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Citrix Exits Cloud Server Business

Citrix starts the new year off by selling its CloudPlatform business to Accelerite.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud server, Citrix, OpenStack, CloudStack, cloud servers, Accelerite

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, Dell, servers, server hardware, OpenStack, cloud servers, Engineered Systems

Using Amazon Glacier or S3 as an Online Backup Server

Cloud storage solutions have become a simple, cost-effective solution for backing up your important data. Check out these feature-rich tools for helping efficiently manage your cloud storage data.

Tags: Amazon, Cloud server, online backup, backup and recovery, Amazon S3, Backup Server, Amazon Glacier

Mirantis OpenStack 5.1 Re-Fuels Cloud Server

Incremental update includes new access control security and VMware NSX support for networking virtualization.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Cloud server, OpenStack, Mirantis, OpenStack Icehouse, OpenStack Juno

Canonical Partners with AMD for Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Server

AMD is positioning its SeaMicro SM15000 as a cloud-in-a-box solution.

Tags: Ubuntu, Cloud server, AMD, Linux server, SeaMicro, Ubuntu LTS, OpenStack, cloud-in-a-box

Inside the Nebula One OpenStack Cloud Server [VIDEO]

Chris Kemp, founder of Nebula and former CTO of NASA, explains how the new cloud server appliance works.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud server, servers, OpenStack, Nebula

AMD Gets Ambidextrous for Cloud Servers with ARM

Seeing massive data centers as its opportunity for growth, AMD teams with ARM to roll out its next-gen servers.

Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, data center, AMD, ARM, ARM server

AMD Updates SeaMicro Cloud Server with Ivy Bridge Xeons, Piledriver Opterons

The embattled chip maker sets its sights on Big Data and cloud servers with new SeaMicro hardware.

Tags: Cloud server, Xeon, AMD, Opteron, SeaMicro, hybrid cloud, big data

Apache Deltacloud Hits Open Source Cloud Server Milestone

Different cloud server technologies all come together and get abstracted in Deltacloud 1.0.

Tags: open source, Cloud, Apache, Cloud server, Red Hat, deltacloud, Apache Deltacloud

CloudPassage Looks to Lock Down Cloud Servers

The two-year-old startup provides a security platform to protect cloud users' virtual machines, targeting an area of cloud computing the firm says remains widely misunderstood.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, cloud security, Cloud server, CloudPassage

Setting Up VNC on Ubuntu in Amazon EC2

While Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers only SSH access by default to Linux cloud servers, if you aren't a command-line fan or your application requires a GUI, discover how you can set up remote desktop access to most Linux cloud servers.

Tags: Linux, Amazon EC2, Ubuntu, Cloud server, tutorial, Ubuntu Server, SSH, Linux cloud

Rackspace Offers Cloud Servers for Windows

The company has announced new features and full Windows Support in its Cloud Servers for Windows offering.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, Rackspace, Windows Server, Rackspace Cloud

Seagate i365 Combines Backup With Cloud Server Recovery

The cloud-based i365RDR Service helps customers bring up mission critical applications in a virtual environment.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, Cloud server, backup, server recovery

Overwatch Uses VMLogix for Private Cloud

The company deploys VMLogix to create an on-premise private cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, private cloud, VMLogix

Managing Cloud Servers, Virtualization and Data

Virtualization and the cloud simplifies hardware infrastructure but creates a data management challenge.
Tags: cloud security, Cloud server, Cloud Storage

OrcsWeb Cloud Server Powers New Web Hosting Venture

Cytanium is a new a web hosting service built on OrcsWeb's Cloud Server architecture.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

Amazon Sees Biology Trend in Cloud Computing

Biological researchers haven't embraced the cloud yet but Amazon says cloud computing is coming to life sciences.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server

ElasticHosts Launches ElasticStack Cloud Server Platform

The company claims providers have already signed up to offer branded cloud services.
Tags: cloud services, Cloud server, cloud service, data center

Intel Launches Cloud Server Pilot for Small Business

The Intel Hybrid Cloud program is a subscription-based server model for small business.
Tags: server, Intel, Cloud server

Tilera Launches 512-Core Cloud Server

The company claims its S2Q design specifically tackles today’s cloud computing workloads.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server

The Difference Between Virtualization and a Private Cloud

Cloud computing does not center on any one technology - virtualization is simply one element of cloud computing.
Tags: Cloud, virtualization, Cloud server

New UnboundID Platform Supports Cloud Servers

The new platform includes the UnboundID Directory Server, Proxy Server, and Synchronization Server and supports cloud computing.
Tags: Cloud server, proxy server, Directory server, Synchronization Server, UnboundID

Cloud Server Versus Dedicated Server Pricing

The cost of using the cloud for server and storage makes dedicated servers look like a 'rip-off'.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Cloud Storage, dedicated server

CloudStack Lets Anyone be a Cloud Sever Provider

The open source CloudStack software makes it easy for anyone to get into the cloud business.
Tags: Cloud, server, Cloud server, open-source, web server

Cloud.com Launches Cloud Server Management Products

Cloud.com's CloudStack software is 98 percent open-source and supports services from Amazon, VMWare, and Citrix.
Tags: cloud management tools, Cloud server, server tools, Cloud.com

Zenith Tools Helps Providers Compete Against Cloud Vendors

The company says it is developing tools, resources and support to help partners partners compete against direct-to-market vendors.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud server, hosted, service provider

ScienceLogic Offers Cloud Integration Server

The company's new EM7 G3 Integration Server lets providers customize and automate private and hybrid cloud monitoring.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, cloud management

Verizon Adds Server Cloning to Cloud Service

Verizon has enhanced its its Computing-as-a -Service (CaaS) on-demand cloud computing infrastructure.
Tags: virtual server, Cloud server, cloud service, server clone

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Defined

Hybrid cloud computing models makes more sense for adoptees of cloud computing.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud server, hybrid cloud

Eleven2 Beta Tests Cloud Web Servers

The new hosting strategy offers customers unlimited access to their server.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, web server, uptime

Rackspace Cloud Offers iPad Server App

Rackspace Cloud users can turn on server backups from their iPad.
Tags: iPad, Cloud server, server management, cloud app

Cloudkick Spans Cloud and Physical Servers

The Cloudkick Server manager lets you manage cloud and physical servers.
Tags: Cloud, server, Cloud server, physical server

Cloud Server Technologies for Web Servers

Omega One Media says it will launch cloud server technology for Web hosting service.
Tags: Cloud server, web server, Web host

Dell PowerEdge C Servers Aimed at Cloud

The company's PowerEdge C servers are aimed at service providers running busy Web sites and public cloud computing services.
Tags: cloud computing, server, Cloud server, Dell, PowerEdge

Former MySQL CEO moves to the Cloud

Marten Mick moves to Eucalyptus Systems, providers of the open-source Eucalyptus cloud framework.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, Open-source Server, Eucalyptus

Fujitsu Offers New Cloud Computing Server

Fujitsu's new Xeon 5600-based server is designed for cloud computing providers.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Xeon 5600, cooling

Jumping on the Cloud? Consider these Security Issues

A little planning and preparation can help you avoid a potential cloud nightmare.
Tags: cloud computing, security, Cloud server, cloud service, public cloud

SpringSource Offers SpringSource tc Server Spring Edition

Based on the popular Apache Tomcat server, tc Server Spring Edition provides a lightweight platform for running modern applications for the virtualized data center.
Tags: cloud computing, Spring, Cloud server, VMware

ZTESec Offers Intelligent NICs for Cloud Server and Storage

ZTE is using NetLogic's multi-core processors and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) PHY devices for its intelligent Layer 7 network interface cards.
Tags: networking, Cloud server, NIC, amangement, clustering

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