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Red Hat Growing Million Dollar OpenStack Deals

Red Hat reports second quarter fiscal 2017 revenue of $600 million.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, Linux server, OpenStack, Cloud Linux, earnings report, Red Hat OpenStack

Cloud Linux SecureLVE to be Supported by Parallels Panel Products

The company has announced that its SecureLVE security solution will be supported by Parallels Panel products by Q4 2010.
Tags: cloud computing, Linux cloud, Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux Announces SecureLVE for Linux Hosting Servers

SecureLVE provides a virtualized file system which separates each user on the server into its own virtual environment.
Tags: cloud computing, Linux Server Management, Cloud Linux, Linux hosting

Cloud Linux Releases Server LVE Wrappers

The company has announced new tools to control Server CPU usage.
Tags: CPU, server CPU, Server monitor, Cloud Linux

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