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Server Virtualization Saves Big Bucks for Feds

Virtually Speaking: Server virtualization in the U.S. House of Representatives results in green saving green to the tune of more than $700,000.
Tags: government IT, server virtualization, government, cost management, server consolidation

Is Your Data Center an Ugly Baby?

Cover Your Assets: It's time to face the ugly truth about your data center, aka 'baby.' Things may seem pristine on the surface, but despite the neatly organized racks, and fans blowing and lights blinking, everything is a mess. Here's one company's tale.
Tags: Windows, Windows Server 2008, data center, data center management, cost management

5 Ways to Save Green by Going Green

Cover Your Assets: Are you having difficulty finding ways to 'go green'? Here are some simple tips to get you started.
Tags: green, cost management, frugality, power and cooling, energy

MacFrugal, It's My Way or the iWay

Cover Your Assets: Is buying a Mac for your business frugal or frivolous?
Tags: Apple, Mac OS X, cost management, frugality

Free Desks and Chairs, Anyone?

Cover Your Assets: Buying office furniture used to be so simple -- just like choosing an OS.
Tags: open source, Windows, cost management

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