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Canonical Yaks about Ubuntu 16.10

The Yakkety Yak milestone of Ubuntu Linux is now generally available.

Tags: Ubuntu, servers, Ubuntu LTS, Bare Metal, containers, Juju, Ubuntu Linux, Docker Containers, Linux servers, Ubuntu 16.10

CoreOS Enables ISE to Use Containers for Options Trading

Bare metal servers across New York, New Jersey and Chicago now use CoreOS to enable over 150 million messages a second.

Tags: data center, servers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Bare Metal, containers, CoreOS, containerization

OpenStack Kilo Cloud Platform Debuts With Ironic Bare-Metal Service

The new open-source cloud computing platform adds bare-metal server deployment capabilities.

Tags: open source, OpenStack, Bare Metal, Keystone, Ironic, Kilo, cloud computing platform, cloud federation

IBM Bringing OpenPower Servers to SoftLayer Cloud

IBM is set to enable its SoftLayer Cloud customers to deploy to bare metal OpenPower-based servers, though few hard details have been made public.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, IBM, Bare Metal, SoftLayer, OpenPOWER

Puppet Partners with EMC on Open Source Razor

New provisioning tool takes aim at bare metal server deployments.


Tags: open source, server, EMC, Servers & Services, Puppet, Puppet Labs, Bare Metal Provisioning, Bare Metal, Razor

Parallels Announces Server for Mac Bare Metal Edition

The new Parallels Server uses a hypervisor to provide hardware virtualization for creating creating virtual servers on Apple's Xserve.
Tags: server, virtual server, xserve, Bare Metal

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