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Brocade Data Center Reports Energy Savings

The company claims a 75 percent energy savings using a new custom cooling system.
Tags: data center, cooling, energy

Cooling, Power Top Green Data Center Market Opportunities

Pike Research says the investment in greener data centers will experience rapid growth over the next five years.
Tags: data center management, green power, cooling, data centers

IBM's in Hot Water to Cool Servers

The latest idea in supercomputer cooling is to let the machines operate at something warmer than meat locker temperatures.
Tags: IBM, data center, blade servers, supercomputing, cooling

Data Center Management Can Save IRS Millions

The IRS says it could save more than $3 million by implementing better cooling techniques in its data centers.
Tags: data center, data center management, cooling, energy

HP BladeSystem Tech Day: In the lab video

This series of videos explains all about HP BladeSystem and its chassis.
Tags: server, blade, HP, cooling, power

Data Center Server Performance

To squeeze greater efficiencies out of data center investments, it makes sense to start the process on the server side.
Tags: server, server performance, server hardware, cooling, power

Lightfleet Uses Light for Blade Server Interconnections

Lightfleet claims its product uses light signals to replace the cabling and switches typically used in a blade server.
Tags: data center, blade, cooling, blade server, power

Viridity Launches New Data Center Management Software

The company's new data center management software offers energy monitoring and measurement.
Tags: data center, data center management, green IT, cooling, energy

Fujitsu Offers New Cloud Computing Server

Fujitsu's new Xeon 5600-based server is designed for cloud computing providers.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Xeon 5600, cooling

HP's Mark Payne on Data Center Management Trends

Mark Payne, VP of EMEA industry standard servers at HP looks at the emerging trends in data center management and design.
Tags: data center, data center management, servers, cooling

SCTi Offers Data Center Management Solution

The solution provides visibility, resiliency and energy optimization.
Tags: data center management, hardware, optimization, cooling, energy management

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