limited room for growth or much like a prudent bank manager sizing up the threats and opportunities for its UNIX?
Tags: Unix, Unix server, OS, HP-UX, AIX

HP's Linux OS Alternative Gets a Face Lift

OS Roundup: Despite the growing popularity of the myriad Linux OS and cloud computing options, HP-UX retains a strong, albeit leaking, presence. Now, with Sun's UNIX ecosystem in turmoil, HP is seizing the day as it packages and sings the virtues of its Big Iron OS.
Tags: cloud computing, Unix server, Linux server, HP-UX, linux os

Linux Is Bloated. Does Anyone Care?

OS Roundup: Not Red Hat users, certainly. Sales and profits are up for the feature-laden OS. Meanwhile, HP UX's latest semi-annual update is out, and the verdict on its value is in.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Unix, HP-UX, HP UX

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