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Nginx Plus 6 Improves Web Server High-Availability

Building on the open-source NGINX 1.7.11 update, the new Nginx Plus enterprise release provides organizations with improved tools.

Tags: open source, high availability, Enterprise, web server, Nginx, Nginx Web server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Delivers Precision Timing

Red Hat's new enterprise Linux release debuts with new security, virtualization and time-keeping features.

Tags: Linux, security, virtualization, Red Hat, Enterprise, RHEL 6.5, precision timing, Precision Timing Protocol, Network Timing Protocol

Server Review: HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Blade Server

In need of the perfect building block for workloads like storage and compute clustering that need multiple physical servers? HP has you covered with its latest half-height blade server.

Tags: blade servers, HP, servers, Enterprise, server review, blade server, ProLiant, hp gen8, ProLiant Gen8 server, Gen8

New Nginx Plus Web Server Navigates Commercial Waters

Nginx is setting its sights on enterprises with a new all-in-one bundle of its popular open source web server that delivers commercial-grade features.

Tags: open source, Enterprise, web server, web servers, Nginx

HP Builds Enterprise Features into New Gen8 MicroServer

While cost may be the biggest driver for the entry-level server market, ease of configuration and management can pay big dividends, as HP's new Gen8 MicroServer shows.

Tags: HP, servers, Enterprise, server review, MicroServer, hp gen8, Gen8, microservers

Red Hat Previews OpenStack Folsom Enterprise Cloud Release

The Linux vendor rebases its enterprise cloud distribution with preliminary support for Folsom.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, Enterprise, OpenStack, Folsom, OpenStack Folsom

Survey: 98% Enterprise Respondents Use Open Source Software

The survey also indicated that most had a satisfaction level between 7 and 8 out of ten with open source software.
Tags: open source software, Enterprise, open source servers

XenDesktop Achieves Enterprise-Ready Virtualization Status

The XenDesktop 4 Platinum Edition Suite meets Burton Group's server hosted virtual desktop (SHVD) evaluation criteria.
Tags: virtualization, Enterprise, Desktop Virtualization Technologies, XenDesktop

Data Center Servers Need Energy Star Rating

EPA standards failed to include a major energy hog in data centers: the data storage server.
Tags: server, data center, Enterprise, EPA, Energy Star Rating

Preparing for Enterprise Server Growth

Enterprises need an accurate snapshot of how much capacity is available and to predict how systems will respond to future business growth.
Tags: server, server management, Enterprise, Server Growth

A New Role For the Enterprise Server

Remember when an enterprise server simply processed data?
Tags: server, networks, Enterprise, Storage

PHD Announces Citrix XenServer Investment

The company has signed an investment agreement with Citrix in the server virtualization market.
Tags: server, Citrix, server virtualization, Enterprise, XenServer

Move Virtualized Server Applications Across Data Centers

AppZero 4.5 lets groups of virtualized server applications to be 'scooped and moved' across the data center and cloud.
Tags: Cloud, data center, Virtualized Server, Enterprise, Server Applications

Juniper Unveils Software to Automate Data Center Management

The company has announced new software to improve the automated management and support of enterprise and data center networks.
Tags: data center, data center management, Enterprise

New Kapow Enterprise Web Data Server Announced

The company has announced availability of Kapow Web Data Server 7.2 for enterprise users.
Tags: server, Enterprise, web server, data server

The Next Step in Enterprise Virtualization

Enterprise virtualization technology is in high demand with infrastructure-as-a-service or virtualization-as-a-service announcements expected.
Tags: virtualization, data center, server virtualization, Enterprise

Microsoft , Oracle Share Enterprise Cloud Views

At the Cloud Computing Expo, Microsoft and Oracle Execs shared different enterprise cloud visions.
Tags: Oracle, cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, Enterprise

Server Virtualization Trends for Midsize Enterprise

Reports from the Midsize Enterprise Summit indicate that CIOs are interested in server virtualization.
Tags: server, server virtualization, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Enterprise Clouds: Switch or Niche?

The future of cloud adoption will depend less on technology involved and more on economic factors.
Tags: cloud computing, Enterprise, enterprise cloud

SGI Announces the InfiniteStorage Server 3500

SGI has released InfiniteStorage Server 3500, a fully integrated storage server that offers high density and power efficiency.
Tags: server, Enterprise, protocols, SGI, HPC

DOD Looks for E-mail in the Cloud

The Army's new enterprise messaging and collaboration plan includes cloud computing model.
Tags: Cloud, Enterprise, e-Mail, E-mail server, DoD

Better Data Center Management With Cisco 3.0 Refresh

Cisco's USC server upgrade is a part of the company's Data Center 3.0 lineup.
Tags: data center management, Cisco, Enterprise

IBM PureScale Links Servers, Software

IBM's pureScale Application System marks another round in the company's battle with Oracle.
Tags: server, Enterprise, IBM pureScale

Testing Enterprise Public Clouds

The benefits of public clouds are obvious, but what about the pitfalls?
Tags: security, Cloud, server, Enterprise, public cloud

Symbian Foundation Builds Private Cloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Symbian Foundation has adopted Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Tags: Linux, Red Hat, private cloud, Enterprise, Symbian

Evaluate Data Center Management and Performance

When it comes to data canter management topics, how does one rate high-performance?
Tags: data center management, Enterprise, server power, server utilization, efficient data center

A Look at Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Desktop virtualization technologies are becoming more common in the enterprise, but is this a viable technology?
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, hardware, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Voddler Standardizes on Red Hat Virtualization Technologies

Voddler has announced that it has standardized its movie service on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
Tags: virtualization technologies, Red Hat, Enterprise, Red Hat Network Satellite

BigFix Licenses Neocleus Virtualization Technologies

The new technology licensing agreement enables BigFix to deliver Neocleus' client virtualization technologies.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technologies, Enterprise, Unified Management Platform

Data Center Management Software Tracks Unmetered Equipment

Sentilla has launched the newest version of its data center management energy technology solution.
Tags: software, data center management, Enterprise, green IT, energy consumption

Server Consolidation Barriers

How to embrace virtualization without busting the budget.
Tags: cloud computing, hardware, Enterprise, server consolidation

Keeping the Zeus Botnet Out of Your Enterprise

Zeus is old, but the more than 70,000 unique variants is still good at stealing credentials.
Tags: security, SSL, botnet, Enterprise, Zeus

Virtualization Issues: People, Process, and Technology

Enterprises faces a number of challenges when adopting a large-scale virtualization solution.
Tags: virtualization, IT, Enterprise, technology, adoption

Securing a Virtualized Server

Server virtualization is a hot topic for data centers as enterprises, but don't forget the security implications.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtual server, Enterprise

Enterprises Support Private Clouds

Enterprises are not ready to tap in to public clouds, but many are experimenting with private cloud computing.
Tags: security, Cloud, private cloud, Enterprise

Mobile Apps Invade the Enterprise

Enterprise-friendly servers and security controls help control third-party mobile apps.
Tags: security, server, mobile, applications, Enterprise

Insider Software Releases FontAgent Pro Server 4

FontAgent Pro Server 4 is an upgrade to Insider Software's enterprise font management server.
Tags: server, Enterprise, upgrade, font server

Dell: Virtualization and Cloud Computing on same Continuum

Dell's Enterprise Product Group CTO talks about virtualization, cloud computing, and the efficient enterprise.
Tags: cloud computing, server, virtualization, Enterprise

Kerio Connect Links Servers Supports Distributed Domain System

The new Kerio Connect 7 messaging server now gives customers the option to link standalone servers into a single distributed domain system.
Tags: server, collaboration, Enterprise, messaging server, Distributed Domain System

Dell Plans Stripped Down CloudEdge Servers

Dell plans to launch a line of stripped down CloudEdge servers for Web giants such as Yahoo and Facebook.
Tags: Dell, private cloud, servers, Enterprise, CloudEdge

AMD CEO Targets 2010 Growth in Mobile, Servers

With its troubles and foundries behind it, AMD seeks growth in areas Intel has been mining for years.
Tags: mobile, Intel, AMD, Enterprise, sales

2009 Datacenter Recap, What to Expect in 2010

Many lessons in managing computer centers the size of a football field were learned this year. How much of that will stick in 2010?
Tags: Google, Microsoft, datacenter, Enterprise, supercomputer

Dell Continues to Rise

Server Snapshot: Dell has pushed Sun out of the No. 3 server spot. Given the OEM's new array of products, will it be long before Dell's ascendancy places it at IBM's and HP's backs?
Tags: Dell, hardware, Enterprise, server snapshot

Pragma Fortress SSH Certified for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Pragma's SSH software became the first to be certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
Tags: Windows, Microsoft, Enterprise, SSH

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