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Fedora 25 Linux Enters Beta Release

New server, security and desktop capabilities land in Red Hat's community Linux distribution.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, servers, Linux server, server os, Fedora Server, Fedora Linux, Fedora 25

Fedora 23 Linux Secures Servers and the Cloud

The latest milestone release of Red Hat's community Linux distribution improves workstation, server and cloud capabilities, with new container creation capabilities coming in Fedora 24.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, Fedora, Linux server, Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, Fedora Cloud, Fedora 23, Fedora 24

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack 6 Previews TripleO

The new release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform includes OpenStack-on-OpenStack (TripleO), which will let clouds deploy and build other clouds.

Tags: Hadoop, cloud computing, Red Hat, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, Juno

Fedora 21 Retools Linux for Servers

The first release of Red Hat's community Linux project in 2014 provides server, cloud and workstation-focused products.

Tags: Linux, Fedora, servers, Linux server, containers, Fedora 21, containerization

Building Linux Distributions That Aren't Boring [VIDEO]

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller discusses why Linux has become boring to some and his plan to change that perception.

Tags: open source, Linux, Fedora, Linux server, Linux Distributions, Linux Distro, Fedora Project

AMD Demos x86 APU Server Running Fedora Linux

The chip maker is looking to show the strength of the software ecosystem around heterogeneous computing processing.

Tags: open source, Linux, CPU, processors, Red Hat, x86 servers, Fedora, AMD, IT infrastructure, GPU, SoC, application developers

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server OS Arrives in Beta

Red Hat customers can finally get their hands on an early version of the company's next-generation server operating system platform.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, server os, RHEL 7, Fedora 19, RHEL 6.5, Red Hat 7

Dell to Demo 64-Bit ARM-Based 'Copper' Server

The system maker will show off the server during ARM's TechCon event, where much of the attention will be ARM technology in the data center.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Dell, HP, Fedora, servers, SoC, ARM processors, microservers

Fedora Linux 20 Gears Up to Be a Big Data Server

Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux set to integrate Hadoop in upcoming release.

Tags: Hadoop, Linux, JBoss, Red Hat, Fedora, ARM, WildFly, Fedora 20

Fedora Linux Set to Flock Forward [VIDEO]

Fedora 19 is now out of the box as the Fedora Project Leader explains how the community Linux project will progress for Fedora 20 and beyond.

Tags: PHP 5, Linux, Fedora, servers, Linux server, server os, Fedora 19, PHP 5.5

Fedora 19 Beta Brings Schrodinger's Cat to Linux Servers

New Linux release will give server admins lots to think about.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Fedora, servers, Linux server, hybrid cloud, Server Administrator, Fedora 19

Fedora Project Picks ARM Servers for Compute Deployment

A new compute cluster for the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project gives ARM processors bragging rights over Intel.

Tags: Linux, datacenter, data center, Fedora, ARM, Linux server, ARM server, ARM processors, compute

Fedora 18 Linux Improves Installation and Virtualization

New installation experience complements enhanced server virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Fedora, server virtualization, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, Fedora 18

New SUSE Manager Improves Linux Server Control

SUSE leverages tech from the Red Hat-led Spacewalk effort to improve server management.

Tags: Fedora, SUSE, SUSE Linux, openSUSE, SUSE Gallery, OpenStack

Red Hat: Linux on ARM Is No Joke

The Linux vendor is putting serious effort into enabling Linux for ARM.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, ARM, Linux server, ARM server

The Future of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Red Hat reveals what the next generation of enterprise servers running Linux will likely include.

Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL 7

Fedora 17 Brings a Beefy Miracle to Linux

Cloud, more cloud and lots of "beef" in latest Linux distro.

Tags: Linux, Fedora, Linux server, linux os, server os

Fedora 16 Goes Exploring With Verne

New Linux release embraces OpenStack and improved GNOME desktop.

Tags: Linux desktop, Gnome, Fedora, OpenStack

5 Tips for Managing RPMs

Fedora or RHEL users working with RPMs will find these 5 little-known features to be of great value.
Tags: open source software, open source tool, Fedora, RHEL, tip of the trade

Fedora 15 Spins Custom Linux Distros

Customized versions of Fedora 15 for security, gaming and different desktops will debut alongside the general-purpose release.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, spins, LZMA

Managing Yum Plugins

Yum is one of the most widely used package management tools, but many users don't know that Yum has a plugin system to extend its capabilities. Learn how to add some very useful features by extending this open source tool.
Tags: Linux, open source software, open source tool, Fedora, tip of the trade

Virtualization Looms Large for Windows Server 2008, Fedora Updates

Virtualization and cloud were key components of two recent OS releases: Fedora Linux 14 and Windows Server 2008 SP1. Suddenly, the OS isn't such a dinosaur after all.
Tags: Fedora, server virtualization, hypervisor, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, desktop virtualization

Red Hat Fedora 13 In-Depth

Ext4 is the default filesystem, NFSv4 is the default NFS protocol version, and NFSv4 is now supported over IPv6.
Tags: Red Hat, enterprise linux, Fedora

Fedora Beta to Offer Replacement for Exchange Server Messaging

Fedora plans to launch the beta of a thirteenth version of a product on the thirteenth of the month. The date may be unlucky, but the beta has numerous tweaks and features.
Tags: Fedora, open-source, Exchange server, Zarafa

Fedora's Leonidas, Hardly a Spartan Linux

Fedora 11, the latest Red Hat community Linux, is speedier than its predecessor and offers a variety of virtualization features.
Tags: open source, Linux, Red Hat, Fedora, OS

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