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Open Source FreeBSD 10 Takes on Virtualization

byhve debuts as the new FreeBSD virtualization hypervisor in the first major update for the server OS since early 2012.

Tags: open source, virtualization, Unix, server virtualization, FreeBSD, server os, server operating system

FreeBSD 9.0 Delivers More Power to Serve

Latest open source FreeBSD release provides new storage, security, networking features

Tags: FreeBSD

Getting Started With FreeBSD 8.1

FreeBSD may not be as popular or as well known as other operating systems, but that doesn't mean it's not reliable or robust enough for most enterprise tasks. See how it fares when taken out for a spin.
Tags: OS, review, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, server review

FreeBSD 8.1 Provides Evolutionary Open Source Software Upgrade

The next generation of the popular BSD operating system is now available, providing stability and performance gains for open source software users.
Tags: open source software, Unix server, OS, ZFS, FreeBSD

iXsystems Donates Hardware for Open-Source Server Community

The company has donated new server hardware for the FreeBSD Project's Quality Assurance Tinderbox.
Tags: server, server hardware, FreeBSD, Open-source Server

FreeBSD Shines While Apple Fails

OS Roundup: FreeBSD's response to a recent bug presents a sharp contrast to how Apple handles similar issues.
Tags: iPhone, Apple, Mac OS X, Mac OS, FreeBSD

FreeBSD 8 to Receive New Routing Architecture

The next FreeBSD release will feature a major routing rewrite for parallel power.
Tags: open source, OS, FreeBSD

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