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Red Hat Growing Million Dollar OpenStack Deals

Red Hat reports second quarter fiscal 2017 revenue of $600 million.

Tags: Red Hat, Cloud Linux, Linux, cloud computing, Linux server, earnings report, Cloud, Red Hat OpenStack, OpenStack

Exadata Servers Play Role in Oracle's Cloud Growth

Oracle reports first quarter revenue of $8.6B, as the company gears up to announce a new version of its namesake database next week.

Tags: Oracle, Exadata, Oracle Database, Oracle Exalogic, quarterly earnings, Oracle Cloud, Cloud

Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon

Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

Tags: virtualization, public cloud, Docker Security Scanning, security, Apple, VMware vSphere, Docker Swarm Mode, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, Google, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, Open Container Initiative, CoreOS Rocket, Cloud, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, cloud computing, Triton, Dell, containers, virtually speaking, Reporting-as-a-Service, public clouds, server virtualization, Hyper-V, EMC, vRealize, VMware, Twistlock, Microsoft

Container Security Stepping Up to the Plate

The recent launch of Docker Security Scanning is just the latest sign that the security ecosystem around containers is getting stronger by the week.

Tags: CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, vRealize, Twistlock, Docker Security Scanning, Google Kubernetes, containerization, virtualized infrastructure, CoreOS Linux, container security, Kubernetes, Docker 1.8, VMware vSphere 6, Open Container Initiative, docker, CoreOS, orchestration, Docker Containers, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Apple, security, Microsoft, virtualization, EMC, Dell, cloud computing, Google, Cloud

The True Titan of the Virtualized Server and Cloud Infrastructure Sector

With much of server virtualization now operating in the cloud, one might assume VMware is the top banana in the cloud, but that isn't even close to being the case.

Tags: server virtualization, Dell, Virtualized Server, virtualized servers, virtualization, Amazon, server virtualization market, VMware, Cloud, Cloud Infrastructure

Docker Turns Three, Celebrates with Mac and Windows Launches

A key part of Docker's strategy for world domination is to woo developers, and the new Docker for Windows and Mac beta releases are its latest and biggest tactic for doing just that.

Tags: Hyper-V, hypervisor, VMware, VMware vSphere, Microsoft, virtually speaking, containers, Virtual SAN, Docker Containers, orchestration, docker, Docker Datacenter, container management, VMware vSphere 6, Docker 1.8, hypervisors, containerization, vRealize, server virtualization, Cloud, EMC, virtualization

Server Virtualization Market Is Peaking: Gartner

While revenues may be up this year, fewer new software licenses are being issued.

Tags: containers, servers, server virtualization, virtualization, Cloud, VMware, hyperconverged infrastructure

Intel Debuts CIAO for OpenStack Cloud Orchestration [VIDEO]

Intel wants cloud servers to 'Go' faster.

Tags: cloud computing, Go, Intel, Cloud, OpenStack, cloud orchestration

Server Spending Bolstered by Cloud Growth

IDC forecasts $38.2B will be spent on cloud infrastructure in 2016.

Tags: Cloud, server hardware, servers, private cloud, public cloud, server revenue, Cloud Infrastructure, IDC

VMware Shifting Focus in Preparation for Life Under Dell

Just how different will server virtualization pioneer VMware look in the aftermath of Dell becoming its new master?

Tags: Virtual SAN, virtualization, vRealize, VMware vSphere 6, VMware vCloud Air, Dell, EMC, hypervisors, virtually speaking, server virtualization, Hyper-V, hypervisor, Cloud, VMware, virtualized infrastructure, VMware vSphere, cloud computing

Red Hat Crosses $2B in Revenue as OpenStack Cloud Grows

It's not just Linux alone anymore as Red Hat grows middleware and cloud potential.

Tags: OpenStack, Red Hat OpenStack, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0, Mirantis, cloud computing, Red Hat, middleware, hybrid cloud, Cloud

Oracle Hardware Revenues Continue to Slip in 3Q16

The impact of the cloud on Oracle's business is now obvious.

Tags: server revenue, Oracle, Oracle Cloud, server hardware, Cloud

The Problem with Private Clouds

Simple-to-implement private clouds don't come cheap (think VMware), and cheaper options aren't simple to implement (think OpenStack). Fortunately, ZeroStack has a solution for smaller enterprises.

Tags: VMware vCloud Air, cloud computing, private cloud, VMware, public clouds, virtually speaking, OpenStack, private clouds, ZeroStack, Cloud

OpenStack Public Cloud Options Expand with Mirantis Saudi Telecom Partnership

Though Rackspace appears to be retreating from the public OpenStack cloud market, there is still opportunity for telcos.

Tags: Mirantis OpenStack 7, Mirantis, OpenStack Cloud, Cloud, Rackspace, public cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack

Citrix Exits Cloud Server Business

Citrix starts the new year off by selling its CloudPlatform business to Accelerite.

Tags: Accelerite, cloud servers, OpenStack, CloudStack, Cloud, Citrix, open source, cloud computing, Cloud server

Red Hat Continues to Grow by Taking Share from Others

Red Hat reports third quarter revenue of $524 million as it marches toward $2 billion in revenue for the full year.

Tags: red hat linux, Linux, RedHat, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloud, earnings report

Oracle Hardware Revenues Decline as Cloud Grows

More than ever, the future of Oracle's success is tied to the cloud.

Tags: earnings report, SaaS, PaaS, Oracle Database, revenues, Oracle, cloud support, Cloud, Oracle Cloud

Fedora 23 Linux Secures Servers and the Cloud

The latest milestone release of Red Hat's community Linux distribution improves workstation, server and cloud capabilities, with new container creation capabilities coming in Fedora 24.

Tags: Linux server, Red Hat, Cloud, Fedora Server, Fedora Cloud, Fedora 24, Fedora 23, Linux, Fedora Workstation, Fedora, cloud computing

Google Kubernetes Container Orchestration System Gaining Steam

Anything that fosters the development of Kubernetes is probably good news for the container community, and the fruits of collaboration are rapidly becoming evident.

Tags: Kubernetes, container security, Google Kubernetes, containerization, Cloud, Google, cloud computing, virtually speaking, containers, Docker Containers, orchestration, docker

OpenStack Murano Evolving as an On Ramp for Cloud Apps

Getting applications to run as a service in the cloud isn't as hard as it once was.

Tags: Mirantis, Murano, OpenStack, Cloud, Mirantis OpenStack 7, cloud apps, cloud applications, OpenStack Murano, open source

Containers Not Dealing a Death Blow to Public Clouds Anytime Soon

There's plenty of life left in public clouds, as the major public cloud providers are still going strong and have been busy coming out with some interesting new and cheaper offerings.

Tags: virtualization, Cloud, Microsoft, public cloud, server virtualization, containers, Docker Containers, orchestration, docker, public clouds, containerization, virtually speaking

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Previewed at VMworld

VMware expands its hybrid cloud, OpenStack and container server virtualization solutions.

Tags: Cloud, containers, containerization, Evo, docker, OpenStack, VMworld, VMware, VMware vSphere

Mirantis Raises Another $100 Million, This Time from Intel

The OpenStack technology services provider has now surpassed more than $200 million in total venture funding.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Mirantis, Cloud, open source cloud, OpenStack, cloud platform

OpenStack Magnum Brings Containers to the Cloud [VIDEO]

Adrian Otto, Project Technical Leader for Magnum, discusses the challenges and opportunities of containers in the cloud.

Tags: containers, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, Magnum, OpenStack Magnum project, containerization, Cloud, cloud computing

Microsoft Azure Supports Bigger Backups

The latest round of cloud updates include support for massive data stores, expanded CDN controls and new Azure Files capabilities.

Tags: Cloud, data store, Cloud Storage, MICROSOFT AZURE PLATFORM, CDN, Azure Backup

IBM 2Q15 Revenue Reported at $20.8 Billion

IBM's focus on analytics and the cloud is starting to pay off, with Big Blue's server hardware systems reaping the benefits.

Tags: system z, Cloud, servers, big data, POWER8 processor, server hardware, IBM

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Tags: Cloud server, Dell, Engineered Systems, Cloud, server hardware, servers, OpenStack, cloud servers

IBM Acquires Managed OpenStack Vendor BlueBox

Big Blue adds BlueBox technology and services to its cloud portfolio.

Tags: blue box, Cloud, Blue Box Cloud, cloud computing, open source, IBM, Big Blue, OpenStack

Cisco Acquires Piston Cloud Computing for OpenStack Smarts

In a surprise move, Cisco picks up yet another OpenStack technology vendor.

Tags: Cloud

OpenStack Foundation Not Worried about the Death Star [VIDEO]

Executive Director Jonathan Bryce and COO Mark Collier discuss the highlights of the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

Tags: Cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack, OpenStack Summit

Gigaspaces Advances Cloudify for OpenStack and Docker Orchestration

The new Cloudify 3.2 release enables orchestration of Docker containers.

Tags: containerization, GigaSpaces, virtual machines, docker, Docker Containers, OpenStack, Cloud, Cloudify

Red Hat Expands OpenStack Options as Survey Shows Strong Potential

Continued strong demand brings optimism, but a lack of internal IT skills remains a key barrier to adoption for OpenStack.

Tags: Cloud, PaaS, OpenShift, cloud computing, OpenStack, OpenStack Summit, Red Hat, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0

Rackspace CEO Takes a Positive Spin from AWS for OpenStack Growth

Rackspace grows revenues and sees real potential for private clouds running OpenStack.

Tags: Amazon AWS, private cloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, Cloud, Rackspace Cloud

IBM Powers Up Power8 Servers

Power8 portfolio continues to grow as new Big Data-focused platforms emerge.

Tags: big data, Converged Infrastructure, IBM Power 8, IBM Power Systems, power8, IBM POWER8, Cloud, IBM

Managing Windows Server 2003 Migration Risks, Reaping Rewards

There are only a few short months before Microsoft stops supporting Windows Server 2003. IT experts share some insights on managing and surviving the transition.

Tags: Storage, Windows Server 2008, server operating systems, System Center Endpoint Protection, Windows Server 2003, iPhone, Microsoft, Cloud, Apple, smartphone, Galaxy S, Forefront Endpoint Protection, cloud computing, Windows Server 2012, Softchoice, Samsung

Piston Pivots Beyond OpenStack with CloudOS

OpenStack vendor comes to the realization that OpenStack isn't the right fit for all workloads.

Tags: cloud computing, Piston, Hadoop, OpenStack, CloudOS, Piston Cloud, Cloud, Piston Cloud Computing, data center

Red Hat Fiscal 2015 Revenue $1.79 Billion: OpenStack and OpenShift Leading the Way

Cross-selling, OpenShift and OpenStack, as well as the acquisitions of Inktank and eNovance, spur Red Hat forward.

Tags: OpenShift, open source, Red Hat, Cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0, earnings report

IBM Bringing OpenPower Servers to SoftLayer Cloud

IBM is set to enable its SoftLayer Cloud customers to deploy to bare metal OpenPower-based servers, though few hard details have been made public.

Tags: Bare Metal, SoftLayer, cloud computing, Cloud, IBM, OpenPOWER

Google Kubernetes Lands in OpenStack via Mirantis

Google's container clustering systems is being brought into the OpenStack cloud fold.

Tags: containerization, Cloud, container, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, docker, Google, Kubernetes, Mirantis

Report: Docker Not Yet Widely Used in the Cloud

2015 Ubuntu Server and Cloud Survey reports reveals some surprising findings.

Tags: Linux servers, Docker Containers, Ubuntu Server, cloud computing, Ubuntu, Cloud Providers, Linux, Cloud

Eight Big Benefits of Software-Defined Networking

Cloud service providers that want to ensure customers can move their virtualized workloads without requiring much planning can certainly benefit from Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, virtualization, cloud service provider, Software-Defined Networking, SDN, server tutorial, virtualized

Mirantis OpenStack 6.0 Accelerates Fuel Plugin Deployment

New OpenStack cloud server release enables a more automated way to load to new services.

Tags: open source, cloud computing, Cloud, OpenStack, Mirantis, OpenStack Cloud, Mirantis OpenStack 6.0

Red Hat's OpenStack Tech Leadership Discusses Cloud Direction [VIDEO]

Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat's OpenStack technical lead, details cloud product efforts at the Linux leader.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Red Hat, servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, OpenStack, RedHat, OpenStack Cloud, Linux servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Looks to OpenShift Containers for the Future

Red Hat reports third quarter fiscal 2015 earnings of $456 million, and the company sees emerging opportunities for further growth.

Tags: earnings report, OpenShift, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, servers, Red Hat, cloud computing, Cloud

Oracle Accelerates to the Cloud

Oracle server hardware sales on the rebound, but the real driver of growth is in the cloud.

Tags: Cloud, Oracle Exalogic, earnings report, earnings, SaaS, Oracle, PaaS, servers, server hardware, IaaS

Rackspace Embraces OpenPOWER

Rackspace is now the 80th member of the IBM-led OpenPower Alliance, even though Rackspace has never actually deployed a Power system.

Tags: Cloud, data center, servers, IBM POWER8, IBM, power8, OpenPOWER, Rackspace

SUSE Brings Live Patching and Ceph Storage to Its Enterprise Linux

General availability of technology from the kGraft project brings the promise of easier updates with less server downtime.

Tags: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Storage, enterprise linux, Cloud, Linux server, SUSE Linux

OpenStack ROI and the Myths of Open Source

If someone doesn't believe that open source delivers better cloud software, what should vendors do? HP's Marten Mickos has a simple answer.

Tags: ROI, HP, Cloud, open source, cloud computing, Piston Cloud, HP Cloud, Piston, OpenStack

OpenStack and the Mysteries of the Universe

CERN details its massive server deployment and use of OpenStack at this week's Paris Summit.

Tags: OpenStack Cloud, CERN, servers, cloud computing, OpenStack Icehouse, Cloud, OpenStack

Zend Server 8 Delivers Z-Ray Application Insight

PHP server technology platform boosted with new Z-Ray feature, Power Linux support and cloud enhancements.

Tags: Zend Server 8, Zend Server, OpenStack, Cloud, Zend, Power Linux, PHP

Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Tags: Cloud, Linux, Mirantis, AT&T, open source, OpenStack, Intel, Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, Canonical, SUSE, IPO, Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM, Piston Cloud Computing

Red Hat Set to Grow Thanks to Cloud and Containers

The server OS vendor reports its second quarter fiscal 2015 revenue and paints an optimistic picture for the road ahead.

Tags: Cloud, Red Hat, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, quarterly earnings, docker, Docker Containers, RHEL 7

Public Cloud Options Beyond the Obvious

While companies like Amazon and Google seem to get all the attention when it comes to talk about public and hybrid clouds, there are plenty of other viable options as well.

Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, Google, Cloud, SoftLayer, public cloud, hybrid cloud, IBM, virtually speaking, server virtualization

Red Hat Revenues Power Forward in 2015

Red Hat CEO still sees share growth coming from Unix and Windows server migration as well as recent acquisitions.

Tags: Cloud, RHEL 7, Red Hat 7, Red Hat, earnings, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Which Linux Distribution Powers HP Helion Cloud? [VIDEO]

HP launches its own OpenStack-based cloud platform and also changes the platform's underlying Linux distribution.

Tags: Debian, Ubuntu, Cloud, cloud computing, HP, HP Cloud, cloud platform, Linux distribution, OpenStack

The Cloud Takes Over TechEd

The latest and most significant virtualization news at TechEd North America was actually a cloud announcement. Bet you wouldn't have predicted that a few years ago.

Tags: Microsoft Azure, TechEd, Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, cloud computing, Microsoft, data center, virtualized

What's Next for OpenStack Is Ironic [VIDEO]

Execs from the open-source OpenStack Foundation outline some of the big new innovations in the development pipeline.

Tags: OpenStack, Cloud, cloud computing, OpenStack Cloud, OpenStack Juno

Taking Your Data Center to the Cloud with Ravello

With Ravello now out of beta status, there's never been a better time to seriously consider the advantages of migrating your data center test and development operations to the cloud.

Tags: virtualized, data center, development, Cloud, Ravello Systems, cloud computing

Inside the Nebula One OpenStack Cloud Server [VIDEO]

Chris Kemp, founder of Nebula and former CTO of NASA, explains how the new cloud server appliance works.

Tags: servers, Cloud server, Cloud, cloud computing, Nebula, OpenStack

Ubuntu Orange Box Mobilizes OpenStack Clouds [VIDEO]

At the OpenStack Summit Ubuntu demonstrates a portable cloud solution as well as the first 64-bit ARM server running OpenStack.

Tags: ARM server, Ubuntu, cloud computing, OpenStack, OpenStack Summit, servers, 64-bit, Cloud

Oracle Embraces OpenStack in Solaris 11.2

Latest version of Oracle's Unix operating system provides cloud, SDN and traditional operating system enhancements.

Tags: Unix, cloud computing, OpenStack, Solaris 11, Oracle, Cloud

Red Hat Banking on OpenStack for Future Growth

Red Hat's fiscal 2014 revenues top $1.5 billion as interest in OpenStack and RHEL 7 set the stage for more growth to come.

Tags: open source, Linux, Cloud, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Red Hat

Xen 4.4 ARMs for Virtualization, Adds SPICE

The open-source Xen project continues to prosper as a Linux Foundation collaboration project.

Tags: Xen Hypervisor, Oracle, Linux Foundation, Xen, virtualization, Cloud, xen 4.4, Linux, cloud computing

Piston Updates OpenStack Cloud Platform

Migrating from one OpenStack release to the next is a key challenge that Piston Cloud Computing has claimed to have conquered.

Tags: Piston Cloud, Cloud, OpenStack Folsom, Piston, OpenStack, servers, cloud computing

Martin Casado on Network Virtualization

VMware chief architect for networking talks network virtualization's history, outlook, and unexpected benefits.

Tags: Cloud, SDN, VMware, virtualization

Pivotal Brings Cloud Foundry PaaS into Full Release

After years of development, Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service is now ready for mass consumption as part of Pivotal One.

Tags: Pivotal CF, Cloud Foundry, Pivotal, OpenStack, Cloud, VMware, EMC, OpenStack Cloud, PaaS

The Evolution of OpenStack Continues with New Projects

The open source cloud computing platform isn't just about storage and compute anymore as new services emerge.

Tags: cloud computing, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, compute, RedHat, Havana, Cloud

OpenStack Demand Is High as Havana Debut Nears: Report

A Red Hat-sponsored report shows growth potential for the open-source OpenStack cloud, though there are some challenges.

Tags: open source, OpenStack, Red Hat, Cloud

A Sunny Outlook for All in Microsoft and Oracle's Cloud Partnership?

With the two companies teaming up on the cloud in what looks to be a win-win deal, who then stands to be the big loser?

Tags: public cloud, Oracle, VMware, virtually speaking, Microsoft, Cloud, cloud computing, server virtualization

VMware's Love-Hate Relationship With OpenStack

VMware is one of the leading enterprise virtualization technology vendors, but where does it stand in relation to the open-source OpenStack cloud?

Tags: OpenStack, Cloud, virtualization, VMware, open source

Puppet Enterprise 3 Orchestrates Configuration

Software-Defined Infrastructure comes of age in the latest release of Puppet Enterprise.

Tags: Software-Defined Infrastructure, Puppet Enterprise, Storage, Puppet, networking, Cloud

Windows Server and System Center 2012 R2 Previews Hit the Web

IT pros can now download freely available evaluation copies of Microsoft's cloud server OS turned "Blue."

Tags: System Center, server os, Windows Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft, Windows Blue, Windows Server 2012, system center 2012, Cloud

Citrix Takes XenServer Open Source

XenServer 6.2 gets a new licensing model as Citrix tries to gain share.

Tags: Cloud, Citrix XenServer, XenServers, XenServer, server virtualization, Citrix, virtualization, open source, Xen Hypervisor

Could VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service Arrive to a Tepid Response?

The reaction to the company's new IaaS cloud offering can essentially be summed up in a single word.

Tags: hybrid cloud, VMware vCloud Suite, IaaS, vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware, Cloud

Where Is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7?

Secure Boot, XFS, Open Virtual Switch all set to land in next major Red Hat platform release.

Tags: secure boot, xfs, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat, RHEL 7, Cloud

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