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2Q16 Global Server Revenues Decline to $13.4B

HPE continues to lead the server market in terms of revenue.

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Worldwide Server Sales Dip to $12.4B in 1Q16

Both IDC and Gartner are reporting a less than stellar start to 2016 for server vendors.

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Global Server Revenues Grow in the Third Quarter

IDC and Gartner provide reason for continued optimism in the server market.

Tags: server, servers, IDC, Gartner, Server Market, server revenue

Worldwide Server Revenues Top $13.5 Billion in 2Q15

HP holds the top spot again with Dell and IBM following behind.

Tags: IBM, Dell, HP, IDC, Gartner, Server Market, server revenue

Global Server Market Grew to $50.9 Billion in 2014

More servers were shipped in 2014 than ever before, with x86-based systems driving the growth.

Tags: x86 servers, servers, IDC, Gartner, Server Market, hyperscale

Third Quarter 2014 Server Revenues Rise

Reports from IDC and Gartner provide a hint of optimism as revenue and server unit shipments grow, thanks largely to the cloud.

Tags: HP, servers, IDC, Gartner, server revenue, server shipments

Data Centers Face Major Disruptions in Near Future: Gartner

From competition to changing workloads to tensions with China, significant changes are coming to data centers, the analysts say.

Tags: data storage, Intel, HP, servers, AMD, IT infrastructure, Gartner, Cisco Systems, data centers, enterprise networking, Flash Storage, SDN, ARM processors

HP, IBM Lead Weak Worldwide Server Market

Worldwide server market leader HP ended the quarter with $2.9 billion in revenue, for a total share of 25.5 percent worldwide, down 2.3 percent from a year earlier.

Tags: IBM, HP, Gartner, Server Market

IBM, HP Lead Weak Worldwide Server Market: Gartner

Worldwide server shipments grew 4 percent year-on-year, while revenue declined 3.8 percent from the second quarter of 2012.

Tags: IBM, HP, Gartner, Server Market

Taking Stock of the State of the Server Virtualization Market

The latest report from Gartner on the server virtualization infrastructure market reveals an interesting surprise or two.

Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, server virtualization, hypervisor, VMware, Gartner, virtually speaking

Server Market Continues to Decline in 2013

Both IDC and Gartner report shipment and revenue declines, though there are a few bright spots.

Tags: servers, IDC, Gartner, Server Market

Gartner: Server Shipments, Revenue Up in Third Quarter

The research firm says worldwide server shipments and revenues were up in the third quarter of 2011, driven primarily by Asia/Pacific and Eastern Europe.

Tags: Oracle, IBM, HP, Gartner, server shipment stats, server revenue

What, VMware Worry?

The virtualization kingpin has company in the Leaders' Quadrant of Gartner's x86 server virtualization Magic Quadrant. With Citrix and Microsoft in its square, shouldn't VMware be at least a little concerned?
Tags: Microsoft, Citrix, server virtualization, VMware, Gartner

Happy Birthday, IBM: Big Blue Turns 100 in June

IBM becomes a centenarian this month, a rare feat in an industry riddled with one-hit wonders and decade-old vendors that are considered venerable. How has this longstanding industry standard bearer kept pace with the times?
Tags: IBM, server hardware, IDC, Gartner, Server Market

Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?

Gartner sees cloud computing on its way to the Trough of Disillusionment, while IDC says cloud computing is the fastest growing IT segment.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, private cloud, IDC, Gartner

After the Server Virtualization Tipping Point

Six months ago, IDC said new virtual servers will exceed physical server purchases in 2010. This week, Gartner said only 25 percent of all server workloads will be in a virtual machines this year. Can both be correct? Dell hopes so.
Tags: Virtual Server Management, Dell, server virtualization, IDC, Gartner

Worldwide Server Hardware Shipments Up 23 Percent: Gartner

After a year of free-falling, server hardware sales are finally starting to rebound. While the numbers are good now, the industry is coming off a drop in sales in previous quarters. Which parts of the server industry are headed in the right direction?
Tags: IBM, Dell, HP, server hardware, Gartner

Getting Ediscovery to Work for You

Locating, securing and producing electronically stored information required in the discovery phase of litigation can be very time consuming and extremely expensive. The key is knowing ahead of time what to archive as well as what and when to delete. But how do you decide?
Tags: Gartner, eDiscovery, Storage

The Next Hurdle for Virtualization Technology

Virtually Speaking: As more enterprises buy into virtualization technology, the biggest performance hit may be coming from the applications themselves.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, server virtualization, VMware, Gartner

x86 Servers Lead Nascent Global Server Sales Resurgence

After a year of spiraling toward the ground, server sales may be pulling out of the dive, with x86 servers leading the pack. Revenue continued to fall, yet it's still progress.
Tags: IBM, x86 servers, HP, Gartner, blades

Virtualization Adoption on the Decline

Recent research reports show the rate of enterprises adopting virtualization is on the decline. Has the silver bullet misfired, or is something else happening here?
Tags: virtualization, IDC, Gartner

Server Market No Longer Circling the Drain

While year-over-year continues to look grim, quarter-to-quarter shows signs of improvement.
Tags: server, IT, stats, InternetNews.com, Gartner

Citrix Looks Beyond VDI

Virtually Speaking: Within two years, 60 percent of all desktops will be virtualized, according to Gartner. Citrix has six avenues to make this possible.
Tags: virtualization, Citrix, virtual desktop, Xen, Gartner

Gartner's Virtual Predictions

Gartner says only 16 percent of workloads are now running on virtual machines. It expects that figure to surge to 50 percent by 2012.
Tags: virtualization, Gartner

Virtualization and Y2K, a Cautionary Tale

Virtually Speaking: Think twice before you stick those legacy apps on a virtual machine and forget about them.
Tags: virtualization, Gartner, y2k, legacy apps

Second Quarter Server Sales Plummet 30 Percent

IDC and Gartner report a second quarter that was beyond dismal for server sales. Have we hit the bottom yet, and is there any light in this long, dark tunnel?
Tags: hardware, IDC, Gartner, server shipment stats

Tweet Among Yourselves

If the analysts are to be believed, Twitter is here to stay and will become increasingly pervasive in the months to come. Contrary to popular belief, there is business value in it. Learn how to get the most out of it while avoiding security pitfalls and other headaches.
Tags: security, Twitter, social networking, instant messaging, Gartner

Cloud Computing Buzz Reaches New Decibels

As social media and SOA approach mainstream adoption in the enterprise, the hype around cloud computing is reaching a fever pitch.
Tags: cloud computing, Gartner

VMware Opens New World with vSphere

Virtually Speaking: With vSphere, VMware heads for the cloud while keeping its feet firmly planted on data center ground. Will it offer both the vision and terra firma enterprises are seeking?
Tags: cloud computing, security, VMware, Gartner, vSphere

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