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A Look at the Compgen Bash Builtin

Linux and other Unix-type systems contain a wealth of features under the surface. Oftentimes, however, these features are non-obvious and hard to find. Compgen, a GNU Bash builtin that shows all possible completions, is one such feature.

Tags: Linux, open source tool, tip of the trade, bash, GNU

Cygwin, the Great Linux vs. Windows Compromise

If you can't use Linux, the next best thing is Windows with all the Linux goodies added in to create a powerful and usable hybrid system.
Tags: Linux, Windows, vim, bash, windows vs. linux

Single vs. Double Quotes in Bash

When using Bash, the decision to use single quotes or double quotes depends on exactly what you want to do. Find out what each does and when to use them.
Tags: open source, open source software, OS, tip of the trade, bash

Get the Most Out of Bash History

Tip of the Trade: Type 'history' at the Bash command prompt, and you'll get a list of your previous commands. Sure, you can scroll up and down to find the ones you're looking for, but did you know there are faster ways to find what you need as well as handy shortcuts to making use of them.
Tags: open source software, OS, tip of the trade, history, bash

Invoking Bash and Start-Up Files for Your Open Source Software Needs

Tip of the Trade: There are three major ways of invoking bash, all of which behave differently when reading in settings files. The one to pick depends on the scope and implementation of the settings being changed.
Tags: open source, Linux, open source software, bash, OSI

Get the Most Out of Your Open-Source Software With Redirection in Bash

Tip of the Trade: Bash redirection is tricky. Here's a handy cheat sheet for this open-source software utility.
Tags: Linux, OS, open-source software, bash

Bash, in Color

Tip of the Trade: A little color on the command line makes things easier to read.
Tags: OS, tip of the trade, bash

The Various bash Prompts

Tip of the Trade: Most likely, you already have a personalized setting for PS1, the default bash interaction prompt. Here's what to do with PS2, PS3 and PS4.
Tags: OS, bash

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