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Virtualization Technology Moves Forward As New Year Begins

With VMware's stock soaring to new heights, the future continues to look bright for virtualization. It's 2011 and virtualization no longer means just servers -- a recent CDW report finds desktop virtualization deployments on the rise.
Tags: virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware, desktop virtualization, CDW

2010: The Year of Virtualizing Securely

Virtually Speaking: Two sets of survey results released this week point to security as the next major hurdle for virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization, Symantec, CDW

Security Issues Temper Virtualization Craze

While 90 percent of enterprises surveyed by CDW have virtualized portions of their datacenters, 62 percent are still keeping "critical" apps on physical servers.
Tags: security, virtualization, datacenter, CDW

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