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New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

Tags: SSD, blade, blade servers, servers, blades, server review, SuperMicro, tower, nvme, Windows Server 2016

Dell Delivers Convergence in New Data Center Solution

Servers, storage and networking come together in a new converged Blade Data Center offering.

Tags: server, virtualization, Dell, servers, blades, blade server, Dell PowerEdge

IT Buying More x86 Servers, Paying Less: IDC

Sales of x86 servers are taking off like a shot, RISC is shriveling up, and prices are still dropping as IT buyers snap up less-expensive servers.
Tags: x86 servers, Unix, RISC, IDC, blades

x86 Servers Lead Nascent Global Server Sales Resurgence

After a year of spiraling toward the ground, server sales may be pulling out of the dive, with x86 servers leading the pack. Revenue continued to fall, yet it's still progress.
Tags: IBM, x86 servers, HP, Gartner, blades

Cisco's Foray Into Blades Starts Well

Who in the world would want to take on IBM, HP and Dell all at once? Cisco, the networking company, with its entry into the blades server business. So how is the company doing as we approach the end of year one?
Tags: virtualization, Cisco, HP, blades, Unified Computing

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