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Veeam Brings Backup Optimization to Virtualized Environments

Veeam is establishing a reputation for excelling at backup and replication in environments that rely on server virtualization, and it keeps piling on new features worth checking out.

Tags: virtualized, server virtualization, hypervisor, backup, Veeam, virtually speaking

VeeamZIP: WinZip for Virtualization Machines?

Veeam releases a free VM backup tool that could be a vital addition to every server virtualization administrator's tool bag.

Tags: virtualization, virtualization companies, VM, backup, backup and recovery, free, Veeam, VeeamZIP

InMage Looks to Unify Backup, Disaster Recovery

Data protection firm touts a unified approach for a variety of enterprise platforms, server and storage configurations.

Tags: cloud computing, Cloud Storage, server virtualization, disaster recovery, backup

Infineta Helps Gird Businesses for Big Data Crush

With 10 Gig servers taking over the market, the volume of data traversing WANs continues to proliferate. Infineta has an answer that doesn't require more bandwidth.

Tags: servers, backup, WAN, big data, Infineta

Use s3cmd for Managing Amazon S3 Storage from the CLI

If you're looking to script backups or other operations, a reliable CLI tool that works with S3 is a must. s3cmd fits the bill.

Tags: command line, Amazon, backup, online storage, online backup, tip of the trade, S3

5 Backup Products for Virtual Machines

Mitigate one of your primary pain points with enterprise backup software for your virtual infrastructure.

Tags: storage virtualization, Symantec, virtual machine, backup, VMware, Quest, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli, Veeam

Pancetera Looks to Cut the Hassle Out of Virtual Machine Backup

With its flagship offering, Pancetera Unite, a virtual appliance, the company aims to remove the mystery and complexities surrounding virtual machine backup.
Tags: virtual machine, backup, VMware, virtual appliance

Seagate i365 Combines Backup With Cloud Server Recovery

The cloud-based i365RDR Service helps customers bring up mission critical applications in a virtual environment.
Tags: cloud computing, cloud services, Cloud server, backup, server recovery

AppAssure Releases Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solution

The software performs a single application-aware snapshot spanning the entire host machine and an unlimited number of guest machines in a Hyper-V environment.
Tags: virtual server, Hyper-V, virtual machine, backup

Zmanda ZRM Optimizes Distributed MySQL Servers Environments

Zmanda Open-Source Cloud Backup for MySQL Installations includes new add-ons for ZRM and ZBC.
Tags: MySQL, server, backup, open-source, distributed

CMS Announces Instant Recovery Solution for Small Business Server

CMS Products has a new Instant Server Recovery solution for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) running Microsoft’s Foundation or Small Business Server operating system.
Tags: server, software, backup, recovery, Microsoft small business

HP MediaSmart Server 3.0 Adds Mac Support

HP is offering server administration capability for Macs.
Tags: Mac, HP, backup, recovery, MediaServer

DOS: A Virtual Legacy

Cover Your Assets: Are DOS applications still driving you crazy? A DOS virtual machine may be the solution.
Tags: virtualization, virtual desktop, virtual machine, DOS, backup

Virtualization and Cloud -- Not Necessarily Soul Mates

Virtually Speaking: As cloud computing and virtualization move past vaporware, they make a nice couple. Although they often appear together, neither relies on the other. The jury remains out, however, on whether it's a fling or a marriage.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, backup, VMware

When Good Data Goes Bad

Cover Your Assets: Backup and Restore are major pain points for any business; ease yours inexpensively.
Tags: disk drives, backup, frugality, Storage

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