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Google Introduces Support for Heterogeneous Container Clusters

Node pools will allow customers of Google Container Engine to set up multiple nodes in one cluster.

Tags: cloud computing, Google, containers, Kubernetes, Google Container Engine, container clusters

OpenPOWER Foundation Details New Server Designs

Once solely the domain of IBM, multiple vendors are now building servers based on the POWER architecture.

Tags: open source, Google, IBM, servers, server hardware, Rackspace, OpenPOWER, OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM POWER8, IBM Power

Hyperscale Environments Pressure Server OEMs

The Googles, Facebooks and Amazons of the world are buying a lot of servers, and many of them are coming from smaller ODMs.

Tags: Facebook, Amazon, Google, Dell, servers, Lenovo, Cisco Systems, hyperscale data centers, ODMs, HPE

Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for 2016

Containers may be stealing the headlines these days, but server virtualization software technology still dominates the data center. Check out ten virtualization vendors that deliver the best virtualization software solutions today.

Tags: Oracle, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, Hyper-V, KVM, VMware, Huawei, VMware vSphere, containers, Parallels, virtualized infrastructure, containerization

Dell Brings Hyperscale Units Under Single Organization

The vendor is creating the Extreme Scale Infrastructure group to house its businesses that cater to an array of hyperscale organizations.

Tags: Facebook, Google, Dell, HP, data center infrastructure, telecommunications carriers, hyperscale architecture, HPE

Google Kubernetes Container Orchestration System Gaining Steam

Anything that fosters the development of Kubernetes is probably good news for the container community, and the fruits of collaboration are rapidly becoming evident.

Tags: cloud computing, Google, Cloud, containers, virtually speaking, docker, orchestration, Docker Containers, Kubernetes, container security, containerization, Google Kubernetes

Google's Preemptible Offers Virtual Machine-for-Hire Service on the Cheap

Willing to sacrifice reliability to save some cash when it comes to server virtualization? Google's Compute Engine Preemptible service may -- or may not -- be your best bet.

Tags: Google, virtualization, server virtualization, virtually speaking, Google Compute Engine, Preemptible

CoreOS Advances Application Container Specification Effort

Apcera, Google, Red Hat and VMware are supporting CoreOS' application container specification effort, which extends the reach of containers beyond Docker.

Tags: Google, Red Hat, VMware, containers, docker, CoreOS, Apcera, application container specifications

Google Kubernetes Lands in OpenStack via Mirantis

Google's container clustering systems is being brought into the OpenStack cloud fold.

Tags: Google, Cloud, OpenStack, container, Mirantis, docker, OpenStack Cloud, Kubernetes, containerization

Public Cloud Options Beyond the Obvious

While companies like Amazon and Google seem to get all the attention when it comes to talk about public and hybrid clouds, there are plenty of other viable options as well.

Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, Google, Cloud, IBM, server virtualization, public cloud, hybrid cloud, virtually speaking, SoftLayer

Lenovo CEO Says IBM x86 Server Deal Will Close This Year

CEO Yang Yuanging said that despite U.S. security worries, its $2.3 billion proposal to buy IBM's server business will be approved by regulators.

Tags: Google, IBM, government IT, PC hardware, x86 servers, HP, Lenovo, data security, mobile devices, national security, Huawei, Motorola Mobility, zte corp.

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

Tags: Facebook, Windows, Google, Android, Microsoft, IBM, iPhone, smartphones, Apple, Intel, Dell, HP, Atom, servers, x86, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Lenovo, nVidia, Qualcomm, Paul Otellini, asus, hewlett-packard, tablets, data centers, mobile devices, Moore's Law, Marvell, CPUs, SoC, Linaro, Mobile World Congress, Foxconn, PCS, Calxeda, Chromebooks, surface RT, hyperscale, internet of things, Advanced Micro Devices, OEMs, Pund-IT, microservers, merrifield, eWEEK 30, IoT, Brian Krzanich, system-on-a-chip, Silvermont

Dell Sets Different Cloud Path Than HP, IBM

At Dell World, the vendor announces partnerships with Red Hat, Microsoft and Google, eschewing building its own public cloud.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Dell, HP, IT infrastructure, OpenStack

7 Enterprise Search Appliances That Can Save the Day

End your document management nightmares by finding an enterprise search appliance that fits your budget, your work style and your data volume.

Tags: Google, enterprise search, appliance

5 Steps to an Optimized Data Center

Follow the Google's data center efficiency model when designing, locating and equipping your own data center.
Tags: Top 10, Google, energy efficiency, power and cooling

Google Speeds Up the Web with Apache Web Server Module

Google exec details how new mod_pagespeed open source module accelerates web server traffic for Apache Web Server users and why Go Daddy's millions of users are going to get a speed boost as a result.
Tags: open source, Google, Apache, Go Daddy, apache web server

GoogleCL: Command-Line Googling

Google tools are useful. If you're an Ubuntu or Debian user, you can now get even more out of them with GoogleCL.
Tags: open source, command line, Google, Ubuntu, Debian

Inside Ten of the World's Largest Data Centers

In pictures, here is an inside look at ten of the world’s largest data centers.
Tags: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, server, data center

Greenpeace Warns of Data Center Emissions in Cloud Computing Set Ups

The environmental activist group is sounding an alarm about the carbon footprint created in the transition to cloud computing. It urges IT firms to opt for renewables when they open new data centers.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, carbon footprint, green IT, energy

Google's Custom Server is a Heavily Modified Apache Server

The Google Web Server (GWS) is a custom Google server that was originally built from open-source Apache code.
Tags: Google, server, Apache, web server, GWS

VMware Takes Aim at Microsoft and Shoots for the Cloud

Virtually Speaking: VMware's purchase of Zimbra further solidifies its cloud strategy and puts it in direct competition with Microsoft.
Tags: Google, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, VMware

Google vs. Microsoft -- You Say You Want a Revolution

OS Roundup: Google might paint itself as benevolent market leader, but make no mistake, it's following the playbook written in Redmond. And Microsoft's not about to give up so easily. With the hype for Chrome OS growing, expect things to get ugly -- fast.
Tags: Windows, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, OS

2009 Datacenter Recap, What to Expect in 2010

Many lessons in managing computer centers the size of a football field were learned this year. How much of that will stick in 2010?
Tags: Google, Microsoft, datacenter, Enterprise, supercomputer

A How-to Guide for Dumping That Pesky Exchange Server

Is your Exchange Server driving you around the bend? Fear not, from hosted Exchange services to cloud-based Outlook-compatible email services, options abound.
Tags: email, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, Exchange

Google Yourself

Cover Your Assets: Google is more than just a search engine. It also offers a buffet of business services.
Tags: Google, Google Apps, frugality

Why Chrome OS Will Fail and Google Will Not Take Over the World

OS Roundup: Much hype is building around Google's OS for the always-connected user on the go. Google's misread of its target market's needs, however, will likely be a shortcoming too big to overcome.
Tags: Google, iPhone, netbook, OS, Google Chrome

Linux in 2009, Recession vs. GNU

Advocates predict continued growth for open source in the coming year, yet nagging security worries may play a role as well.
Tags: Google, search, virtualization, Dell, AMD

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