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Canonical Launches Commercial Support for Kubernetes

Canonical jumps into the Kubernetes market with an upstream-based release as well as a commercial-support option based on the Ubuntu Advantage program.

Tags: Ubuntu, cloud management, Canonical, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ubuntu Advantage

Mirantis Raises $100M for OpenStack Cloud Efforts

Armed with its latest funding round, OpenStack specialist Mirantis is positioning itself for an IPO in 2016.

Tags: open source, Linux, Cloud, IBM, Intel, Red Hat, Dell, Cisco, Canonical, SUSE, IPO, Hewlett-Packard Co., OpenStack, AT&T, Mirantis, Piston Cloud Computing

Canonical Partners with China for Ubuntu Kylin Linux

New version of Ubuntu for the Chinese market set to debut in April.

Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, China, Linux server, Canonical, Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 Linux Aims Precisely at the Cloud

The open source operating system server adds cloud orchestration, Metal-as-a-Service and OpenStack in its latest Long Term Support release.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Cloud, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu LTS

HP Certifies Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 12.04 gets its first major server vendor certification, but HP admits Ubuntu is still not yet at the same level as either Red Hat or SUSE.

Tags: Linux, Cloud, virtualization, Ubuntu, certification, HP, Linux server, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Takes Aim at Windows

Natty Linux distro is officially released, delivering a new look for the open source Linux desktop and gearing up for a major preload push.
Tags: Linux server, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, server os

Dell Partners With Ubuntu for Linux Cloud Computing Technology

Dell is now set to integrate Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud on PowerEdge servers.
Tags: open source, cloud computing, Ubuntu, Dell, Canonical

10 Things to Know About Maverick Meerkat

In the flurry of 10-related memes this past week, one stood out: the release of Canonical's open source server OS, Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition, also known as 'Maverick Meerkat.' In keeping with the theme, here are 10 noteworthy aspects.
Tags: Top 10, open source server, Linux server, Canonical, Ubuntu Server

An In-Depth Look at Red Hat Cloud Computing

A detailed look at Red Hat's cloud computing strategy and how it compares to Canonical's offering.
Tags: open source, cloud computing, Red Hat, Canonical

Canonical Offers Cloud Computing Based Virtual DB2 Appliance for Ubuntu

Expanded partnership will deliver a cloud computing version of IBM's database running on Ubuntu Linux.
Tags: cloud computing, IBM, DB2, Ubuntu, Canonical

Canonical, IBM to Bring DB2 to Ubuntu 10.04 Server Edition

Canonical believes that a basic database certified for Ubuntu on EC2 is key to having IT shops deploy Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.
Tags: database, IBM, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server

Canonical Rolling Out Ubuntu Advantage for Enterprise Linux OS

Canonical overhauls its Ubuntu Linux OS support services with the new Advantage solution, which offers legal indemnification, support and management services.
Tags: Ubuntu, Red Hat, enterprise linux, Canonical, linux os

Canonical Updates Landscape Manager

Landscape 1.5 can cope with the cloudy infrastructure that Canonical wants to help customers build.
Tags: Canonical, Open-source Server, Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx Linux OS Debuts With an Eye on ISVs

The Linux OS long-term support release emerges, with a focus on cloud computing environments and ISV certifications. But it's still missing some critical enterprise software credibility.
Tags: cloud computing, Ubuntu, Canonical, Ubuntu Server, linux os

Ubuntu's Linux OS -- Mac OS X's Doppelganger?

OS Roundup: As Apple fades from relevance, Canonical's Linux OS, Ubuntu, seems to be stepping into its shoes. Is Lucid Lynx everything Mac OS X could have been but isn't, and does it have what it takes to trounce Snow Leopard?
Tags: iPhone, Canonical, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Server, linux os

Will 12,000 Cloud Computing Deployments Lead to Profit?

For Canonical, there may well be a silver lining in cloud computing that could finally lead the company to Linux profitability as it looks to convert users of the free product to a premium version.
Tags: open source, Linux, cloud computing, Ubuntu, Canonical

Canonical Readies LTS Open-Source Server 10.4

Canonical will make its 10.4 distribution available for download on the Ubuntu Web site on April 29, 2010.
Tags: server, Ubuntu, Canonical, Open-source Server, LTS

Canonical to Update Open-source Server OS

Ubuntu 10.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Server Edition will be available for download on April 29, 2010.
Tags: server, Ubuntu, Canonical, Open-source Server, LTS

Canonical to Release Desktop, Server Editions End-April

Canonical says it is ready to replace whatever competitor you have on your servers now.
Tags: Canonical, Open-source Servers, Server Edition, 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu Server: The Linux Server Operating Systems Dark Horse

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux leading the charge of Linux server operating systems in the data center, Ubuntu Server has some catching up to do. But don't count it out.
Tags: Ubuntu, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Canonical, server os

Canonical CEO Elucidates on Lucid Lynx Linux Server

New CEO of Canonical shares some plans for the road ahead, including how it plans to grow Ubuntu's Linux server and consumer businesses, and the future of Ubuntu's branding.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, Linux server, Canonical, lucid lynx

Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 Hits RC Status

Ubuntu 9.10 RC is now available, and testers are being sought.
Tags: Ubuntu, Canonical

IBM and Ubuntu Roll Linux for U.S Desktops

A few weeks ago, IBM and Canonical revealed plans to deliver Linux desktops and software to Africa. On Tuesday, they expanded the offering to the United States.
Tags: Microsoft, IBM, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Canonical

Canonical Expands Ubuntu Linux Landscape

Linux system management comes in from the cloud, but it's still not entirely open source.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, Ubuntu, OS, Canonical

Ubuntu's 'Jaunty Jackalope' Jumps Forward

Ubuntu 9.04 Linux leaps out to speed up the desktop and help server reach the cloud.
Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, OS, Canonical, Jaunty Jackalope

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