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There's a New GNU fdisk in Town

The latest GNU fdisk is now in alpha. Not anywhere ready for production, but ready for the adventurous to take out for a spin.

Tags: open source tool, tip of the trade, GNU, alpha

A Look at the Compgen Bash Builtin

Linux and other Unix-type systems contain a wealth of features under the surface. Oftentimes, however, these features are non-obvious and hard to find. Compgen, a GNU Bash builtin that shows all possible completions, is one such feature.

Tags: Linux, open source tool, tip of the trade, bash, GNU

Recover and Preserve Data With GNU ddrescue

With GNU ddrescue you need never worry about the impact of optical media degradation on your data.
Tags: open source software, data protection, data managment, GNU, disk storage

Introduction to tmux: A GNU Screen Alternative

Need to run multiple sessions in the same terminal but aren't fond of screen? Consider tmux, open source software that offers Emacs and vi-style keybindings.
Tags: open source software, open source tool, tip of the trade, screen, GNU

Make GNU Screen Your Default Shell

GNU Screen is incredibly helpful, but like any tool, it must be running to be of use. Rather than starting a job and thinking, 'I wish I'd started Screen first,' why not configure Screen so it starts by default when you log in to your server? Here's how.
Tags: open source, open source tool, tip of the trade, screen, GNU

Hosting Controller Offers Linux-Based Web Host Control

The company has released HCnix a Linux/Unix based web hosting control panel.
Tags: Linux, web server, hosting, Web host, GNU

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