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Government Data Center Management and Consolidation Plans

Through its government-wide data center consolidation effort, the federal government plans to increase server virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, data center, data center management, consolidation

Virtual Infrastructure and the Value of VMware Integration

A highly virtualized infrastructure that leverages an integrated stack across storage, backup, networking, management and security will cut IT costs dramatically.
Tags: server, virtualization, VMware, consolidation

Schwarzenegger Orders Data Center Consolidation

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an executive order requiring California to reduce the total amount of data center square footage used by state agencies.
Tags: data center, servers, government, consolidation, capacity

5 Steps to a More Efficient Data Center

Server consolidation might have a bigger financial impact than virtualization for those who make the effort.
Tags: virtualization, datacenter, consolidation, workload

Why You Need a Fuller Data Center

Cover Your Assets: Do you really need all those servers? Could you do just as well with half of them, or as few as a third?
Tags: virtualization, data center, hardware, consolidation, frugality

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