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Fedora 18 Linux Improves Installation and Virtualization

New installation experience complements enhanced server virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Fedora, server virtualization, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, Fedora 18

Eucalyptus and Mellanox Partner to Smooth Cloud Deployments

Having lined up its ducks on the software side, Eucalyptus is looking to tackle cloud infrastructures -- and IT workers' cloud deployment fears -- by partnering with Mellanox.

Tags: AWS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud, migration, Eucalyptus, Mellanox, Cloud Migration, Cloud Infrastructure

Eucalyptus 3.0 Advances Private Cloud Availability

Open source cloud platform adds high availability features

Tags: Eucalyptus

KVM Adoption Isn't All About Commercial Support

The Planet rolls out a new cloud hosting service based on Linux KVM virtualization, but neither Red Hat nor Ubuntu are making any money from it -– yet.
Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, open source software, KVM, Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition Supports Microsoft VM

Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 includes support for Windows virtual machines.
Tags: Cloud, virtual machine, VM, Eucalyptus

Build You Own Cloud with Open-Source Ubuntu Enterprise

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is integrated with the open-source Eucalyptus private cloud platform.
Tags: Ubuntu, open-source, Eucalyptus, enterprise cloud

Former MySQL CEO moves to the Cloud

Marten Mick moves to Eucalyptus Systems, providers of the open-source Eucalyptus cloud framework.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, Open-source Server, Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Enterprise Server Hits 15,000 Download per Month

Open source Eucalyptus Enterprise Server download numbers increase since the Ubuntu 9.10 release.
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