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Microsoft Azure Supports Bigger Backups

The latest round of cloud updates include support for massive data stores, expanded CDN controls and new Azure Files capabilities.

Tags: Cloud, Cloud Storage, CDN, data store, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, Azure Backup

Nirvanix Shut-Down Sends Shockwaves through the Cloud Services Industry

Does Nirvanix's abrupt demise spell the end of public cloud storage services?

Tags: cloud services, Cloud Storage, public cloud, Redundancy, Nirvanix, public cloud storage

The Cloud Application Hypervisor Has Arrived

You've heard of a hypervisor, and you've probably heard of a storage hypervisor. But here's a new one to add to the virtualization lexicon.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, virtualization, Cloud Storage, hypervisor, public cloud, hypervisor management, virtually speaking

Who Offers the Best Public Cloud Storage System?

A recent report from Nasuni ranks public cloud storage providers, but a closer look at one of their top picks highlights the pros and the cons of cloud storage right now.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, virtualization, Cloud Storage, public cloud, Nasuni, virtually speaking

InMage Looks to Unify Backup, Disaster Recovery

Data protection firm touts a unified approach for a variety of enterprise platforms, server and storage configurations.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud Storage, server virtualization, disaster recovery, backup

DataCore Releases Business Continuity for Windows Servers

For data center managers who want the benefits of SAN-based business continuity software without the risks of disruption, virtualization vendor DataCore claims to have a solution.

Tags: Microsoft, Cloud Storage, DataCore, Storage

10 Enterprise Cloud Storage Options

If you're considering moving some or all of your data to the cloud, here are 10 ways to make it happen.

Tags: Amazon, Cloud Storage, Symantec, CommVault, Zetta, Egntye, Nirvanix, Mezeo Software, StorSimple

Managing Cloud Servers, Virtualization and Data

Virtualization and the cloud simplifies hardware infrastructure but creates a data management challenge.
Tags: cloud security, Cloud server, Cloud Storage

Cloud Server Versus Dedicated Server Pricing

The cost of using the cloud for server and storage makes dedicated servers look like a 'rip-off'.
Tags: server, Cloud server, Cloud Storage, dedicated server

Virtualization Technologies for Storage Get Real

Virtually Speaking: A torrent of products are being unleashed to meet the challenges of backing up virtual machines. From cloud storage to golden image management, virtualization technologies for storage are on the move.
Tags: storage virtualization, Cloud Storage, server virtualization, dedupe, CommVault

CommVault Builds Bridge to the Cloud

Virtually Speaking: CommVault's latest offering aims to bring storage into the cloud. Will it be a bridge to nowhere or the connection enterprises crave?
Tags: Cloud, virtualization, Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, CommVault

Intel, EMC Partner on Cloud Storage

The two companies have teamed up to improve the performance-per-watt of EMC's cloud-based storage system.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, EMC, Intel, Cloud Storage

Recent Foibles Expose Dark Side of Cloud Computing

OS Roundup: The operating system isn't nearly as important as the data, yet neither Microsoft nor Apple seems to realize this. When it comes to protecting your data, you're your own best defense.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Microsoft, Cloud Storage, snow leopard

Virtualization, Cloud Will Change Data Storage

Storage and IT luminaries recently gathered to discuss the future. The consensus? Cloud and virtual environments will dominate.
Tags: data storage, cloud computing, virtualization, Cloud Storage, Storage

Cloud to Transform Data Center Roles

In the future, the job of the system administrator may be to monitor software and services, leaving the hardware for others to worry about.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud Storage, system administrator

Cloud Computing Outlook Far From Sunny

Despite the buzz, cloud computing is for the birds, and not just for migratory reasons.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud Storage

Connecting Clouds to Enterprise Servers

In this extremely competitive market, cloud middleware connects the old software companies require to the SaaS and cloud services they've just added.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Cloud Storage, servers, server management

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