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Green Data Center Management Ideas

Data center managers can lower power consumption while boosting server and network efficiencies.
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This Week on the Green Data Center Management Front

Among the big news this week for those looking to make their data center more environmentally friendly: Two IBM POWER7-based servers become the first four-processor systems in the industry to qualify for Energy Star status; NetApp announces plans to have execs, and other on hand to discuss green computing at SNW Spring 2010; and the feds are examining how cloud will save money and energy.
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This Week on the Green Data Center Management Front

Among the big news this week in green data center management: Singapore pledges to cut carbon emissions by 16 percent by 2020, and for the second year in a row, data security is the primary concern and driver of IT asset disposition compliance efforts.
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EnergyCenter Software for Data Center Management

Viridity aims to tackle energy-efficiency in the data center with its EnergyCenter software.
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This Week on the Green Data Center Management Front

Among the big news this week in green data center management: Horizon Data Center Solutions announces a partnership with Power Loft, Cisco, GDSYS, and Incheon Metropolitan City partner to build a next-generation green data center, and Vycon Energy demonstrates how its flywheel backup power systems can be used for health-care data system power backup.
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Solar Power Your Data Center Into the Future

Hard-Core Hardware: The age of solar power is fast arriving, and it may be keeping the lights on in a data center near you. The former downsides, chiefly cost constraints, no longer apply.
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Appro: Bringing HPC to the Mainstream Enterprise

Server Snapshot: Appro has always been about HPC. But HPC is not what it used to be, and Appro has changed to meet the needs of more mainstream enterprises with its revamped product lines built around a Scalable Unit architecture.
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Two Thumbs Down for Green Tech

Two prominent Silicon Valley investors explain why green tech is over-hyped, and point out other opportunities elsewhere, including social media.
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When it Comes to Servers, Is Lead Really so Bad?

Hard-Core Hardware: The latest green standards may threaten server reliability. And the implications extend far beyond data centers being inconvenienced.
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Virtualization Drives the Green IT Bus

Virtually Speaking: Green IT is gaining ground, and virtualization is a popular way for enterprises to get there.
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EPA Brings Energy Star Ratings to Servers

The Energy Star program has been greening PCs and monitors for years, now servers are entering the pasture.
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5 Ways to Save Green by Going Green

Cover Your Assets: Are you having difficulty finding ways to 'go green'? Here are some simple tips to get you started.
Tags: green, cost management, frugality, power and cooling, energy

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