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HDD Shortage May Incentivize More Sophisticated Storage Management

Flooding in Thailand, one of the centers of hard disk drive manufacture, this monsoon season has caused a severe shortage in hard disks. Organizations may take a better look at thin provisioning, tiering, deduplication and solid state drives as a result.

Tags: Intel, SSD, deduplication, dedupe, solid state disk, HDD

Simpana Aims to Simplify Storage Virtualization

With version 9 of its flagship product, Simpana, CommVault is taking a 'modern approach' to data management -- and the way it manages virtual machines is key.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, deduplication, server virtualization, CommVault

Data Deduplication: A Tongue Twister Worth the Effort

Frugal Server Admin: From the Department of Redundancy Department, 'clean up your copies.' It's an easy way to save some cash.
Tags: deduplication, frugality, Storage

Tape vs. Disk: Tape Refuses to be Evicted

Like a tenant who refuses to be evicted from an area earmarked for redevelopment, tape is alive and kicking. When it comes to long-term backup retention and archiving, it is holding its own against dedupe — especially among large enterprises.
Tags: deduplication, disk drives, tape, Storage

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