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NEC Servers Buyer's Guide

The introduction of gen six of NEC's scalable, fault-tolerant server helped make 2010 its best year in the IT Platform business in the United States in half a decade. See what the server hardware vendor has to offer.
Tags: virtualization, NEC, buyer's guide, Fault Tolerant, blade server

NEC Adds Hyper-V Fault Tolerance

NEC's FT Express5800 can now run Hyper-V, providing a new fault-tolerant virtualization environment for Windows shops. Can virtualized mission-critical apps be far behind?
Tags: server virtualization, Hyper-V, NEC, VMware, Fault Tolerant

Fault-Tolerant Hardware for Virtual Servers

Vendors continue to push fault-tolerant hardware for server virtualization but virtualization architects have yet to migrate.
Tags: virtual server, Virtual Server Management, server virtualization, fault-tolerant, Fault Tolerant

NEC Fault Tolerant Servers Provide VMware Support

The NEC FT server series can now deliver continuous VMware processing and availability in the event of outages.
Tags: server, VMware, Fault Tolerant

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