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Network Load Balancing in Windows Server 2008 R2

The less versatile of the two main high availability technologies in Windows Server 2008 R2, Network Load Balancing offers functionality that cannot be easily facilitated through other native OS means. This article examines its features and how to deploy it.
Tags: Windows Server 2008 R2, high availability, load balancing, failover, clustering

ScaleMP Takes vSMP Up a Notch

Virtualization isn't just about slicing and dicing. Sometimes it's about bringing systems together, as ScaleMP demonstrates with its latest release of vSMP Foundation.
Tags: server virtualization, supercomputing, clustering, ScaleMP, SMP

ZTESec Offers Intelligent NICs for Cloud Server and Storage

ZTE is using NetLogic's multi-core processors and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) PHY devices for its intelligent Layer 7 network interface cards.
Tags: networking, Cloud server, NIC, amangement, clustering

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