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What 23,000 Attendees Took Away From VMworld 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Perhaps the biggest news at the conference was that IBM Cloud became the first partner to use and help sell VMware's Cross-Cloud Architecture.

Tags: Michael Dell, Virtualization Experience Infrastructure, VMware, Dell, VMworld, EMC, Pat Gelsinger

ContainerX Continues to Evolve at Lightning Speed

2016 is shaping up to be the year that many innovative new container management platforms enter General Availability, ContainerX included.

Tags: security, Apple, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, virtualization, Dell, Open Container Initiative, container management, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, ContainerX, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, VMware vSphere 6, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Triton

Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon

Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

Tags: security, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, cloud computing, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, EMC, Dell, Open Container Initiative, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, Docker Swarm Mode, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Apple

Container Security Stepping Up to the Plate

The recent launch of Docker Security Scanning is just the latest sign that the security ecosystem around containers is getting stronger by the week.

Tags: Apple, VMware vSphere, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, cloud computing, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, virtualization, EMC, Dell, Open Container Initiative, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, public cloud, security

The True Titan of the Virtualized Server and Cloud Infrastructure Sector

With much of server virtualization now operating in the cloud, one might assume VMware is the top banana in the cloud, but that isn't even close to being the case.

Tags: server virtualization market, virtualized servers, Cloud Infrastructure, Virtualized Server, Dell, VMware, Amazon, Cloud, virtualization, server virtualization

Dell Brings Water-Cooling System to Hyperscale Data Centers

The company is collaborating with Intel to develop the Triton solution, which is aimed at scale-out data center environments.

Tags: Intel Processors, water cooling, Hyperscale computing, data center infrastructure, eBay, Dell

VMware Earnings Indicate There's More Room for Growth

First-quarter net income was $161 million, down from $196 million a year ago. Total revenue was $1.6 billion, which was up 6 percent.

Tags: Virtualization Management, Dell, VMware, EMC, earnings report

Dell Adds to Hyperconverged Portfolio, Plans to Resell EMC Appliances

The new offerings and resale plans are the latest moves by a major systems OEM in an increasingly competitive part of the data center market.

Tags: VMware, EMC, Dell, data center infrastructure, VCE, hyperconverged infrastructure

VMware Shifting Focus in Preparation for Life Under Dell

Just how different will server virtualization pioneer VMware look in the aftermath of Dell becoming its new master?

Tags: vRealize, EMC, virtualization, Cloud, cloud computing, VMware, hypervisor, Hyper-V, server virtualization, virtually speaking, VMware vSphere, Dell, Virtual SAN, hypervisors, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vCloud Air, VMware vSphere 6

Hyperscale Environments Pressure Server OEMs

The Googles, Facebooks and Amazons of the world are buying a lot of servers, and many of them are coming from smaller ODMs.

Tags: hyperscale data centers, ODMs, HPE, servers, Dell, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Lenovo

Dell Acquisition Clouding VMware's Future Prospects

VMware finds itself in a somewhat precarious and rather unexpected position as the proposed acquisition by Dell hasn't progressed quite as smoothly as hoped.

Tags: vRealize, docker, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere, Dell, virtually speaking, server virtualization, VMware, virtualization, EMC, containers

VMware Backs Out of Virtustream Joint Venture Deal With EMC

The proposal to create a jointly owned cloud services business drew the ire of VMware investors worried it would further erode the company's stock.

Tags: Virtustream, VMware, data storage, Dell, EMC, IT management, cloud services

Dell Brings Hyperscale Units Under Single Organization

The vendor is creating the Extreme Scale Infrastructure group to house its businesses that cater to an array of hyperscale organizations.

Tags: data center infrastructure, Google, Facebook, Dell, HP, hyperscale architecture, telecommunications carriers, HPE

HPE Enters Composable Infrastructure Space With Synergy

The vendor joins Cisco, Intel and others in offering highly agile, configurable infrastructures that can run both traditional and cloud workloads.

Tags: composable infrastructure, HPE, enterprise networking, Dell, processors, Cisco Systems, data storage, Intel, servers

VMware Takes the Wraps Off vRealize Automation and vRealize Business

In the wake of Dell's proposed acquisition of EMC, it's simply business as usual for VMware -- for the moment at least.

Tags: vRealize, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere, EMC, virtually speaking, Dell, server virtualization, VMware, virtualization, containers

Dell's PowerEdge R230 Delivers for SMB Customers

While the server 1U form factor almost always leads to limitations on disk, CPU and memory, Dell is looking to change that in a big way with the new PowerEdge R230.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge Server, rackmount, server review, server, Dell, server hardware, Dell PowerEdge

The Future of the EMC Federation

VMware has moved far beyond what it was when acquired by EMC in 2004, creating questions for VMware's future as well as that of EMC and the EMC Federation.

Tags: containers, EMC, virtualization, VMware, server virtualization, Dell, virtually speaking, VMware vSphere, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, EMC Federation, VMware vSphere 6

Worldwide Server Revenues Top $13.5 Billion in 2Q15

HP holds the top spot again with Dell and IBM following behind.

Tags: IBM, Server Market, server revenue, Gartner, HP, IDC, Dell

Dell's FX2s with the PowerEdge FC630 Packs Four Nodes into 2U

In need of a versatile building block capable of handling just about anything you want to throw at it? Check out what's essentially a cluster in a box from Dell.

Tags: Dell, server review, PowerEdge, PowerEdge FX, Dell FX2, dell servers

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Tags: Cloud, server hardware, servers, Dell, Engineered Systems, cloud servers, Cloud server, OpenStack

Cavium, Canonical Demo OpenStack Running on ARM-Based Servers

At the OpenStack Summit, the companies show a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ThunderX SoCs running OpenStack, Ubuntu and various workloads.

Tags: Intel, cloud computing, Linux, Lenovo, HP, x86 servers, Dell, OpenStack, Cavium, open-source software, ARM processors, canonical ubuntu

Dell Aims Four-Socket R930 Server at Unix Market

Company officials say the newest PowerEdge server will give organizations an alternative to Unix servers from the likes of HP, IBM and Oracle.

Tags: x86 servers, Unix server, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Intel, data storage, database, In-memory database, IBM, Oracle, SSDs

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

Tags: datacenter, servers, server review, data center, Dell, PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge, server hardware, Windows Server 2012, VMware, Windows Server

Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Tags: Mirantis, AT&T, OpenStack, IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co., IPO, SUSE, Canonical, Cisco, Dell, Red Hat, Intel, Cloud, Piston Cloud Computing, open source, Linux

Dell Ups Its Game with the New T630 Tower Server

In conjunction with the release of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, Dell has rolled out a portfolio of new servers that includes the PowerEdge T630.

Tags: storage server, Windows Server, server hardware, servers, server review, Dell, data center, Intel Xeon, datacenter, Haswell, Haswell processors

Lenovo Deal for IBM x86 Servers Gets OK From China

The Chinese government's anti-monopoly agency approves the $2.3 billion deal, which is still getting reviewed by U.S. regulators.

Tags: PC hardware, IBM, IT management, government IT, data security, Lenovo, NSA spying, x86 servers, HP, zte, Dell, Huawei, national security, Cisco Systems

Two Tower Servers that Won't Tank Your Budget

What can you do with a low-end budget server? In the case of two systems from Dell and Lenovo, the answer is quite a lot.

Tags: Dell, servers, Lenovo, ThinkServer, PowerEdge, tower, Dell PowerEdge, lenovo thinkserver

Lenovo: No Pay Cuts After IBM Server Deal Closes

Lenovo looks to assure striking Chinese workers that the company will not slash wages or benefits once it takes over IBM's x86 server business.

Tags: IT management, Dell, IBM, HP, IT infrastructure, PC hardware, x86 servers, Lenovo

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

Tags: Facebook, Windows, Google, Android, Microsoft, iPhone, smartphones, Intel, Dell, Calxeda, Chromebooks, Advanced Micro Devices, OEMs, microservers, hyperscale, internet of things, surface RT, Pund-IT, eWEEK 30, IoT, merrifield, Brian Krzanich, system-on-a-chip, Silvermont, data centers, mobile devices, Moore's Law, Marvell, CPUs, SoC, Linaro, Mobile World Congress, Foxconn, IBM, Apple, PCS, x86, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Lenovo, nVidia, Qualcomm, Paul Otellini, asus, hewlett-packard, tablets, HP, Atom, servers

HP Tops Slow-Growing Server Market in Q4 2013: Gartner

IBM, which is selling its x86 server unit to Lenovo, saw large declines in both server revenue and shipments, the analyst firm says.

Tags: HP, Cisco Systems, IT infrastructure, server virtualization, Oracle, Huawei, hyperscale, Dell, Fujitsu, servers, IBM

Dell, HP, Cisco, Others Unveil Servers Running on New Intel Xeon Chips

The high-end systems are designed to tackle data-intensive workloads like big data, business intelligence and analytics and to challenge RISC systems.

Tags: servers, big data, HPC, Cisco Systems, Dell, enterprise software, NEC, processors, RISC, Data Analytics, Fujitsu, SuperMicro, HP, Intel, ERP

HP Ending Free Firmware Updates for X86 ProLiant Servers

Only those customers with systems under warranty will get access to firmware updates, which had been offered for free.

Tags: ProLiant, IBM, Lenovo, IT infrastructure, Dell, firmware, x86 servers, HP, servers, Cisco Systems

Dell Unveils Proof-of-Concept ARM-Based Server

Company officials say they expect the microserver will help fuel the expansion of the ecosystem around ARM-based servers.

Tags: processors, Dell, Intel, servers, IT infrastructure, 64-bit, x86, SoC, mobile devices, ARM processors, hyperscale, AMD

AMD Intros First ARM-Based Opteron Server Chip

At the Open Compute Summit, the chip maker also unveiled a developer kit designed to encourage companies to build to the SoC.

Tags: Dell, ARM processors, SoC, developers, AMD, IT infrastructure, mobile devices, microservers, HP Moonshot

Microsoft Buys Land for Massive Data Center Expansion in Quincy, Wash.

Microsoft scooped up an additional 200 acres in the tech giant's native home state halfway between Seattle and Spokane to construct a massive new data center.

Tags: wind farm, data center expansion, cloud services, server farms, Microsoft, Dell, Fiber Optic Network, cloud computing, Intuit, green power, data center construction, Yahoo

Calxeda, Pioneer in ARM Chips for Servers, Shuts Down

Calxeda officials said the company was too early to market, and that its products were not generating enough revenue to keep it afloat.

Tags: processors, Calxeda, Marvell, SoC, AppliedMicro, AMD, ARM processors, HP, microservers, Dell, IT infrastructure, Intel

Dell Sets Different Cloud Path Than HP, IBM

At Dell World, the vendor announces partnerships with Red Hat, Microsoft and Google, eschewing building its own public cloud.

Tags: Dell, Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, cloud computing, open source, HP, IT infrastructure, OpenStack, IBM

Server Revenues Continue to Decline in 3Q13

UNIX continues to decline as Linux rises, according to third quarter 2013 data from IDC and Gartner.

Tags: Dell, revenues, servers, HP, x86, Server Market, IBM, x86 server

Server Management Tools: A Closer Look at HP's iLO and Dell's iDRAC

There's more to consider when purchasing new server infrastructure than simply the hardware. Make sure you do a little homework on the management side of the equation before your next server purchase.

Tags: Dell, HP, data center, server hardware, server review, server management

Dell's T620 Tower Quietly Delivers Plenty of Processing Punch

In need of a high-power server tower but don't require the high availability of a cluster solution?  Consider the smooth-operating PowerEdge T620 for your next server replacement or upgrade.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, Server Market, server review, PowerEdge, Dell

HP Moonshot 64-bit ARM-based Servers Arriving in 2014

HP will begin selling 32-bit and 64-bit ARM-powered versions of its low-power Project Moonshot servers early next year.

Tags: ARM server, Moonshot, HP Moonshot, Dell, ARM, HP, ARM processors

Dell to Demo 64-Bit ARM-Based 'Copper' Server

The system maker will show off the server during ARM's TechCon event, where much of the attention will be ARM technology in the data center.

Tags: microservers, ARM processors, SoC, HP, Fedora, servers, open source, cloud computing, Dell

Lenovo Looking to Strengthen Server Market Position

The hardware manufacturer is taking on the likes of Dell, HP and IBM in an effort to become a major player in the x86 server market.

Tags: IBM, Server Market, x86, Lenovo, servers, Dell, x86 servers, HP, ThinkServer

Dell Debuts PowerEdge VRTX for Converged Infrastructure

Dell combines compute, storage and networking in one box.

Tags: networking, Dell, Dell PowerEdge, PowerEdge, PowerEdge VRTX, compute

Dell Sets the Stage for Hyper-V's Return to OpenStack

Once tech non grata, Microsoft's virtualization platform is making a comeback thanks to Dell.

Tags: OpenStack, Microsoft, cloud computing, private cloud, Hyper-V Cloud, virtualization, Hyper-V, public cloud, Dell

Dell PowerEdge R715: A Steal at This Price?

Our latest Server Review uncovers an AMD Opteron-based server that offers an outstanding combination of price and performance.

Tags: server review, PowerEdge, servers, Dell, Dell PowerEdge, rackmount

Dell Partners with SUSE Linux for OpenStack

The new Dell SUSE Cloud Solution, Powered by OpenStack takes aim at private clouds.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Dell, SUSE, Dell PowerEdge, OpenStack, PowerEdge, Cloud, SUSE Linux

Ubuntu Linux Gets Certified on Dell 12G Servers

Dell will now be able to resell and support Ubuntu Linux across a broad range of servers.

Tags: Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu LTS, OpenStack, Linux, Dell, servers, Linux server

Univa Revs Up Grid Engine for ARM Servers

Company's workload management software will provide automation and orchestration to the burgeoning ARM server market.

Tags: ARM server, Calxeda, Univa, servers, Dell, Servers & Services, ARM

Dell Aims for Global Server Dominance

Michael Dell wants to be the number one server vendor in the world, and the OpenStack cloud might just help him to get there.

Tags: dell servers, OpenStack, cloud computing, Servers & Services, servers, Dell

Dell Pushes ARM Servers to Open Source Apache Project

Dell helps out the Apache Software Foundation with the donation of a new Calxeda ARM-powered server.

Tags: Calxeda, Apache Software Foundation, Apache HTTP Server, Apache, Dell, open source, ARM

Dell Active Infrastructure: Converged IT for Private Clouds, VDI

In the converged infrastructure game, Dell is going all in.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, Dell Active System, converged IT, Cloud, Dell, blade servers, private cloud, VDI

Dell PowerEdge Microserver Buying Guide

With microservers threatening to become the next great server form factor, Dell is pushing micros hard with the debut of its third generation PowerEdge microserver.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, MicroServer, PowerEdge, buyers guide, server, Buying Guide, Dell, servers, buyer's guide

Dell Delivers Convergence in New Data Center Solution

Servers, storage and networking come together in a new converged Blade Data Center offering.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, blades, blade server, virtualization, servers, server, Dell

Global Server Revenues Decline in 1Q12

The latest global server reports are out from both IDC and Gartner, and despite a few bright spots, overall the news isn't good.

Tags: HP, x86 servers, blade servers, Dell, server, servers, Server Market, IBM, x86

Dell Debuts New ARM-based Copper Servers

Available only to select customers and developers, Dell gets the ball rolling on a new ARM-based server ecosystem.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, servers, Servers & Services, PowerEdge, Dell, ARM server, ARM

Dell Closes on Cloud Computing Wyse Technology Acquisition

Dell looks to attain a leadership position in the thin client and cloud computing markets with the purchase.

Tags: Wyse, servers, thin client, cloud computing, Dell, Servers & Services, Thin clients

Servers Still a Bright Spot for Dell Despite Decline in Overall Revenues

Dell execs blame sales execution for the company's missed expectations.

Tags: quarterly financials, servers, networking, Servers & Services, Dell

Dell R520 Server Arrives with an Attention to Detail

Dell's new PowerEdge R520 debuts as a worthy successor to the R510, delivering many features previously found only on higher end servers.

Tags: Dell PowerEdge, rack mount, server, Dell, rackmount

Dell Taps Unidesk for VDI Management

Dell aims to ease virtual desktop management by offering its integrated enterprise VDI packages with Unidesk's layering tech.

Tags: Unidesk, VDI, virtualization, Dell, virtual desktop, virtual desktop infrastructure

Dell Pursues Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops With Wyse Buy

Dell buys desktop virtualization specialist Wyse Technologies in a bid to boost data center sales and expand its cloud VDI business.

Tags: Wyse, cloud computing, desktop virtualization, Dell

Dell Enlists 12G Servers, the Cloud for VDI Refresh

Dell refreshes its virtual desktop portfolio with a new appliance, a 12G PowerEdge-powered enterprise option and a cloud-based offering.

Tags: Dell, dell servers, desktop virtualization, VDI

Intel Xeon E5 Heads to Linux

New Intel server CPU is already ready for Linux.

Tags: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, intel e5, RHEL, Linux, Intel, Dell, SUSE Linux

Dell Promises 'Cheaper, Faster, Easier'

Dell's 12G launch highlights more power and speed for not-so-much more money.

Tags: Dell, dell servers

Dell Ramps Up 12G Servers with Fluid Data

More power and manageability take center stage in major Dell server refresh.

Tags: HP, dell servers, Dell

Dell Banking on Major Server Refresh

Dell delivers record financial results for its fiscal 2012 year and has big plans ahead for its next generation of servers.

Tags: Dell

Dell Servers

Dell's PowerEdge servers aim to give new meaning to the phrase 'industry standard.' The wide array of form factors, processor and OS choices seek to satisfy the smallest SMB to the largest enterprise.

Tags: Dell

Dell Leans on SUSE for OEM Linux Solutions

What's sitting inside your Dell OEM solution? If it's Linux, then it's likely to be SUSE.

Tags: Linux, SUSE, Dell

Dell AMD Server Buying Guide

Dell believes the latest refresh of its AMD PowerEdge servers gives it a leg up on the competition when it comes to performance.

Tags: PowerEdge, Dell, Dell PowerEdge, Buying Guide, Opteron, AMD

The 7 Best Servers for Linux

Shopping for a new Linux server isn't as easy as you might think. Here's a round-up of what's available for those of you who want to dance with the penguin.

Tags: penguin, HP, Oracle, IBM, Linux server, PogoLinux, Dell

7 Blade Server Solutions to Transform Your Data Center

Boost your virtualization, private cloud or database-backed computing with these new blade servers. You'll save space, power and deployment headaches with high-density blade servers from your favorite manufacturers.

Tags: IBM, Oracle, SuperMicro, server blade, server hardware, HP, Cisco, Dell

Dell PowerEdge R210 II: Good Things Come in Small Packages

This enterprise-ready, ultra-compact, 1-socket  server from Dell may very well change your perception of rackmount servers.

Tags: server, PowerEdge, rackmount, Dell PowerEdge, Dell

IDC: Worldwide Server Revenues Sluggish but Still Up

The third quarter marked the slowest quarterly growth rate for servers worldwide since the first quarter of 2010, according to IDC. Among global vendors, IBM was the big winner, picking up enough share to pull even with HP.

Tags: Oracle, server revenue, Linux, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, mainframe, IDC, server shipment stats, x86 server, IBM

IDC Reports Strong Server Sales

IDC says server sales, especially for non-x86 platforms, continued to grow but how long can it keep up?

Tags: IDC, HP, revenue, server, IBM, Dell

HP Joins OpenStack

HP joins Dell, Citrix, Cisco, Ubuntu and more than 86 other vendors in the land-grab rush for open source stack superemacy.
Tags: Ubuntu, HP, OpenStack, Dell, open source

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