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Fedora 16 Goes Exploring With Verne

New Linux release embraces OpenStack and improved GNOME desktop.

Tags: Linux desktop, Gnome, Fedora, OpenStack

This Week's Linux Top 5: Groklaw, GNOME, KDE and More

Groklaw declares 'mission-accomplished', KDE and GNOME have some news of their own, Android stays open and more.
Tags: Android, Gnome, KDE, embedded operating system, linux top 5

Gnome-do: Open Source Software App Launcher

Gnome-do is an open source software solution to getting things done. The Gnome application launcher enables users to specify particular actions to take on whatever file or application they wish.
Tags: Linux desktop, Gnome, open source software, OS, tip of the trade

Graphical Disk Usage With Baobab

Tip of the Trade: If df and du are getting you down, consider Baobab. This graphical alternative, installed by default in most Gnome-based Linux distros, gives you a clear picture of your disk usage.
Tags: open source, Linux, Gnome

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