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Government Bodies Embrace Cloud Computing

Is government driving the cloud computing adoption bus? Limited budgets and expanding desktop computing costs made virtualization a popular choice among government entities, then the cloud beckoned.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, private cloud, government, VMware

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments

The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtualization technologies, server virtualization, government, desktop virtualization

Citrix Brings Virtualization Technologies to Government Channels

By leveraging immixGroup's government channel programs, Citrix gives federal customers streamlined access to virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, government market, virtualization technology, government

Fed IT Unsure of Data Center Management and Consolidation

According to one report, some agencies believe they won't meet new data center management objectives on schedule.
Tags: IT, data center management, government, Federal

Server Virtualization Saves Big Bucks for Feds

Virtually Speaking: Server virtualization in the U.S. House of Representatives results in green saving green to the tune of more than $700,000.
Tags: government IT, server virtualization, government, cost management, server consolidation

Schwarzenegger Orders Data Center Consolidation

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order requiring California to reduce the total amount of data center square footage used by state agencies.
Tags: data center, servers, government, consolidation, capacity

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