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CA Debuts 5 Virtualization Management Apps

Five new virtualization applications are designed to simplify life for IT managers and ease the complexity of moving virtual data loads throughout the organization.
Tags: security, software, management, virtualization, CA

Cisco, CA Expand UCS for Better Data Center Management

Expansion of a technology agreement between CA and Cisco may benefit Cisco UCS users with better data center management for both applications and networks.
Tags: Cisco, CA, UCS, Cisco UCS

CA Expands Cloud Computing Portfolio With 3Tera Buy

The cloud computing startup's AppLogic software helps companies build and deploy applications to public and private clouds.
Tags: cloud computing, acquisition, CA, 3tera, AppLogic

CA and Others Unveil Latest Virtualization Wares

CA took advantage of the VMworld spotlight to unveil several virtualization management systems for private cloud and data center deployments, and it was hardly alone. Various storage and networking vendors also weighed in with their news.
Tags: virtualization, CA, VMware, VMworld

Virtualization and the Dynamic Enterprise

Virtually Speaking: Infrastructure movement management got a boost this week when CA, HP and IBM all announcing new offerings. Virtualization loomed large.
Tags: IBM, virtualization, HP, CA

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