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AMD Demos x86 APU Server Running Fedora Linux

The chip maker is looking to show the strength of the software ecosystem around heterogeneous computing processing.

Tags: open source, Linux, CPU, processors, Red Hat, x86 servers, Fedora, AMD, IT infrastructure, GPU, SoC, application developers

Open Compute Project Launches Common Slot Spec

Server racks will now be able to mix and match CPUs from different vendors in the same box.

Tags: CPU, Intel, servers, AMD, rackmount, CPUs, Open Compute

Cloud Linux Releases Server LVE Wrappers

The company has announced new tools to control Server CPU usage.
Tags: CPU, server CPU, Server monitor, Cloud Linux

AMAX Launches New 12 CPU 1,920-Core 4U Server

The new ServMax Xn-4101G supports nearly 8 Teraflops of parallel computing performance in a single 4U chassis.
Tags: server, CPU, GPU, chassis, Cores

AMD Unveils Opteron 6000 Series Pricing

The Opteron 6000 series, the formal name for Magny-Cours has four DDR3 memory channels to the new Intel Xeon 5600's three channels.
Tags: server, CPU, AMD, Magny-Cours, Opteron 6000

SGI Does More Than 'Talk' Xeon 5600

SGI has a new baby blade, the Origin 400.
Tags: server, CPU, Intel, Xeon 5600, server processor

Intel Launches Xeon 5600 Server Processor

New AES-NI instructions will add native encryption/decryption to the CPU.
Tags: server, CPU, Intel, Xeon 5600, server processor

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