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Cisco's UCS Mini Is Ready for any Workload

There's nothing "mini" about the Cisco UCS Mini -- it's a full-fledged blade server platform with the ability to scale up to meet the large majority of enterprise needs.

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HP Debuts Cloudline Servers from Foxconn Joint Venture

The new Cloudline servers are not intended to compete against existing ProLiant servers.

Tags: HP, servers, blade server, ProLiant, Foxconn, HP servers, cloud servers, Cloudline

HP Gen9 Servers Pack More Punch

HP continues to innovate with each new generation of servers while maintaining the tradition of engineering quality hardware. Do the new Gen9 systems live up to that high standard?

Tags: data center, HP, servers, server review, blade server, HP Gen9, HP Gen 9

HP's ProLiant DL320e Gen8: Good Things Can Come in Small Packages

While the compact 1U ProLiant DL320 may not offer the cost savings of its MicroServer sibling, it does provide impressive compute power and features ideal for a small business or small branch office.

Tags: HP, server review, blade server, ProLiant Gen8 server, Micro Server, HP ProLiant, Proliant Microserver

Server Review: HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Blade Server

In need of the perfect building block for workloads like storage and compute clustering that need multiple physical servers? HP has you covered with its latest half-height blade server.

Tags: blade servers, HP, servers, Enterprise, server review, blade server, ProLiant, hp gen8, ProLiant Gen8 server, Gen8

HP's ProLiant DL560 Gen8 Server Exudes Engineering Excellence

The HP DL560 is an engineering marvel and a crazy fast one at that. Is there any situation where this server wouldn't fit?

Tags: HP, servers, server review, blade server, ProLiant, hp gen8, ProLiant Gen8 server, Gen8

HP Advances BladeSystem with c7000

New blade server enclosure provides more bandwidth, while HP's latest Gen8 blade system is geared with VDI environments in mind.

Tags: servers, VDI, blade server, Virtual Desktop Interface, hp gen8, Gen8, HP BladeSystem

Server Review: HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8 Blade Server

Improvements to HP's ProLiant BL660c blade server help it meet the most demanding data center requirements from virtualization to heavy-duty number crunching.

Tags: data center, HP, server review, blade server, HP Blade Center, Gen8, HP ProLiant

HP Advances Gen8 Server Platforms for Four-Socket Systems

With its latest servers HP aims to enable pervasive virtualization with more performance and better I/O.

Tags: virtualization, HP, servers, rackmount, blade server, ProLiant, hp gen8, intel e5, ProLiant Gen8 server

Dell Delivers Convergence in New Data Center Solution

Servers, storage and networking come together in a new converged Blade Data Center offering.

Tags: server, virtualization, Dell, servers, blades, blade server, Dell PowerEdge

Open Compute Widens Servers with Open Rack

19 inch servers could soon become a thing of the past as the open source group pushes a new standard.

Tags: Facebook, server, data center, blade server, Server Blades, rack mount, Open Compute, Open Rack

New Hitachi Compute Blade Servers for Virtualized Infrastructures

The Hitachi Compute Blade 500 is a high-density 6U rack mount blade server system with a chassis that supports up to 8 server blades.

Tags: virtualization, blade servers, virtualization technology, Hitachi, blade server

Dell PowerEdge Blades

Dell's PowerEdge blades are a key component of its PowerEdge Server portfolio. The company offers both a selection of Xeon and Opteron blades in a variety of configurations.

Tags: server blade, PowerEdge, blade server, dell servers, Dell PowerEdge

Cisco UCS Server Buying Guide

If you discounted Cisco's entry into the server market a few years ago, it's time to reconsider.

Tags: Buying Guide, Cisco UCS, rackmount, blade server, Server Market

Microservers: Small Footprint, Powerful Punch

Microservers are inexpensive, power efficient and not to be confused with blade servers. Find out whether this latest data center staple is right for you.
Tags: Intel, Dell, SeaMicro, blade server, MicroServer

Dell Server Buyer's Guide

Dell's latest refresh of its server portfolio puts new processors and added intelligence front and center. The servers are available in blade, rack and tower form factors, with 17 new PowerEdge machines featuring the latest AMD Opteron 6000 and Intel Xeon 5600 series processors.
Tags: Dell, buyer's guide, PowerEdge, blade server

NEC Servers Buyer's Guide

The introduction of gen six of NEC's scalable, fault-tolerant server helped make 2010 its best year in the IT Platform business in the United States in half a decade. See what the server hardware vendor has to offer.
Tags: virtualization, NEC, buyer's guide, Fault Tolerant, blade server

Lenovo Offers Value-Line Blade Servers for SMBs

The company has introduced three new servers with starting prices around $800.
Tags: blade servers, blade server

HP's Bright Blade Server Future Includes 3Com Cameo

HP has become the market leader in bladed computers and plans to continue to push hard as virtualization takes off. It also has plans for 3Com in all of this.
Tags: virtualization, Cisco, HP, Unified Computing, blade server

Server Hardware: Power7 Blades Versus X64 Blades

When it comes to price/performance issues, which blade is best?
Tags: server, blade, server hardware, blade server

Oracle Continues Server Hardware Push with Sun Netra

The company announces a 10U chassis for its Sun Netra servers.
Tags: Oracle, server, blade server, Sun Netra

Oracle Launches Telco-Oriented, Carrier-Grade Blade Server

Upgrade to the Netra line of blade servers for telcos makes them more suitable for mission-critical functions.
Tags: Oracle, telcos, blade server, netra

Why Virtualization Blade Servers Makes Sense

The new 'diskless servers' are called virtualization blades.
Tags: virtualization, blade virtualization, blade server, diskless server

Liquid Blade Servers for the Data Center

From PCs to rack mount and blade servers, liquid cooling is making its way in to the data center.
Tags: data center, servers, blade server, liquid cooling

Lightfleet Uses Light for Blade Server Interconnections

Lightfleet claims its product uses light signals to replace the cabling and switches typically used in a blade server.
Tags: data center, blade, cooling, blade server, power

Blade Servers: The Future for Data Centers?

Within the data center blades are a key strategic initiative and have a higher rate of virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, blade, blade server

IBM Ends QS21 Cell Blade Servers

The second generation of QS21 Cell blades sold by IBM were first announced back in August 2007.
Tags: IBM, blade server, socket, cell server

Who Will Win the Blade Battle?

It's a blade shoot-out for the virtual data center between Dell, HP, and IBM.
Tags: blade, processor, Xeon 5600, blade server

The Evolution of Blade Servers

The initial wave of blade servers largely failed, along with the companies that made them.
Tags: blade, servers, HPC, blade server

IBM Launched New Xeon Blade Server for BladeCenter Boxes

The new offering is designed to specifically to support virtualization hypervisors that run virtual Linux or Windows instances.
Tags: server, blade, blade server, BladeCenter, box

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