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Tape vs. Disk: Tape Refuses to be Evicted

Like a tenant who refuses to be evicted from an area earmarked for redevelopment, tape is alive and kicking. When it comes to long-term backup retention and archiving, it is holding its own against dedupe — especially among large enterprises.
Tags: deduplication, disk drives, tape, Storage

5 Simple Changes to Reduce Hard Drive Failures

Too hot makes for better reliability than too cold, brand new disks should be kept away from disks already in production and three other tips that may surprise you.
Tags: disk drives, high availability, disk failure, Storage

Brace Yourself for the SSD Revolution

Solid state drives are poised to sweep away a large percentage of conventional hard drives in servers and enterprise storage devices.
Tags: SSD, disk drives, Storage

When Good Data Goes Bad

Cover Your Assets: Backup and Restore are major pain points for any business; ease yours inexpensively.
Tags: disk drives, backup, frugality, Storage

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