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Put Virtual Machine Management to the Test (and Development)

Frugal Server Admin: Accelerate your testing and development efforts with the agile nature of virtual machine management.
Tags: testing tool, virtual machine, virtual machine management, frugality

Blade Server Reality Check

Frugal Server Admin: Are blade servers a panacea or just a pain? Here's what to expect when you're expecting blade servers in your datacenter.
Tags: datacenter, blade, blade servers, frugality, blade systems

Data Deduplication: A Tongue Twister Worth the Effort

Frugal Server Admin: From the Department of Redundancy Department, 'clean up your copies.' It's an easy way to save some cash.
Tags: deduplication, frugality, Storage

Is It Lights-Out for Your Data Center?

Cover Your Assets: A new data center trend might be your light at the end of the tunnel.
Tags: data center, data center management, frugality, lights out management

Creative Living Under Budget

Cover Your Assets: Does your 2010 budget have you seeing red? Living creatively under budget takes patience and creativity. Upgrading wisely, budgeting monthly and recycling willfully is one way to achieve this and find temporary refuge from this economic slump.
Tags: budgets, budget, asset management, frugality

When Frugality Hurts: The Pain of Cutting Resources to the Quick

Cover Your Assets: How do you know when you've trimmed too much budget, too much staff and consequently, too much profit? Because it hurts when you do that.
Tags: careers, frugality, staffing, staff management

When Security Is Too Much of a Good Thing

Cover Your Assets: Security is both necessary and good, but can it make your environment less usable? Single sign-on and virtual LANs are two options for securing your internal environment with minimal performance impact.
Tags: security, frugality, single sign-on, VLAN

Windows 7: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Cover Your Assets: Are you ready for Windows 7? Is Windows 7 ready for you?
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Windows 7, OS, frugality

Active Directory and the Heterogeneous Data Center

Cover Your Assets: Help for Active Directory integration for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X has arrived. Here are three products to aid you in the travail.
Tags: Windows, integration, Microsoft, Active Directory, frugality

The Frugal Side of Commercial Software

Cover Your Assets: Being frugal is more than just being cheap, it's being smart. Nowhere is this more the case than commercial software, where fewer options mean fewer excuses.
Tags: open source, frugality, commercial software

Opting for Open Source

Cover Your Assets: Open source software is all about freedom, but is the price of freedom too high?
Tags: open source, Linux, security, virtualization, frugality

Buying Commercial Software Just Got Easier

Cover Your Assets: Sometimes, buying commercial software costs an ounce of money and saves a pound of cash. Other times, rolling your own makes more sense.
Tags: open source, software, frugality, build vs. buy, home-grown

Why You Need a Fuller Data Center

Cover Your Assets: Do you really need all those servers? Could you do just as well with half of them, or as few as a third?
Tags: virtualization, data center, hardware, consolidation, frugality

Please Re-Lease Me and Let Me Serve Again

Put a new lease on that infrastructure and get a new leash on your finances.
Tags: hardware, economy, leasing, frugality

Google Yourself

Cover Your Assets: Google is more than just a search engine. It also offers a buffet of business services.
Tags: Google, Google Apps, frugality

The Journey to Virtual Freedom

Cover Your Assets: Head for the shores of virtualization's peaceful and freeing refuge.
Tags: virtualization, virtual machine, VMware, frugality

FreeNAS: Free and Snazzy Storage Solution

Cover Your Assets: The NAS in FreeNAS doesn't stand for Nice and Simple, but it could. Here's one DIY project that's too much of a cost savings -- in time and money -- to pass up.
Tags: NAS, NAS/SAN, frugality, Storage

You Can't Afford to Save This Much Money

Cover Your Assets: When you convert from a physical to a virtual infrastructure, is the money you save real or virtual?
Tags: virtualization, hardware, virtual machine, VMware, frugality

Webalizer: A Holistic Remedy

Cover Your Assets: The Webalizer is a handy marketing and technical tool, available for free.
Tags: Web, frugality, Web traffic

When Good Data Goes Bad

Cover Your Assets: Backup and Restore are major pain points for any business; ease yours inexpensively.
Tags: disk drives, backup, frugality, Storage

The Free Software Alternative

Cover Your Assets: Still using Microsoft Office 97 because you can't justify an upgrade? Check out the free alternatives to that and other commercial software.
Tags: open source, free software, Office, Open Office, frugality

5 Ways to Save Green by Going Green

Cover Your Assets: Are you having difficulty finding ways to 'go green'? Here are some simple tips to get you started.
Tags: green, cost management, frugality, power and cooling, energy

MacFrugal, It's My Way or the iWay

Cover Your Assets: Is buying a Mac for your business frugal or frivolous?
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, cost management, frugality

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