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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2013 R2 Released

The software company's desktop virtualization and management suite is updated to support Windows 8.1 and receives file sync improvements.

Tags: Microsoft, management, desktop virtualization, Office 2013, Windows 8.1

A Primer for Scheduling Cron Jobs in Linux

The syntax for scheduling Cron jobs isn't the easiest to use or remember, but here are some helpful tips for getting up to speed with and utilizing Cron jobs.

Tags: Linux, Windows, virtualization, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cron, cron job

How to Run Virtual Desktops in Windows

Virtual desktops aren't the sole province of Linux and Unix users. Discover some of the better Windows virtual desktop solutions currently available.

Tags: Linux, Windows, virtualization, server virtualization, desktop virtualization

Dell Pursues Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops With Wyse Buy

Dell buys desktop virtualization specialist Wyse Technologies in a bid to boost data center sales and expand its cloud VDI business.

Tags: cloud computing, Dell, desktop virtualization, Wyse

Dell Enlists 12G Servers, the Cloud for VDI Refresh

Dell refreshes its virtual desktop portfolio with a new appliance, a 12G PowerEdge-powered enterprise option and a cloud-based offering.

Tags: Dell, desktop virtualization, VDI, dell servers

2012: The Year VDI Transforms to IDV

VDI has yet to capture the mainstream, but Virtual Computer has a plan -- flip the technology around. It believes Intelligent Desktop Virtualization,  or IDV, carries many of the benefits of VDI with few  of the disadvantages. Will enterprises bite?

Tags: desktop virtualization, Xen, VDI

VMware Extends View Virtual Desktop Clients to Mac, Linux

Aiming to help IT organizations make their virtual desktop infrastructure more flexible, VMware has released a "technology preview" of its View client for Mac OS X Lion, and has promised similar previews of clients for Ubuntu Linux and the Kindle Fire in coming weeks.

Tags: VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI

VDI Isn't Just for Desktops

While the 'D' in VDI stands for Desktops, VDI is now being used to deliver services in innovative new ways, like virtual ATMs.

Tags: desktop virtualization, VDI, ATM

Wanova Pitches New Approach to VDI With Image Centralization

Startup backs desktop virtualization approach that departs from traditional VDI deployments.

Tags: virtualization, desktop virtualization, VDI

VDI: The 'Other' Virtualization Technology

Unlike server virtualization, desktop virtualization, aka VDI, has been a hard sell for enterprises due largely to its high upfront costs. Still, VDI offers many benefits. Do they outweigh the costs?

Tags: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI, Quest

The iPad, Saving VDI One Tablet at a Time

VDI, despite its lengthier history, has yet to gain the traction that server virtualization has. End-user owned devices, such as iPads and other tablets, just might give provide the nudge needed to win over acceptance from employees and employers alike.

Tags: iPad, Citrix, tablet, Thin clients, VMware, desktop virtualization, VDI

Virsto Angling for Storage Efficiencies in Server, Desktop Virtual Environments

The four-year-old startup insists that the rise of virtual computing demands new virtual storage architecture.

Tags: virtual storage, desktop virtualization, startup, Storage

Pano Logic Touts Turnkey Desktop Virtualization

Five-year-old firm looks to help enterprises improve security and lower costs while reducing VDI complexity.

Tags: desktop virtualization, VDI, Pano Logic

5 VDI Alternatives You Can Implement Now

Are you looking to save money on desktop support but not ready to bankroll a VDI solution? These 5 alternatives will save you money and provide the centralized management that you need.

Tags: virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI

NComputing's L300: Exploring the Server and Client Side of VDI

NComputing's L300 ties VDI into a nice neat package. Learn how to get your servers and clients up and running in a jiffy.

Tags: Thin clients, desktop virtualization, VDI, Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Mission-Critical Virtualization

Is virtualization technology mature enough to handle your mission-critical applications. Not surprisingly, VMware thinks so. It's reasoning might not be what you think.
Tags: server virtualization, VMware, desktop virtualization, mission-critical, hybrid cloud

Does Virtualization Deliver on Its Promise?

A recent survey from Symantec found that for many respondents, virtualization fell short of expectations. Why? The technology underpinnings of some flavors of virtualization aren't quite there yet.
Tags: storage virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, hybrid cloud

Pano Logic Updates Zero-Client Virtual Desktop

Pano Logic 4 adds new hardware and VDI management to the company's zero-client (not a thin client) release -- but some silicon remains.
Tags: virtualization technology, thin client, desktop virtualization, XenDesktop, Pano

Virtualization Technology Moves Forward As New Year Begins

With VMware's stock soaring to new heights, the future continues to look bright for virtualization. It's 2011 and virtualization no longer means just servers -- a recent CDW report finds desktop virtualization deployments on the rise.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware, desktop virtualization, CDW

Cisco Takes Aim at the Virtual Desktop

Virtualization Experience Infrastructure is set to deliver a virtual desktop with new partnerships and technologies.
Tags: cloud computing, Citrix, Cisco, VMware, desktop virtualization

Virtualization Looms Large for Windows Server 2008, Fedora Updates

Virtualization and cloud were key components of two recent OS releases: Fedora Linux 14 and Windows Server 2008 SP1. Suddenly, the OS isn't such a dinosaur after all.
Tags: Fedora, server virtualization, hypervisor, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, desktop virtualization

Desktop Virtualization for Remote Workers

VDI provides valuable benefits to mobile employees.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments

The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtualization technologies, server virtualization, government, desktop virtualization

Implementing The Right VDI Strategy

A good virtual desktop strategy should focus on following the end user from device to device.
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, desktop virtualization, VDI

Latest Sun Ray Shines Light on a Virtual Oracle

Virtually Speaking: Following on its recent release of VirtualBox, Oracle is now refreshing the Sun Ray client and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, desktop virtualization, virtualbox

VMware Renovates Desktop Virtualization Technologies

The company has optimized Workstation 7.1 and added new hypervisor tweaks.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual machine, VMware, desktop virtualization

Server Virtualization Trends for Midsize Enterprise

Reports from the Midsize Enterprise Summit indicate that CIOs are interested in server virtualization.
Tags: server, server virtualization, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Microsoft, Citrix Virtualization Technologies Take Aim at VMware View

Virtually Speaking: Microsoft and Citrix combine their virtualization technologies to beat VMware on the desktop, and Microsoft revises its licensing.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization technologies, Citrix, desktop virtualization, VDI

A Look at Desktop Virtualization Technologies

Desktop virtualization technologies are becoming more common in the enterprise, but is this a viable technology?
Tags: virtualization technologies, data center, hardware, Enterprise, desktop virtualization

Fujitsu to Produce Zero Client Desktop Virtualization Monitor

Fujitsu has teamed up with Pano Logic on the 'zero client' approach to desktop virtualization.
Tags: virtual, desktop virtualization, Pano, zero client

Desktop Virtualization Dominance, the VMware Way

Virtually Speaking: With an acquisition, a maintenance release and a significant upgrade planned for later this year, VMware is gunning full throttle for the desktop virtualization market. But it's not the only vendor with desktop virtualization in its cross-hairs.
Tags: virtualization, VMware, desktop virtualization

Sun's VirtualBox Revs, Perhaps for the Last Time

Virtually Speaking: Sun just updated its virtual desktop software, VirtualBox, but Oracle's post-acquisition jaws of death loom large.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, desktop virtualization, virtual box

All Eyes Return to the Virtual Desktop

Virtually Speaking: VMware is expressing renewed interest in the virtual desktop. Microsoft has arrived there, and Xen is increasing its presence.
Tags: virtualization, Citrix, VMware, desktop virtualization, Xen

Windows 7's Virtual Impact

Virtually Speaking: With IT budgets still in the dumper, the virtual desktop may give Windows 7 a sizable boost. VMware Workstation 7 is being positioned accordingly.
Tags: operating system, virtualization, Windows 7, VMware, desktop virtualization

VMware's Mac Users Get an (in)Fusion

Virtually Speaking: In the face of Windows 7's approaching official release date and Snow Leopard's recent release, VMware Tuesday unveiled a new version of its desktop virtualization environment for Macs. Is it the glue to a heterogeneous client environment?
Tags: Apple, Fusion, VMware, desktop virtualization, Mac OS X

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