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Getting Started With Ipswitch's FTP Server -- WS_FTP Server 7.5

If you think the latest version of WS_FTP is the same FTP server it was a decade ago, think again. File transfer technology is more secure than ever before, and the FTP options introduced in version 7.5 make this latest version of WS_FTP Server worth serious consideration.
Tags: FTP, Windows Server, ftp server, WS FTP, file transfer

FTP Synchronize Syncs Server and Local Folder

This lightweight program automates the process of syncing data between the FTP server and a local directory.
Tags: software, FTP, web server, ftp server, file transfer

Jscape Announces New Version of Reverse Proxy

Jscape Reverse Proxy provides a lightweight product designed to allow internal documents to be accessible from the Internet.
Tags: server, FTP, proxy server, reverse proxy

Getting Started with Rhino Soft's FTP Server -- Serv-U 9.3

Windows shops will find much to like about this feature-rich FTP client-server duo, which can be installed as either an application or a service.
Tags: FTP, ftp server

Wing FTP Server 3.4.1 Available

Wing FTP Software has announced Wing FTP Server 3.4.1. offering a cross-platform and a new set of tools.
Tags: FTP, protocols, ftp server, Wing

RocketStream File Transfer Overcomes Network Latency

Proginet has announced its latest RocketStream file transfer acceleration suite.
Tags: server, FTP, Internet protocol, RocketStream

New WS_FTP Server Version Launched

Ipswitch makes file transfer easy with the new WS_FTP Server 7.5.
Tags: software, FTP, WS FTP, secure, transfer

Getting Started With EFT Server -- A More Secure FTP Server Option

The most recent version of EFT Server from GlobalScape takes the oxymoron out of secure FTP server.
Tags: review, FTP, ftp server, EFT server, globalscape

Getting Started With CrushFTP

This multiplatform FTP server delivers more than it says on the tin, yet still isn't quite all it could be.
Tags: FTP, ftp server, server review, crushftp

Microsoft Plugs IIS FTP Hole

A Security Advisory issued late Tuesday from Redmond warns users of a critical zero-day flaw in the FTP capability of older versions IIS Web server software.
Tags: security, FTP, web server, IIS, zero-day

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