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Citrix Walks Away from OpenStack, Moves to Apache CloudStack

Citrix kills its commercial OpenStack efforts, claiming it wasn't Amazon compatible; OpenStack execs disagree.

Tags: open source, Apache, Citrix, OpenStack, Cloud.com

Server Virtualization Buying Guide -- Xen Server

Citrix XenServer may not be the most advanced or robust server virtualization platform, but organizations with simple virtualization requirements or those looking for a supplementary virtualization solution will be more than satisfied with it.

Tags: open source, virtualization, Citrix, hypervisor, Xen, XenServer, Buying Guide, Cloud.com, Citrix XenServer

Cloud.com Launches Cloud Server Management Products

Cloud.com's CloudStack software is 98 percent open-source and supports services from Amazon, VMWare, and Citrix.
Tags: cloud management tools, Cloud server, server tools, Cloud.com

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