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Keep Configs Under Control With Etckeeper

Etckeeper makes it easy to keep your /etc directory and its related config files in a revision control system of your choice.

Tags: git, configuration management, Unix, Puppet

Get More Out of Git: Use Gist With Vim

If you use git to collaborate, you probably also know about Gist, a Pastebin-type service from Github. But did you also know, that if you're a Vim user you can get even more out of it with the script Gist.vim?
Tags: git, collaboration, open source software, vim

Unstaging Files in the Open Source Software, Git

Life may not come with an undo button, but fortunately open source software does. With the open source software, Git, it's all too easy to unintentionally commit a file. Fortunately, it's also easy to turn back time.
Tags: git, open source server, open source software

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