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SELinux vs Systemd: What's Safer for Linux Servers?

At CoreOS Fest, Lennart Poettering, one of the co-inventors of systemd, explains how Systemd works and how it compares to SELinux.

Tags: Linux, CentOS, Red Hat, Linux security, SELinux, systemd, Linux servers, CoreOS, CoreOS Fest, Fedora Linux

Red Hat Pushes Forward with CentOS [VIDEO]

Red Hat EVP and President Paul Cormier explains how CentOS fits in and why Red Hat doesn't draw a line for open source.

Tags: Linux, CentOS, Red Hat, Linux server, RHEL

CentOS 7 Open-Source Server OS Arrives in Style

Red Hat-based CentOS 7 debuts less than a month after the general release of RHEL 7.

Tags: open source, CentOS, Red Hat, Linux server, server os, Red Hat Server, RHEL 7, server operating system, CentOS 7

Microsoft Releases Linux Integration Services 3.5 for Hyper-V

The software giant continues to court Linux-based workloads with a new driver package that enables support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5.5 and 5.6.

Tags: Linux, CentOS, Microsoft, virtualization, Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware

Tilera Shows Off 72-Core Chip Architecture

What can you do with a 72-core chip?

Tags: CentOS, servers, Linux server, Tilera

Microsoft Adds Guest OS Support for CentOS -- Why?

Microsoft now supports CentOS as a guest OS on Hyper-V. With support already in place for there for Suse Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, why is Microsoft fishing in a smaller pond?
Tags: CentOS, Windows Server 2008 R2, server virtualization, Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Scientific Linux 6.0 Released

Linux adoption in the scientific community is very high. For the many organizations that want Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 but don't want to pay for it or wait for the next release of CentOS, Scientific Linux is worth a look.
Tags: Linux, Python, CentOS, open source software, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

How to Setup NFS v4.0 Under CentOS / RHEL v5.x

Want to know how to export or mount a directory in NFS v4.0 distributed file system?
Tags: CentOS, NFS, RHEL v5.x

From Obsolete Servers to Private Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

Frustrated with outdated equipment? Learn how to turn your old servers into a private cloud using open source tools.
Tags: cloud computing, CentOS, private cloud, server hardware, virtualbox

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